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New to Home Video: April 11, 2017

Updated on April 12, 2017
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Synopsis - Hidden Figures

TheUnited States and Russia are in a heated race to determine which country will be the ones to conquer what lies beyond Earth's atmosphere. NASA's latest mission is to send Astronaut John Glenn (Glen Powell) into Earth's orbit, then to bring him back safely. This may sound like a pointless mission now, but this was unheard of at the time and this mission would end up being essential to sending men and women into space in the future. At the time, this mission seemed impossible and would require some of the best minds and mathematicians to determine if a safe return would be possible. This led to NASA relying on a group of African-American women who were expert mathematicians. This film focuses on Katherine G. Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae). Watch as these women break race and gender barriers while ensuring the success of an incredible and important mission in American history.

Official Trailer - Hidden Figures

Recommendation - Hidden Figures

This was a decent movie. It was well acted and tells an important story and one that was very interesting to me. Before this movie I had never heard of these women and knowing what they have achieved for the United States, as well as science in general, I really should have. They did this all while facing heavy discrimination. Unfortunately, I think that this movie focuses a bit too much on the racial discrimination. I think it is important to address that discrimination and make the adversity they faced well known, but I felt like it beat the audience over the head with "racism" it seemed that every white character (aside from maybe two) hated these women because they were black. While this very well could have been true, I think this movie would have been more powerful if that racism was presented more subtlety. I do think the movie makes up for this issue, however, with strong and powerful acting from these three women.

I think this is definitely a movie worth watching, but I would recommend renting it as opposed to buying it since I do not think it is a movie with much rewatch-ability.

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Synopsis - Lion

At five years old, Saroo (Sunny Pawar) is from a poor family in India and goes on a trip with his brother but gets isolated and finds himself on a train that takes him very far from home and away from anything or anyone he recognize. Now in a foreign place and unable to get home, Saroo is placed in an orphanage from where he ends up being adopted by a wealthy Australian couple named John and Sue Brierley (David Wenham and Nicole Kidman respectively). Fast forwatd into adulthood, Saroo (Dev Patel) is tormented by his past and the desire to find his long lost family. This sends Saroo on a journey within himself as he is torn between two families. Should he stay in Australia and accept that he won't see his biological family or is he willing to leave his new family behind to find his long lost family?

Official Trailer - Lion

Recommendation - Lion

This is a powerful story. Torn between two loving families, Saroo must decide where to spend the rest of his life. This is no small decision and this movie does a great job at capturing that. This movie pairs an interesting and powerful story with exceptional acting and, after seeing this movie, it should be no wonder why this movie got heavy Oscar consideration. While I thoroughly enjoyed this film, I know that it is not for everyone. It is as dramatic as an Oscar-style drama can get. So if those movies tend to bore you, then I would recommend staying away from this movie.

This movie has drama, drama and some more drama but thanks to the great cast and fascinating story, I thought it worked. I also think it will work for most people. Much like Hidden Figures, I think this movie is absolutely worth seeing but I do not recommend adding it to your home video collection because I do not think it is a movie you will watch more than once.

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Synopsis - Monster Trucks

When an oil company is drilling in a small town, they discover a strange ecosystem when a strange looking creature escapes. Meanwhile, a local high school senior, named Tripp (Lucas Till) is looking for an escape himself. He keeps himself isolated as he is building a monster truck using scraps from junk cars. Unfortunately, he cannot get the engine to run until one night, he hears something coming from where he works on his truck. When he goes to investigate, his life changes forever as he soon meets a mysterious creature that feeds on oil and, when people come looking for it, it gets inside the truck and gets it to run. So Tripp gets inside the truck and the two make their escape. This is where their adventure begins, and forming an unlikely friendship may just turn out to be the key to both of their problems.

Official Trailer - Monster Trucks

Recommendation - Monster Trucks

The premise for this movie sounds crazy and it sounds ridiculous. I think anyone is justified for thinking this, but realize what this movie is. This is a silly kids movie whose demographic is kids in or around the ages of 5-10 years old. On that level I think this movie works. The characters are, essentially, cartoon characters and the plot is ridiculous enough to get kids hooked. The creature, also, never comes across as intimidating or scary. This movie is definitely aimed at kids and I think kids will have a lot of fun with this one. I think that adults will not hate it like the trailers may lead you too believe, but again, this is definitely a kids movie.

So go ahead and rent this movie if you have kids that fall into the age group/area that I mentioned above, and who knows, they may just want you to buy it so they can watch it again and again. If you do not have kids, then I recommend staying away from this one. I know I said that adults will not hate it, and I stand by that, but I do not see many adults being huge fans of this movie unless they watch it with their kids.

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      Louise Powles 12 months ago from Norfolk, England

      That's interesting. I wouldn't mind seeing Lion, that does look good.