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New and upcoming movies for 2014 (Part 2)

Updated on August 22, 2013

Rio 2 (2014) movie trailer

March 28- Noah

Director- Darren Aronofsky

Cast- Ray Winstone (as a vlillian), Emma Watson (lla), Logan Lerman (as Ham),Julianne Moore, Jennifer Conelly (plays Naameh), Douglas Booth.

Companies- Paramount pictures

Storyline of the movie- This is based on the bible story where god is deeply sad about all of the really bad things that are going on in earth so he decides to start a flood to destroy all of life on earth but before god can do that he rewards Noah for being a righteous man on earth to construct an ark for him and his family and also so that he can save the animals that are represented so that they wont get affected by the floods of water that will soon cover the earth.

April 2014

April 11- Rio 2

Director: Carlos Saldanha

Cast of characters: Jesse Eisenberg (Blu voice character), Anne Hathaway (Jewel voice character), Leslie Mann (Linda voice character), Jamie Foxx (Nico voice character), Rodrigo Santoro (Tulio voice character), Andy Garcia (voice character).

Company: 20th Century Fox

Storyline of the movie: In this second part of the Rio movie blu, and Jewel live along with their three kids a domesticated and perfect lifestyle in a magical city. When Jewel sees how they live she takes on the decision of teaching her kids how to live as real birds do for that the whole family goes off on a adventure to the Amazon during their stay at the amazon Blu tries to fit in with their neighbors and he also worries that Jewel and the kids will get lost in the happenings of the wildlife.

April 16- Heaven is for real

Director- Randall Wallace

Cast of Characters- Kelly Really, Greg Kinnear

Company- Tristar pictures

Storyline of the movie- When a boy undergoes an emergency surgery he slips away and is about to die but after that he keeps on telling his family and the members of his town that he saw heaven they end up not believing him not until the stories that he says identify the people that have died in the past.

May 2014

May 9- Belle

Director- Amma asante

Cast of Characters- Gugu Mbatha raw (Dido elizabeth Bell), Tom Wilkinson (Lord Mansfield), Penelope Wilton (Lady Mary murray), Sarah Gadon (Elizabeth), Mathew Goode (Captain Sir John Lindsay), Tom Felton (James Ashford).

Company- Fox Searchlight Pictures

Storyline of the movie- This is based on a true story about Dido elizabeth bell who is the ilegitimate mixed race daughter of a royal navy soilder her great uncle lord mansfield ( played by Tom Wilkinson) and also his own wife emily watson. In this movie belle is able to afford some priviledges but when it comes to the simple color of her skin she is not able to participate in the traditions of her social circle she also wonders if she will ever find true love soon belle falls in love with the idealistic vicars son who in return helps her change the role of lord mansfield as the chief of justice and finish slavery in england.

May 30- Party central

Cast of characters- Kelsey mann

Company- Walt disney pictures

Storyline of the movie- The characters of monsters Inc get back to monsters university for an awesome weekend along with their Oozma Kaapa club they throw their own first party but no one goes to the party but for their own luck Mike and Sully the two best friends coem up with a plan to make party central the best party place that anyone has seen before.

June 2014

June 20- Think like a man too

Producer- Will Packer

Cast of characters- keith merrimen, David a newman

Company- Sony pictures

Storyline of the movie- This is about how women turn the table to think like men.

Transformers 4 movie trailer

Some pictures of hercules the thracian wars

video pictures for the movie resident evil ( sorry if its not the trailer but it's still not out yet at the moment)

June 27- Transformers 4

Director- Michael Bay

Cast of characters- Mark Walhberg, Nicola Peltz, Brenton Twaites, Jack Reynoir, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer.

Company- Paramount pictures

Storyline of the movie- As all of you transformer fans will find out about this movie is that actor Shia Labeuf will not appear in this fourth transformers movie as he did in the past ones. This will be about humanity picking up the pieces as Dark of the moon, Auto-boots, as well as decepticons have all disappeared from the face of the earth although some intelligent businessmen and scientists still want to find out and research more about the past of the transformers and change the boundaries that technology has and beyond what they can control. At the same time the war between good and evil emerge as well as freedom and enslavement.

July 2014

July 18- Planes: Fire and rescue

Director- Bobs Ganaway

Cast of characters- Dane cook (as Dusty the voice character), Julie Bowen (as Lil' Dipper voice character)

Companies- Walt Disney

Storyline of the movie- This is a continuation of the story from the first planes movie that came out in 2013 and it will be about a group of funny elite firefighting aircraft who their mission is to protect the historic peak national park so that a dangerous wildfire does not happen. Then the worlds famous racer named Dusty comes in and then finds out that his own engine is rather in bad conditions and that it may be a possibility that he may not race again like before therefore he is willing to do something different by joining the firefighting club.

July 25- Hercules: The Thracians wars

director- Brett ratnor

Cast of characters- Dwayne jonhson (as the character of hercules), Aksel Hennie (as the character of tydeus), Ian Mc shade (as Amphiarus), Joseph Fienes, John hurt, Rebecca Ferguson.

Companies- Metro Goldwin Mayer

Storyline of the movie- If you know the story legend of Hercules and the twelve laborers then you might soon recognize that this story from the movie will begin with the laborers and then after the legend Hercules is being haunted by a sin from his past which makes him mercenary. Hercules travels to ancient Greece with five of his companion friends he also sells his services for gold and also uses his legendary reputation to scare off his enemies. Therefore soon after in the movie Hercules realizes that in order for good to triumph and justice to prevail he must be the hero he once was before he must keep his own myth he must stay as Hercules.

September 2014

September 12- Resident evil

Director- Paul W S Anderson

Cast of characters- Milla Jovovich (as Alice)

Companies- Sony screen Gems

Storyline of the movie- The characters Alice, Jill, Claire, Chris, Leon, Ada and Wesker run to the hide where it is said that the queen will be there to plot a serious destruction over the human race.


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