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New to Home Video: January 10th 2017

Updated on January 12, 2017
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General Synopsis - The Accountant

When Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) was diagnosed with autism as a young boy, an expert opinion suggested keeping Christian isolated from certain aspects of life (such as noise, flashing lights, etc.). Christian's father disagreed with this approach and believed that Christian should be exposed to these things as the real world wont be so accommodating. Christian's father used unorthodox methods in raising Christian which resulted in him living an extraordinary life. Christian has grown to be an extremely gifted accountant and has worked for some shady and dangerous clients which has put him on the radar of the federal government (J.K. Simmons). Wolff is hired to uncook the books for a new client (John Lithgow), as he makes a shocking discovery, Wolff and an employee of the company (Anna Kendrick) find themselves in harms way and find themselves on the run and searching for answers.

Official Trailer

Recommendation - The Accountant

This was an interesting movie to say the least. I thought Ben Affleck played this autistic character very well and I really liked how autism was shown in this movie. While the movie may be somewhat unrealistic, I really enjoyed that autism was not depicted as a weakness in this film and instead, it was shown as a unique strength. In some scenes, it was fascinating to watch Ben Affleck's character and how he dealt with autism. In other scenes, Ben Affleck was in the middle of some brutal action sequences. The action in this movie was absolutely brutal and somewhat reminiscent of John Wick, which is not something I say lightly. I thought most of the performances in this movie were solid, but I thought Anna Kendrick seemed out of place. I would not go as far as to say she was bad, but it felt like she was in a different movie. I also did not by that Ben Affleck. This movie was a decent action flick with a main character who, on the surface seems flawed, but really uses his unique mindset to his benefit. In certain action sequences, I'm pretty sure I was watching The Batman instead of The Accountant, but for those action scenes, I did not mind.

The film has a decent story, great action and an intriguing main character. All of this makes for an entertaining movie. I definitely recommend seeing this movie but don't recommend adding it to your home video collection unless you are an avid action fan.

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General Synopsis - Deepwater Horizon

Deepwater Horizon is a loose adaptation of the real events that led to the now famous BP oil spill. The movie follows Mike Williams (Mark Wahlberg), a worker on the oil rig that has been hired by BP to drill for oil. Mike Williams joins his crew (including Kurt Russell and Gina Rodriuez and many more) which soon realizes that the proper safety tests and procedures have not been performed by the previous crew. Despite every warning, the decision is made to go forward with drilling for oil. This is when the drill fails and disaster strikes for everyone on board the rig.

Official Trailer

Recommendation - Deepwater Horizon

If I had to describe Deepwater Horizon in one word, I would have to go with "powerful". The movie was a bit slow in the beginning but I really enjoyed watching the events of this movie as I did not know much about the real incident. I felt that Mark Wahlberg's character was a bit underdeveloped but I think this is due to the fact that the filmmakers did not want to spend too much time on setup. I thought it was very interesting to see what caused this incident and the message this movie gives is an obvious yet important one. DON'T CUT CORNERS! Once the destruction starts, this movie is incredibly entertaining and intense. It also helped that going into the movie, I did not know how many people died in the real incident so I did not know if anyone was going to make it off the vessel alive.

I believe that Deepwater Horizon is a movie worth seeing. I think it is a powerful and intense movie that will leave you moved and appreciating your family and loved ones. I definitely recommend seeing this movie, but I do not believe you will watch it more than once. So go ahead and rent it, but I do not recommend adding it to your home video collection.

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General Synopsis - Birth of a Nation

Nat Turner (Nate Parker) is a Baptist Preacher and a slave on a plantation in Virginia. When his owner starts hearing talk of an uprising, he tasks Nat Turner (as a preacher) with convincing his fellow slaves to abandon thoughts of a revolution. However Nat Turner does not take the horrific treatment of his fellow men lightly, so instead of stopping the uprising, Nat Turner leads the movement to overthrow the owner of this Virginian plantation.

Official Trailer

Recommendation - Birth of a Nation

In my opinio, Birth of a Nation was extremely over-hyped. That does not make it a bad movie but if you are planning on seeing it, check your expectations at the door or you will be disappointed as I was. Sure it won a bunch of awards at film festivals but if I'm being totally honest, those awards should have gone to better movies. At best, Birth of a Nation is good (not great). The acting is probably the best thing to say about this movie. The story is good (though I don't know how accurate it is) but it never really clicks with the audience. This movie is fine but will not blow you away like it could have. I would not recommend adding this to your home video collection and would only recommend renting it if you are bored.

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General Synopsis - Kevin Hart: What Now?

Kevin Hart: What Now? is a documentary/comedy featuring a live stand-up comedy performance by Kevin Hart in front of a sold out Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. The attendance was over an astounding 50,000 people and was the first time a comedian performed in front of a sold out crowd in a football stadium. The movie also features cinematic comedy sequences starring Kevin Hart, Don Cheadle, Halle Berry and more.

Official Trailer

Kevin Hart: What Now? was similmar to Kevin Hart: Laugh at my Pain in the sense that both were documentaries and stand-up specials with brief Kevin Hart comedy movies. Unfortunately Kevin Hart: What Now? was not nearly as funny as Kevin Hart: Laugh at my Pain. The cinematic sequences were amusing, the first half of this stand-up was boring, and the second half of the stand-up was pretty good. The boring half was a struggle to get through though, which really hurt the movie. I really do not recommend adding this to your home video collection and only recommend renting it if you love Kevin Hart. However if you have not seen Kevin Hart: Laugh at my Pain, then check that out first as I thought it was much better than this new one.

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General Synopsis - Max Steel

Based on the popular action figures by Mattel, Max Steel tells the story of teenager Max McGrath (Ben Winchell) who discovers that he has superpowers. Soon after this discovery, Max meets an alien named Steel (Josh Brener) who wants to utilize Max's new power. The two form the superhero Max Steel and must use their combined powers to fight back against an alien threat.

Official Trailer

Recommendation - Max Steel

Stay away from this movie! It's boring, it's slow, the dialogue is garbage, the plot is garbage. I really had a tough time finding GOOD things to say about this movie, but I will give it a shot. Mario Bello is in it? She is an extremely talented actress but I will not pretend that this movie showcases that. I think the beginning of the (while not great) was somewhat decent, but it seemed like the longer I was sitting in the movie, it got progressively worse. I honestly am not quite sure why this movie was made. I also should point out that I was never a fan of the original series so I'm not sure what that fandom would add to this movie going experience. All I can say, is that I did not like this movie at all.

If you grew up a die hard Max Steel fan, then go ahead and check this movie out. Otherwise, I cannot recommend adding this to your home video collection, I cannot recommend spending your hard earned money to rent it. I would say stay away form this one.

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