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New movies 2013

Updated on April 13, 2013

2013 movies

There are actually some good movies that are coming this year. What looks real good is 'The Bling Ring' and 'The Great Gatsby'. I love anything with Leonardo Dicaprio who is playing Gatsby, plus Tobey Macguire is in the movie playing Nick Carraway which is awesome. 'The Bling Ring' is based on true events about teenagers who robbed from celebrities' houses. That movie looks good because it is directed by Sophia Coppola and she is one of my favorite directors. The comedies that is going to be hilarious is 'The Internship' wtih Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson teaming up again. They play two friends who get fired from their first job and apply to Google as interns and competes with the young interns. 'The Hanover part 3' which is the last of their drunk escapades. Also 'This is the End' with the whole Judd Apatow crew and famous celebrities who experience the apocalypse One indie movie that I am looking forward to watch is 'The English Teacher' with Julianne Moore and Michael Angarano. It is about an teacher played by Moore who helps one of her old students played by Angarano to produce a play he wrote for his old high school. However there are consequences and hilarity ensues. What movie sounds interesting or would like to wait for the DVD?

Movie to watch in 2013

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