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New Tool album 2015/2016 real or fake?

Updated on March 23, 2015

Tool band members


Haven't you heard..?!

Yes that is right Tool fans, we have heard the great news about a new Tool album coming out! But there is one catch, is it true? It has been 9 years sense the last album (10,000 Days) and every Tool fan is dieing to see the new one come out. There has been many spoofs of a new album which were just remixes of old songs by the band. So how are to know that maybe this album is real and not fake? Well let me show you some things I have found out that could mean we will probably see a new album very shortly...

Adam Jones Instagram post

According to the site FDRMX we may be seeing a new Tool album very soon. How do we know? Tool guitarist Adam Jones had apparently posted a picture on instagram showing what looks like some work for music on a white board. This may mean that the band has been working in the studio. "Jones uploaded a picture on his instagram account that shows the whole band in a recording studio with Maynard James Keenan looking particularly happy," said by the editor of FDRMX. Jones also put #smokeonthehorizen. Could this mean we will see a new album? Fans and other song producers also know that Tool is very private about what is going on when it comes to their music works and info, so it is very hard to find out much information about what is going on.

Hold ups

So far it looks like we will see a new album, even if we do what took so long for the band to get it started and this fair? People have asked if Maynard has held the album, and just is just waiting for a release date, but he has denied this. When asked about the album in a band Q&A session he merely say "Do I seem like a lazy person? So stop blaming me." Editor of FDMX has also said, "Maynard has previously stated Tool's album writing process is a fairly complicated one, each member writes their own part and then sends it to the next band member, with Maynard to contribute last." The lawsuit that the band had also faced put a major stop in things, and including family issues with each band member this puts things on hold.

In the studio

The picture posted by Adam Jones of the band looking quite happy for the new album
The picture posted by Adam Jones of the band looking quite happy for the new album | Source

In the end

So now to the burning question, is this album going to happen? From the research I have done and from what other bands sites have been saying, yes there will be an album. In the video of Maynard being interviewed (see below) on the radio show he clearly states that he would head over to the studio and begin working on some stuff for the album songs. The new release date for the album will either be late 2015 to early 2016. So to all of the Tool fans out there, we will soon see the new album after the long 9 year wait!

Album update, radio interview


If you would like more info over the band Tool or any other band head to and Most info came from both sites.


Tool fan art
Tool fan art | Source


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