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New Series of Doctor Who

Updated on September 2, 2014


The brand new Doctor Who series with Peter Capaldi holding the main role as the reincarnated Doctor debuted on the 23rd August in the UK in ‘Deep Breath’, followed one week later by episode 2, ‘Into the Dalek’. As with any hotly anticipated series, there have been wildly varied and mixed reviews, ensuring that the only way to truly make a decision is to watch the programme yourself. Read on for our top moments of the series so far. SPOILERS ALERT.

‘Don’t look in that mirror, it’s furious’

'Don't look in that mirror, it's furious was the Doctor’s dry remark in Episode 1, an aside to his dramatically different new face. And having mentioned before that ‘these eyebrows could open bottle tops’, compared to the baby faced Matt Smith’s Doctor, it’s no wonder that the Doctor would get a bit of a shock upon encountering the fierce visage of Peter Capaldi.

The cyborg getting impaled; did he jump or did the Dr push him?

Again in Episode 1, this took place when a Cyborg jumps form a hot air balloon, impaling itself on a spire. The point was that the Doctor was definitely encouraging it to leap to its death. But did it of its own volition? Or was it pushed by the morally ambiguous new Doctor…?

'She cares so I don't have to'

The ‘She cares so I don’t have to’, clip of episode 2 is a perfect example of the new Doctor’s prickly demeanour. When Clara explains ‘I’m his carer’, Capaldi’s Doctor quips back with ‘Yeah, my carer. She cares so I don’t have to.’ The deadpan demeanour when he says this is comedy cold, and further evidence of the new Machiavellian reincarnation of the Doctor.

When Rusty calls the Doctor a ‘good Dalek’

In episode 2, Rusty is an injured Dalek, and a patient of the Doctor, but unlike other Daleks, he has discovered the beauty of life and the futility of the Dalek cause. So being called ‘good Dalek’ by a , well good Dalek, is certainly a bit of an unprecedented plot twist.


If you’re anything like me, and love Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor, then this whole new series of the BBC Sci-Fi programme is bound to be full of unexpected delights. Just keep them coming I say. Cannot wait for Saturday night to roll around…

Peter Capaldi's 1st Doctor Who Scene

Doctor Who Season 8


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    • gavelect profile image

      gavelect 3 years ago from Glasgow

      Thanks! I'm just a bit stuck in my ways I guess with the layout! you been watching the new series too?

    • profile image

      colbeyfreddie 3 years ago

      I must admit. Your layout is no what I'm used to. However it is a fairly nice change, and the article is very well written.


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