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New Releases On Netflix Streaming In September 2014

Updated on September 17, 2014
Ruth Wilson stars in Luther available on Netflix
Ruth Wilson stars in Luther available on Netflix
5 stars for Netflix Streaming

Netflix continues to dominate the video streaming service across the board with it's massive library of shows and movies as well as it's award winning self produced material such as, Orange is the New Black. Netflix has recently surpassed 50 million subcribers to it's service.

Netflix is constantly negotiating with studios for new material to add to their service. Each month they add new releases as well as remove material.

This article will attempt to update what you can expect to see coming to Netflix streaming in September and will be updated throughout the month as new information becomes available.

Netflix typically does not release new information about their new content about three weeks before so expect to see the most updated information here in mid August.

Netflix Ends Saturday Deliveries

If you don't have Netflix streaming, get it, as the DVD service is on the way out. Although Netflix still has newer material on it's DVD service they are clearly focusing on the streaming aspect of their business.

Netflix used to process DVD's on Saturdays but will no long do so. That means if your DVD is returned to Netflix on Saturday it will sit there until Monday.

The streaming service is starting to catch up with the DVD side anyway, meaning new releases are becoming available sooner on the streaming side of the business.

If you have ever wondered why movies appear to be available sooner on DVD than in streaming format, its because of licensing fees. In a nutshell it costs Netflix more money to be able to stream a movie an unlimited amount of times than it costs to simply purchase the DVDs.

That said, studios see the writing on the wall as well, that everything is moving towards streaming and away from DVD's. So new releases should be showing up on streaming services sooner than in the past.

New For September

A Price Above Rubies
Across the Universe
Addams Family Values
An Officer and a Gentleman
Are We Done Yet
Audrey Rose
Becoming Jane
Blue Car
Brian's Song
Coyote Ugly
Days of Thunder
Deep Blue
Elizabeth Town
Doomsday Preppers
A Simple Plan
Good Morning Vietnam
Lords of Dogtown
Mirage Men
The Blue Lagoon
School of Rock
The League (New Episodes)
The Trailer Park Boys
All is Lost
Le Week-End
Your Sister's Sister
The Blacklist
Crash and Bernstein
Deadly Code
The Moment
Arrow (Season 2)
Silver Linings Playbook (9/16/14)
The Fosters
3 Days to Kill
Revolution (Season 2)
The Double
Bad Grandpa
The Walking Dead (Season 4)
Killing Them Softly

Siver Linings Playbook Available 9/16/14

From Dusk till Dawn

Based off the campy 1996 movie From Dusk till Dawn is now a series available on Netlfix streaming.

The series received surprisingly high reviews from both critics and viewers alike. Critics have praised the shows high productions values reminiscent of shows such as Breaking Bad.

The characters are well rounded and sympathetic lending a suspense to the show that would not occur with more one dimensional characters.

The first season of From Dusk to Dawn is available to stream on Netflix.. The original film the series is based on is also available to stream.

Horses of God

You May Have Missed: Luther

Let's face it, Netflix offers some great original content but can be lacking when it comes to new releases. If you're a movie and TV buff chances are you have already seen many of the better shows and movies long before they ever become available on Netflix.

That said, if you know where to look then you can find some hidden gems. One of those hidden gems is the BBC produced show, Luther. Luther is about a detective working in London who is a bit rough around the edges, skirts the laws a bit but closes cases better than anyone else on the force.

OK, I know, it sounds like every other detective shows that has ever been on television! What sets Luther apart is the strong character development. For example, one of the characters on the show is a mentally unstable women who keeps popping in an out of Luther's life. She is smarter than him but very deranged at the same time. Her character is fascinating to watch and is different than any you have likely seen on television.

Also, on Luther the crimes tend to be a bit more disturbing than your normal cop procedural, making the viewer feel more invested in their resolution.

Luther and available to stream now on Netflix.

Happy Valley

Happy Valley

Happy Valley is one of the better shows to appear on Netflix streaming. The crime drama stars a strong female lead in the role of a British Police Officer.

The Police Officer continues serving her community while under a fog of despair after recently losing her grown daughter to suicide. She struggles to raise her grandson who is left in the wake of the suicide and is a result of a rape. As if this all isn't enough, the rapist is released and moves back to the same town.

The story lines are well written and the acting is superb. You will find yourself tearing through the six episodes of Happy Valley eager to see the stories resolve.

Happy Valley is available to stream on Netflix.

Last Month For: What About Bob

What about Bob will be disappearing from Netflix after September so catch it while you can.
What about Bob will be disappearing from Netflix after September so catch it while you can.

Knights of Sedonia

Animated Series

Netflix is now targeting animation and has three new shows in the works. Including, The Knights of Sedonia, Ever After High and DinoTruk.

The first season of Knights of Sedonia is currently available on Netflix streaming. Knights of Sedonia features genetically modified mech pilots fighting to protect the last of humankind from shape-shifting aliens. The series is adult themed, contains 12 episodes and was produced in Japan. The series is available in dubbed format or with subtitles.

With the addition of Animated series Netflix looks to dominate in all genres by producing high quality shows in several areas, including drama, comedy and documentaries.

Blue Ruin

Blue Ruin produced in 2014 is a true new release for Netflix.

Blue Ruin scored a 96% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

It's a revenge story that will keep you on the edge of your seat till the very end.

In the film, bad news from the past unhinges vagabond Dwight Evans, sending him on a mission of bloody retribution.

Blue Ruin is a must see in September on Netflix.

Genius On Hold

Imagine you invented call forwarding, touchtone dialing, speakerphone and voice recognition. You would think inventing these technologies would set you up for life.

But that's not what happened. Genius on Hold tells the story of Walter L. Shaw who invented all of these phone advances and more but was for lack of a better term, robbed by the giant AT & T Corporation.

Shaw, finding himself destitute even after developing these technologies turned his Genius over to the Mafia who at least paid him for his work. Shaw developed technologies to assist bookies in managing their accounts and evading the feds.

This story would be more than enough to make a fascinating documentary but throw in the fact that Shaw's son, seeing what corporate greed did to his brilliant father became the most notorious jewel thief the United States has ever seen.

Genius on Hold is available to stream on Netflix in September.

Undiscovered Gem: Your Sister's Sister

Your Sister's Sister is a little seen film starring Mark Duplass and Emily Blunt.

Iris invites her friend Jack to stay at her family’s island getaway after the death of his brother. At their remote cabin, Jack’s drunken encounter with Hannah, Iris’ sister, kicks off a revealing stretch of days.

Your Sister's Sister received 83% positive reviews from critics.

Calvin Wilson, a film critic for the Saint Louis Posts states, "This is a smart, moving film that's also very, very funny."

Be sure to check out Your Sister's Sister this month on Netflix.

Which Netflix Original is your favorite?

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Netflix Originals

Netflix's biggest success as a company has come from it's self produced content, such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.

Other orignals include, Hemlock Grove which has recently released it's second season and Lillyhammer. Netflix also produced the final season of the cult favorite, Arrested Development which received mixed reviews.

Netflix is currently in production for a series about the current Queen of England as well as another series based on the Daredevil comic.

Netflix set out to duplicate HBO's success by producing shows audiences are willing to pay for. Netflix produced shows have garnered 31 nominations for this year's Emmy Awards. Netflix hasn't quite caught HBO who has a leading 99 nominations but it has surpassed such networks as AMC who received 26 nominations for Breaking Bad and Mad Men.

Look for Netflix to keep producing quality shows to challenge HBO and the other major networks. Along with award winning shows Netflix also has a vast library of syndicated shows and movies that can be pulled up on demand. At less than $10 per month their business model should crush companies like HBO in the long haul as they simply have a better product.

A French House of Cards?

Netlfix has been working on a new original production, called Marseille which is being filmed in France. The show is planned to span an eight episode first season.

It's being billed as a tale of power an corruption in a French port city and is scheduled to be released in 2015.

The initial season will show a heated election between the shows protagonist, Robert Taro, the Mayor of the city and his challenger.

Given that politics in France can be as dramatic as those that occur in the United States, Marseille should appeal well to viewers who enjoyed, House of Cards.

BoJack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is another Netflix animated original.

The show has some strong voice talent including, Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris and Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame.

Bojack Horseman so far has mixed review. It's considered an adult animated series which spoofs the emptiness of celebrity.

Hank Stuever of the Washington post calls Bojack Horseman "Strange and somewhat delightful".

The first season is available for binge watching on Netflix streaming in September.

Academy Award Contender: All Is Lost

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