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New to Home Video: April 18, 2017

Updated on April 19, 2017
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Synopsis - Split

Casey Cooke (Anya Taylor-Joy) is a loner at her school but is invited to a popular girls birthday party at the mall. When Casey's ride doesn't show, the popular girl's father offers to give her a ride home. When the girls get in the car, a strange man (James McAvoy) assaults the girl's father, and abducts the girls. When the girls wake up, they find themselves locked in a small room with no windows. When the strange man introduces himself, everything begins to get so much stranger as the girls realize that the man suffers from a rare and extreme case of dissociative identity disorder in which his body is inhabited by over 20 separate personalities. This makes him unpredictable and it makes his intentions unclear.

Official Trailer - Split

Recommendation - Split

I really enjoyed this movie. It was intense and very interesting. James McAvoy was absolutely outstanding as he had to capture such a complex and fun character. I think this movie does not work unless you have an actor that can pull of this role as brilliantly as McAvoy did and I'm not sure too many actors could have done it this well. The concept of dissociative identity disorder was a driving force in this movie and I thought it was explored in an interesting way. I only really had a couple of small issues with the movie but the climax of this movie, and the plot twist at the end, way more than made up for those issues.

I definitely recommend watching this movie as I think it is one worth seeing and think it will leave most people pleasantly surprised. I also think it is a movie people will want to watch more than once so I can confidently recommend adding this movie to your home video collection.

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Synopsis - The Founder

The Founder tells the true story or Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) who was a salesman in the 1950s and discovered a local, innovative, fast-food restaurant called McDonald's. The loca restaurant was run by two brothers and was a local hit. Ray Kroc saw the potential for it to be much more than a local hotspot. Using his business mind, Ray Kroc turned the local restaurant into a global phenomenon. However this was done at the expense of Dick and Mac McDonald (Nick Offerman and John Carrol Lynch respectively). Ray Kroc made enemies and acted selfishly, but gave the world one of its biggest restaurant chains in history while starting the fast-food era in the United States.

Official Trailer - The Founder

Recommendation - The Founder

I thought this was a solid movie. Michael Keaton is as great as you would expect and his performance (mixed with an interesting story) makes this movie very entertaining to watch. I appreciated the fact that the film did not glorify Ray Kroc. He us presented as a jerk which made the movie feel like an honest telling of the real life events. The negative effect, of having a story focus around a jerk, is that the main character becomes less relatable. In certain scenes, this can alienate the audience as it vilifies the "protagonist" but that is where having an actor like Michael Keaton is so important. His skill and charisma gets the audience through those scenes. I really enjoyed the portrayals of the McDonald brothers, since I knew very little about them before seeing this movie and I think it is important to know their role in launching one of the biggest restaurant chains in global history.

I think this was an entertaining and informative movie that is worth checking out, but I do not think you will watch it multiple times. So I recommend renting this film but do not recommend adding it to your home video collection.

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