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New to Home Video: April 25, 2017

Updated on April 26, 2017
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Synopsis - La La Land

When a young aspiring actress in Hollywood, named Mia (Emma Stone), meets a jazz pianist named Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), the two form an instant. Both are extremely passionate about their respective crafts and both are struggling to make a name for themselves. The common passion, and common circumstance, sparks a romantic love affair. Unfortunately, as time goes on, what formed their connection is exactly what threatens the survival of their relationshi. Each must decide what means more to them. Do they care more about their respective careers or do they care more about each other? Additionally, if they succeed in their fields, will they be the same people that they fell in love with in the first place?

Set in modern day Hollywood, this musical tells a love story that challenges whether or not a couple can be completely devoted to succeeding in their dream professions while also trying to be devoted to each other.

Official Trailer - La La Land

La La Land [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD]
La La Land [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD]

Available Formats: Blu-ray, DVD, 4K


Recommendation - La La Land

This movie had a combination of things that made it "not my kind of movie". It is a musical and it is a romance. Those genres are generally turn offs for me, but I gave this movie a shot and was happy to discover that this movie was so much more than a generic musical or a generic romance. While the music was fun and the visuals were great, the story is what makes this movie. I liked the irony that comes with this film. Their passion for their careers and their circumstance is what brings them together, but it is also what threatens their relationshi. I loved the irony of that. I also enjoyed the unner battle that each faced between their career and their relationship. These are very common and very relatable issues. I also thought this movie did a great job of balancing this story with the musical element of the film. It does not sacrifice story for music or sacrifice music for story.

I would say that if you are like me and are not a fan of musicals, do not be afraid to give this one a shot because I think it is better than most but I would not do more than rent it. If you are a musical fan, then I can absolutely recommend adding this movie to your home video collection.

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Synopsis - Underworld: Blood Wars

The eternal war, between vampires and lycans, is hotter than it has ever been. Selene (Kate Beckinsale) finds herself in the middle of this war as both sides hunt her. The lycans, led by Marius (Tobias Menzies), hopes to use the blood of Selene's daughter as a weapon to use against the vampires. The vampires hunt Selene to get revenge for the vampires she has killed in the past. Caught in the middle of this war with only a few allies, Selene must fight Lycan forces and hopefully regain her place within the vampire's society.

Official Trailer - Underworld: Blood Wars

Underworld: Blood Wars
Underworld: Blood Wars

Available Formats: Blu-ray, DVD, 4K, Amazon Video


Recommendation - Underworld: Blood Wars

This movie is pretty much exactly what you would expect from it, in a bad way. It has a weak plot that falls apart once you think about it for a few minutes after seeing the movie. Seriously. The plot for this movie makes no sense and is easily the worst part of the film. Aside from that, the movie delivers exactly what you would expect. There are plenty of mindless, CGI heavy action sequences involving lycans and vampires, there are decent (at best) performances, and tons of monsters running around. I think this movie will disappoint most audiences.

If you have not seen any of the other Underworld films, stay away from this one. If you are a fan of all the other Underworld movies: proceed with caution, rent it, and do not get your hopes up too high.

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