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New to Home Video: December 27th 2016

Updated on December 28, 2016

General Synopsis - When the Bough Breaks

John Taylor and Laura Taylor (Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall respectively) are a happy couple and each successful in their respective careers. Their only problem is that they cannot have a baby together. The couple eventually turns to the option of finding a surrogate mother so they find Anna (Jaz Sinclair). Everything seems fine at first but, as the pregnancy moves forward, the couple discovers Anna's psychotic side and her dangerous obsession with John Taylor. John and Laura Taylor must find a way to regain control of the situation for the safety of them, their unborn child and their future.


Recommendation - When the Boghigian Breaks

When the Bough Breaks was okay at best. I liked that this movie was about the women. Sure, it featured some recognizable male actors but the focus was on Laura Taylor, Anna and the power struggle between the two as they fight over John Taylor. I thought all the actors did a good job here but the movie was just so predictable to the point of boredom. When the Bough Breaks is even more predictable if you've seen the trailers. If you are at all interested in this movie, then I urge you to stay away from the trailers. I really did not hate this movie, I was just not impressed by anything. It has a neat premise and some intense moments so for that, some may like this movie. For me personally, When the Bough Breaks did not offer anything specsial so I cannot recommend adding this to your home video collection.


General Synopsis - Snowden

Based on a very controversial true story, Snowden tells the story of a man named Edward Snowden who worked for the National Security Agency (NSA). Edward is working for the agency but grows less and less fondly of the agency as he learns the extent to which they monitor the public. While it was assumed that the NSA had been monitoring potential national threats and terrorists, Edward Snowden learns that the NSA had been monitoring anyone and everyone. Snowden cannot get behind the NSA so quits his job and sets out to leak this information to the public. By leaking this information, Edward Snowden made himself a hero to the public but also made himself a traitor to the United States government causing him to find himself on the wrong side of the law.

Official Trailer

Recommendation - Snowden

Before I get started I want to make sure everyone is aware that there is a big difference between criticizing an actual person and criticizing a movie in which that person is depicted. Whether or not you agree with the NSA, Edward Snowden's actions were necessary and we should be grateful for what he did. That is my belief. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, here is my recommendation:

Snowden is a good movie. It has some pacing and structural issues but as a whole, I found this to be a fascinating movie. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is great in the role but I thought it was a little too dramatic in certain scenes. It seemed like the filmmakers had a difficult time keeping the interest level during a very formation heavy movie. While I'm sure this movie is not 100% accurate, I feel like I learned a lot about Edward Snowden and what the NSA has been doing. Was the NSA right to monitor everyone they can? That is a difficult question, but whatever the answer is, it should not have been done secretively. Edward Snowden found issue in this and that viewpoint is justifiable. While I do not think this movie was amazing, it is definitely a movie worth watching as it is an informative movie told in a decent way. I don't necessarily recommend adding it to your home video collection but I do recommend renting it. Just promise me that you won't base you understanding of the real-life events solely on this movie as I'm sure there are plenty of cinematic exaggerations.

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