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New Releases On Netflix Streaming In January 2015

Updated on December 25, 2014
Amanda Seyfried in Mean Girls on Netflix
Amanda Seyfried in Mean Girls on Netflix
5 stars for Netflix Streaming

Netflix updates it's streaming library on an ongoing basis. They release information about movies and shows they plan on adding about three weeks out.

This site will be updated at least weekly to add new information so check back throughout the month.

Black Mirror
Black Mirror

The Best Show You're Not Watching: Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a BBC show consisting of 6 episodes now available to stream.

Black Mirror is tauted as a modern day, Twighlight Zone focusing on technology and social commentary.

The first episode is interesting, compelling, though provoking and disturbing all at the same time. Black Mirror is one of the rare shows that keeps you wondering until the very last minute what the resolution is going to be.

Black Mirror has been tauted by critics and views alike and one of the better shows now available on Netflix. Netflix has found a real niche by showing British shows to the American public. Shows such as Black Mirror, Luther, Sherlock and Happy Valley put most American produced shows to shame.

So check out the first episode of Black Mirror on Netflx and you will be hooked.

Available January 1

"101 Dalmatians" (1996)
"Bad Boys II" (2003)
"Batman & Robin" (1997)
"Bruce Almighty" (2003)
"Cast Away" (2000)
"Dallas": Season 3 (2012)
"Get Low" (2009)
"Election" (1999)
"Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas" (1998)
"Fort Bliss" (2014)
"Friends": Complete Series (1994 2004)
"Jeepers Creepers 2" (2003)
"Mean Girls" (2004)
"Shall We Dance?" (2004)
"To Be Takei" (2014)
"The French Connection" (1971)
"The Quiet Man" (1952)
"The War of the Worlds" (1953)
"Wayne's World 2" (1993)

Available January 3

"Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" (2014)
"White Collar": Season 5

Available January 7

"Brick Mansions" (2014)

Available January 8

"Frank" (2014)
"Psych": Season 8

Available January 9

"Z Nation": Season 1

Available January 13

"Being Human": Season 4 (U.S.)

Available January 15

"Wolfblood": Season 3 (2014)

Available January 16

"The Adventures of Puss in Boots": Season 1
"The Fall": Season 2
"Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" (2011)

Available January 23

"Iliza Shlesinger: Freezing Hot" (2014)

Available January 28

"Chef" (2014)
"Beauty & the Beast": Season 2

Marco Polo

Marco Polo, Netflix's new self produced show cost $90 millions dollars. Why is it so bad?

Unfortunately, unlike the excellent House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, Marco Polo wasn't designed to be a great show but to appeal to the largest possible audience, specifically an audience abroad. You see, Netflix has all but captured the American streaming market which means they have set their sights on expanding into the international market. House of Cards and Orange is the New Black simply doesn't garner much attention outside of the US audience.

So Netflix threw a bunch of money at Marco Polo hoping to find an international audicence. The problem is that what makes House of Cards and Orange is the New Black so good is that they're shows that are original and interesting.

Marco Polo on the other hand is paint by numbers, it's nothing we haven't seen time and time again.

That said, Netflix has had a tremendous run, producing some of the best shows of the last few years. Let's hope this is a minor misstep and that they'll get right back on track with their next offering.

The Most Streamed Show: NCIS

What Are People Watching on Netflix?

Listening to all of the praise for Netflix's produced shows, Orange is the New Black and House of Cards you would think these must be the most watched shows on the streaming service.

That would be incorrect. By quite a large margin the most watched shows on Netflix are NCIS and the Black List.

In fact, Netflix subscribers spend less than 7% of their streaming time viewing the 5 Netflix Originals.

Best Bet: Chef Available 1/28/2015

Which Netflix Show Is Your Favorite?

See results

Netflix Shows

Netlfix continues to produce some of the best shows around including House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Dexter, Lillyhammer and Hemlock Grove.

Although House of Cards and Orange is the New Black get all the attention don't miss out on Dexter and Lillyhammer just because they don't get as much buzz.

Lillyhammer recently releases it's third season and although it's not a stellar show its definitely worth watching.

Netflix has appeared to have learned where it's bread is buttered, which is with it's original content which sets them far apart and above their competitors. They have been so successful with this model that mega players HBO appears to be mimicking Netflix's strategy and is now offering viewers the ability to purchase shows such as Game of Thrones on it's mobile app, HBO Go.

What does this mean for you as a viewer? It should mean Netflix will continue to produce more quality, original shows over the next several years. And with all the money they are raking in expect the quality to be even higher down the road.

A nice compliment to Netflix Streaming is the Amazon Prime subscription. And an added benefit is that Amazon Prime subscribers get free shipping on items purchased on Amazon. Order a shower curtain or a bike, either way shippings included no matter how big or small your purchase is. This option alone makes a subscription to Amazon Prime cost effective.

Like Netflix Amazon has thousands of movies and shows to stream as well as some original content, including two seasons of Alpha House starring John Goodman and Transparent.

You can also check out Amazon Prime for a month for free.

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