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New Years Day: A Band for the Broken Hearted

Updated on October 30, 2012

People who bother to make New Year’s resolutions often come up with the same ones: they’re going to stick to their diets, be nicer to their loved ones and finish the things that they start. These resolutions are born from the feeling most of us have that there is a certain way that we “should” be living our lives. But we never keep those resolutions and that’s because the only way we “should” be living our lives is exactly as we are. New Year’s Day is a band that recognizes that; they embrace their feelings about love and loss and validate them through music and lyrics that are personal without being pathetic.

The band formed during the throes of the traumatic relationship break-ups of two of their members. They didn’t want to simply sit down and wallow in their romantic woes but they also didn’t want to diminish the way they felt in the midst of their heartache. Instead of doing what they “should” (namely, toughing it out until the going got better), they came together to create music that would let them work through their emotions and bring something creative out of the ashes of their old flames. The result was a self-titled EP that gained attention for its No Doubt / My Chemical Romance influences and the raw honesty of its sound. This all happened in 2005.

When the dust settled on those old feelings, the band found that they weren’t left without inspiration. Culling together their resources, they self-produced their debut full-length album, My Dear, a pop-punk collection of songs that shows off some of the variety of the band’s creative abilities. Within the eleven tracks on the CD, there are songs that showcase punk dance-ability (“My Sweet Un-Valentine”), songs that highlight vocal speech with subtle instrumental support (“I Was Right”) and songs with dramatic intros that emphasize the music over the meaning behind it (“Saying Goodbye”). The thread that binds the album together is in the way each song puts a telescope to the sky which makes up the emotion of human heartache and scans it for the shooting stars of feeling and too-bright planets of pain that stand out there.

The band signed to TVT records and started to see initial success with their first music video from My Dear. However, TVT Records went bankrupt and promotion of the band’s album wasn’t what it should have been. The band stuck together and continued making music. In summer 2010 they released a Japanese album titled Headlines & Headstones that serves as a preview to a new full-length US album that is planned.

With a little bit of emo in their sound, this band is a band that will appeal to sixteen-year-old girls who are going through their first break-up. The gamut of emotions that a girl of that age goes through, from anger to confusion and up to down, are played out throughout My Dear. But on another level, the CD is appealing to pop punk fans of any age. Heartache isn’t kind to anyone and even if you “should” know better than to let a breakup get you down, you have to be honest to those emotions that are harbored in your heart. New Year’s Day lets you let them out in small bursts, creating empowerment from emotions that generally breed helplessness. You may not be able to keep your New Year’s resolutions but you can keep your head on straight even when your heart’s on your sleeve.


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  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

    Very interesting read.