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New Releases On Netflix Streaming In October 2013

Updated on October 19, 2013
5 stars for Netflix Streaming

Along with Netflix’s original shows such as Orange is the New Back and House Of Cards there are many shows and movies to check out this October in the streaming library.

One of the better films is The Road. The Road is based on the book by, Cormac McCarthy who also wrote No Country For Old Men, another great film. The Road stars Viggo Mortensen as a father struggling to keep his son alive after an unexplained catastrophe leaves a post-apocalyptic landscape full of desperate characters including cannibals. Although the film was a relative critical success it did little better than break even at the box office, making $27 Million.

The Road, while dark, also has an underlying message of hope and ends on a positive note. The Road is available to stream on Netflix in October and if you missed it in the theaters you should definitely check it out.

Available To Stream 10/16/13
Available To Stream 10/16/13 | Source

Coming Soon To Netflix Streaming

In Bruges
21 And Over
The Legend Is Born: Ip Man
Paranormal Activity 4
The Legend Is Born: Ip Man
The Legend Is Born: Ip Man

The Legend Is Born : Ip Man

If you grew up watching martial art films such as Enter The Dragon you owe it to yourself to check out the Ip man series.

The films star Donnie Yen, China's top paid action star. Yen's popularity has grown so much that the style of martial arts he practices, Wing Chun, has spurred hundreds of schools opening in China and across Asia that teach the marital arts style.

Donnie Yen, moved to Boston when he was 11. Yen is a huge fan of the sport Mixed Martial Arts and is credited with it's growing popularity in China. Yen has choreographed many mixed martial arts style fights into his films.

The Legend Is Born: Ip Man is the second film in a current trilogy.

Paranormal Activity 4 Trailer


Also available to stream in Netflix in October are the two cult classics, Donnie Darko and The Boondock Saints. Produced in 2001 Donnie Darko is a science fiction film starring Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Andrew Johnson of Us Weekly called Donnie Darko, “a heady blend of science fiction, spirituality, and teen angst.” While hard to understand and decipher at times, Donnie Darko is nothing if not interesting to watch.

On the contrary, The Boondock Saints is low level violent video game of a movie. Critics did not care for The Boondock Saints but many viewers disagreed. In the end The Boondock Saints is a bit like a Tarantino film on steroids. It’s a little less substance but still fun if it’s your kind of movie.

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In October you can also check out one of the best films of the late 80’s in perhaps Spike Lee’s best film, Do the Right Thing.

Spike Lee makes some compelling social commentary while chronically the day to day existence in a lower class Brooklyn neighborhood.

While the movies above are definitely worth watching or even re-watching Netflix’s strength still lies in it’s original shows such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black and the ability to binge watch seasons of great shows such as Mad Men and the Tudors.

Netflix has currently surpassed the 30 Million milestone for paid subscribers due to it’s great product. At the beginning of the year Netflix set out to make itself into the new HBO, producing it’s own must see original content such as HBO did with the Sopranos and now, Game of Thrones. The plan has seemed to work with it’s latest release, Orange is the New Black garnering mass media attention this summer.

So for $8.99 per month the Netflix streaming service is still one of the best entertainment values for you money out there, even if their movie library is a bit stale they more than make up for it with original content and full seasons of great shows.

You May Have Missed: LUV

Luv is a movies starring Common chronicling a week in the life of a recently released felon. The felon, played by Common interacts with his young Nephew, teaching him the meaning of trying to be a man in the tough, unforgiving environment of urban Baltimore.

LUV is available to view on Netflix streaming in October.

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