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New Releases On Netflix Streaming in March 2014

Updated on August 29, 2014
Claire Danes Stars in Broke Down Palace on Netflix Streaming in March
Claire Danes Stars in Broke Down Palace on Netflix Streaming in March
5 stars for Netflix Streaming

The Netflix streaming service continues to grow and add new subscribers each month. Netflix's total subscriber base now tops 40 million. As pay cable networks such as Showtime and HBO lose customers at 4% per month, Netflix is adding them at a rate of 3% subscriber growth per month.

Netflix streaming simply offers a better product for a lower price. HBO for example typically costs about $20 per month. For this you do undoubtedly get access to some great shows such as Game of Thrones but Netflix has seemed to catch HBO and Showtime by producing their own high quality programs. For only $8 per month for Netflix you can see their own must see shows such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

In addition to compatible self produced shows, Netflix beats the pay cable services in the breadth of the movies and TV shows they make available to stream each month

This article will list some of expected new releases coming to Netflix streaming in March and will be updated periodically as new release information is found.

New Release In March

Beethoveen's 2nd
Brokedown Palace
A Nightmare on Elm Street 2
Arthur and the Invisibles
Dirty Dancing
Dirty Pretty Things
Harsh Crimes
Heavens Burning
Kicking and Screaming
O.C. Stiggs
On the Line
Over the Top
Robin Hood Men in Tights
Roman Holiday
Summers Moon
The Bad News Bears
The Blair Witch Project
The Silence of the Lambs
The Long Hot Summer
The Ice Storm
The Long Goodbye
The Station Agent
The United States of Leland
The Wood
Thieves Like Us
Vanilla Sky
Vincent and Theo
With a Friend Like Harry
Zomies of Mass Destruction
Blue is the Warmest Color

Award Winner: Blue is the Warmest Color


Serpico starring Al Pacino has a through the roof 90% Rotten Tomatoes ranking meaning 90% of critics liked the film.

In Serpico Pacino plays an honest cop in a corrupt city. The film is show in New York city and is shot to appear realistic.

Serpico was released in late 1973 shortly after the Watergate scandal was breaking. The struggles that Serpico endured in the film struggling against a corrupt system touch a cultural nerve at the time as Americans were losing faith in their government.

Pacino was nominated but did not win an Academy Award for his performance in Serpico. Pacino later teamed with the same director to make the film, Dog Day Afternoon.

Serpico will be available on Netflix streaming in March.

Brokedown Palace
Brokedown Palace

Brokedown Palace

One of the films coming to Netflix streaming in March is Brokedown Palace, starring Claire Danes, best known for her performance in the hit show, Homeland.

Brokedown Palace, released in 1999, tells the tale of two teenage girls arrested in Hong Kong and sentenced to prison for 33 years for drug trafficking.

Although Brokedown Palace has the feel of a made for TV movie at times, the acting is done well and the tension is held at steady pace throughout the film.

Although only 31% of critics on Rotten Tomatoes gave Brokedown Palace, 68% of viewers gave the film favorable reviews.

Blair Witch Project Trailer

The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project is the film that started the hand held camera filming craze.

The Blair Witch Project is one of the rare movies in which critics appeared to like the film more than viewers. Likely critics appreciated the originality of the film. Although it's you standard horror fare the hand held aspect does make the film quite interesting.

In addition, the was a short period in the film's original release where many audience members were under the impression that the film was true and actually true. Viewing the film as though it was true certainly makes it a much creepier experience.

The Blair Witch Project will be available in March on Netflix streaming, make sure to watch it with the lights off!

What is you favorite original Netflix series?

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Netflix Originals

Some of the best shows to watch on Netflix are the shows they have produced themselves, original, award winning comedies and dramas that have entire season available to view at your leisure.

So far Netflix has produced House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Lillyhammer, Derek, Hemlock Grove and the final season of the cult hit, Arrested Development.

While Netflix does not release viewership numbers for their shows last month's poll show viewers like House of Cards and Orange is the New black best.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman, sadly died on February 1st from a Heroine overdose in his New York City apartment at the age of 46.

Hoffman won an Academy Award for best actor in 2005 for his performance in the film, Capote. Hoffman most recently appeared in the second installment of The Hunger Games Trilogy as the game maker.

Many of Hoffman's films are available to stream on Netflix including, Punch Drunk Love, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Hard Eight, Salinger, A Late Quartet and the claymation feature, Mary and Max.

Alpha House Trailer

Amazon Prime

In addition to Netflix streaming you may also want to consider a subscription to Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime costs $79 per year which gets you access to thousands of movies and shows available on their streaming service. In addition, like Netflix, Amazon is beginning to produce their own shows.

One of the better shows they have come out with is Alpha House, starring John Goodman as a Senator living in a frat like house with three other Senators. Alpha House is comedy in the vein of The Veep on HBO.

You can sign up for a free one month trial to Amazon Prime and watch the full season of Alpha House for free.

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