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New to Home Video: December 6th 2016

Updated on December 6, 2016

General Synopsis: The Secret Life of Pets

Max (Louis C.K.) is a terrier who loves his owner and their life together. One day, Max's owner brings home another dog named Duke (Eric Stonestreet). Max feels threatened by this new addition to the family so sets out to make their owner get rid of Duke. The feud between Max and Duke results in the two getting lost where they meet a bunny named Snowball (Kevin Hart) who leads an underground gang of neglected animals who want to rise up against humans. Max and Duke must put their differences aside and work together to find their way home, all the while, Max's friend Gidget (Jenny Slate) has put together a group of Max's neighbors and friends to help find Max.

Official Trailer

Recommendation - The Secret Life of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets was probably my most highly anticipated animated movie of 2016. Then I saw the movie and I thought it was a colossal disappointment. The trailer promises to give us a comedic look on what our pets do while we are not home. We got that for a pretty short scene and it was the same scene as in the trailers. After that, the pets go on this wild and crazy adventure through the city. I am not sure what the marketing team and the story writers were thinking but they really needed to be on the same page and I think this hurt the movie. I would not be so hard on the marketing issue if the movie was actually good. I didn't think it was it wasn't funny, the plot was ridiculous in a bad way and the main character was boring which left me uninvested.

I really can not stress enough, how much I was looking forward to this movie. However it did not deliver the movie it promised, and the movie it delivered did not live up to the hype. Kids will like this movie because talking animals but I cannot recommend adding this to your home video collection because I can name 5 kids movies from this year that are all far better than this movie. Moana, Zootopia, Finding Dory, Trolls, and Kubo and the Two Strings.


General Synopsis: Jason Bourne

When Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) hacks into the CIA database, she uncovers an operation, called Treadstone, which contains personal information about Jason Bourne (Matt Damon). Parsons then tracks down Bourne and tries to get him back in action. Additionally a CIA operative (Alicia Vikander) discovers the hack by Nicky Parsons and brings it to the CIA director (Tommy Lee Jones) who also happened to be behind operation Treadstone. The CIA is now hunting Nicky Parsons and hoping she will lead them to Jason Bourne.

Official Trailer

Recommendation - Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne was another disappointment but not quite to the level of The Secret Life of Pets. There are several severly unrealistic sequences in this movie but that's exactly what I expect from any movie in the Bourne franchise. I liked seeing the acting talent in Tommy Lee Jones, Julia Stiles, and Alicia Vikander in this movie but none of them were given great material to work with. Jason Bourne is a generic action film and gives nothing special for the audience to sink their teeth into. The action in this movie is good, not great. So for all of these reasons I cannot recommend adding this to your home video collection. At most, grab some popcorn and rent this movie only if you can find nothing better to watch and only if you are a big fan of the previous films.

Which movie did you like better?

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