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New to Home Video: December 20th 2016

Updated on December 20, 2016

General Synopsis - Sully

Sully tells the story of Captain Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) and the Miracle on the Hudson. This was a 90 second flight in which a flock of geese flew into and destroyed both engines just after take-off. This event resulted in Captain Sullenberger to perform a water landing on the Hudson River. The movie Sully tells the story of what Captain Sullenberger went through in the days following the event. Suffering from a case of PTSD, Sully also has to deal with the airlibe's legal team who wants to assign blame over the fact that the plane is now ruined from landing in the water. Sully and the legal team must determine whether or not the water landing was necessary.

Official Trailer

Recommendation - Sully

I enjoyed Sully quite a bit. I don't think it should be an Oscar contender this year (for Best Picture or Actor), but I think it was a good movie and Tom Hanks gives an expectedly good performance. I really liked that this movie focused on the aftermath of the flight as I enjoyed seeing what Captain Sully had to go through. This was an element of the story that I was previously unaware of. This movie also plays with whether or not Captain Sully made the right decision. The legal team questions it, the audience questions it and so does Sully. The Miracle on the Hudson was certainly a miracle but it was also very traumatic to those directly involved and I loved that this was a focal point of the film. Sully also has some amazing plane crash sequences throughout the movie. While I think it was a good movie, I do not th it will blow you away. I think this movie is definitely worth seeing or renting, but I would not add it to my home video collection.


General Synopsis - The Magnificent Seven

When Bartholemew Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard) and his savage gang terrorize a small town, one of it's citizens (Haley Bennett) reaches out to a bounty hunter (Denzel Washington) for help. The bounty hunter then assembles a group of six experienced men (Chris Pratt, Vincent D'Onofrio, Ethan Hawk, Byung-hun Lee, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, and Martin Sensmeier) to aid him in defending the town. These Magnificent Seven then do what they can to prepare the town for war with very little chance of survival.

Official Trailer

Recommendation - The Magnificent Seven

Just a little insight into my life, as a kid I went through a few year phase where The Magnificent Seven (1960) was my favorite movie. My dad introduced it to me and I LOVED it. I watched it countless times, reenacted the story using various action figures and to this day I can hum the theme song. I say all of this so you know where I am coming from in my opinion of The Magnificent Seven (2016).

I loved this movie! Was it perfect? No, but I'll get into that. I loved the diverse cast that made up the seven. In an era that was dominated by white men, this movie had a fun and diverse cast and none of them felt forced in. While she wasn't part of the seve, Haley Bennett's character provided a strong female presence to the movie as well. I thought the character introductions felt rushed but once the whole crew is together, there are some great and creative action sequences. This movie was lacking a bit in character development. I don't think it adequately shows why these men are willing to risk their lives for this town, but this movie is so much fun that I think most everyone will enjoy it regardless. Oh and while most people won't notice or care, the soundtrack features a few variations on the 1960s theme.

The Magnificent Seven (2016) has laughs, it has heart and it has some great action! I definitely recommend seeing this movie and adding it to your home video collection. I will certainly be adding it to mine.


General Synopsis - Storks

Storks have always delivered babies to deserving parents, but more recently, the baby making machine has been deactivated and the storks have gone into the very successful business of delivering packages for an online website. Junior is an up and coming stork who is soon to be promoted when he accidentally causes the baby making machine to make a baby. To fix his mistake, Junior teams up with an unlikely ally and they begin their adventure to deliver the baby to a deserving home.

Official Trailer

Recommendation - Storks

I'll be totally honest and say that when I saw the trailer for Storks, I was ready to witness the worst animated movie in the past few years (and there have been some stinkers). The trailers were absolutely awful, but then I saw the movie. Was it very good? No, but it wasn't bad either. I thought it was a very average animated movie. I think most adults will be bored through this one but I also think that kids will enjoy it. Plus you can tell them this is where babies come from ;). Who knows, kids might just think this is a true story!

I do think there is plenty in Storks that kids will enjoy, but parents could be bored through it. I would not designate Storks as a bad movie, but it is nowhere the best of 2016 animated movies. I would not recommend adding this to your home video collection. Rent it, ONLY if you are desperately looking for an animated movie to watch with your kids AND if you have already seen all of the others from this year.

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