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New Summer Singles: First Look at Drake Murphy's 'Simple Things'

Updated on July 28, 2014

It's here, watch the new video

My exclusive sneak peek

Local musician Drake Murphy, recently mentioned in my article about the RAW Artist's exhibit here, is releasing a new video for his Summer single Simple Things from the album FEEL BETTER. With only a teaser lyric video to enjoy, fans are certainly in for a treat for this simply sweet video supplementing Simple Things. This was directed by Chaysen Beacham and co-directed by Murphy himself. Podium films produced it, and Michael Escobar was director of photography.

Simple Things is filmed in Wrightsville and Wilmington, North Carolina, and creates a visual representation of what we all feel when listening to the single. Some of the breathtaking shots are set in Riverwalk and Greenfield Lake Park. The acoustic strumming sets the bouncy beat in motion with Murphy's cool and polished cadence.

During the video it's revealed that some of the titular 'Simple Things' about love may not even be merely love itself. Instead they could revolve around your favorite sport, or exercise, even things as 'simple' as yoga in the beachy woods in a breezy Summer cross-breeze. I'm sure that, while we can't all relate to the luxury of our own private yoga mat in the dunes of the coast, we know how dreamy that sounds. These segments were filmed in Greenfield Lake Park, somewhere I'm sure to visit next time I head East.

Every shot in this video seems very thoughtful, and people are having a good time on set. Come to the beach, dance with friends and sparklers; I certainly wouldn't mind that. The smooth transitions and gorgeous video quality mix with bright faces in a very organic way.

Another sneak peek


Lyric video for Simple Things

Murphy's Music Video perfect to beat Summer heat

We can all fall in love pretty quickly with the simple pleasures exhibited in this music video. Murphy's photogenic face and the gorgeous East coast sunset are enough to make you believe that your toes are hidden beneath warm sand. Clean cinematography gives a peek into the party taking place during the video, panning shots and wide-angles of a beach bash progressing from day to night; where sparklers punctuate the backdrop of the shoreline. Once again, the pairing of the song and video leave me feeling envious yet giddy about memories of being on the beach myself, and smelling the smoke after a Fourth of July party.

Before you know it, a very pretty and very enamored young woman played by Jordan Ferraro has joined the party, and certainly catches Murphy's eye. Who wouldn't be in Ferraro's shoes? Seeing Murphy on a life-guard stand would tempt me to get a leg cramp in the water. These two lock eyes as we all reminisce about young love and fast crushes and crashing waves in the July heat. Throughout the video, everyone is gifted unlit sparklers by unseen visitors, until they all meet up later by the dunes and enjoy the splendor of vacation.

The Video drops soon!

Remember to watch the new video on July 27th
Remember to watch the new video on July 27th | Source

Murphy's new video allows us a taste of a beach-stay, from the comfort of the break-room table, or the patio with the view of the highway. Against the backdrop of the billboard summer singles, Simple Things would be most like Uncle Kracker's Smile, with a suave overtone similar to John Mayer.

The entire album is worth a listen

Here's the cover to Murphy's debut album cover.
Here's the cover to Murphy's debut album cover. | Source

To purchase the album or learn more

The entire album showcases the band's entire wide range. Not only does each track consist of a driving beat, suitable for dancing, but it also represents the romantic side of us that doesn't need the censorship of most of today's hits. The album transitions well from a smooth, rather jazzy first half, to a very fun second half full of wicked flow and hoppy beats.

From a fusion of jazz and hip hop in To The Floor, to the chugging guitar and sultry tones behind Cali Girl featuring Josh Adam (and my personal favorite track), the album has a taste of everything, while remaining a cohesive piece of art.

The adult contemporary scene could do with some fresh tunes, especially something like Drake Murphy, which provides much more than expected. We're all looking forward to seeing where Drake Murphy goes, whether he remains an independent entity or not, expectations are high.

Rather than merely suggest you check out the video above, I recommend the entire album FEEL BETTER. The band is currently touring NC on said FEEL BETTER tour, and his album is available on iTunes.


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