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New to Home Video: January 31st 2017

Updated on January 31, 2017
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Synopsis - Boo! A Madea Halloween

Madea (Tyler Perry) has her hands full when she is watching a group of misbehaving teens on Halloween night as they try to plan a party. The night gets worse as Madea comes face to face with all sorts of spooky creatures such as: ghosts, zombies and so much more! Watch Madea use her...unique personality to fend of these creatures and keep the misbehaving teens in line.

Boo! A Madea Halloween - Official Trailer

Recommendation - Boo! A Madea Halloween

Boo! A Madea Halloween delivers, exactly, the movie you'd expect. If you've seen any movie featuring Tyler Perry as an obnoxious and ridiculous old woman, then you know exactly what I am talking about. This movie does have the fresh element of Madea reacting to, and interacting with, all sorts of Halloween themed creatures, but this movie is still Madea doing her usual thing. Boo! A A Madea Halloween has a week story (though no one should be going into a comedy like this, expecting a good story) with the comedy you'd expect. When it comes to these movies there are, generally, two kinds of people. There are people who think Tyler Perry as Madea is absolut hilarious, then there are those that think the concept is garbage. I tend to lean more towards the latter but realize that the Madea movies have their audience and it is a loyal audience.

If you have seen Madea movies before and hate them, stay away from this one. If you love Madea , then you'll love this one. If you've never seen one of these movies before then check out the trailer as it will show you exactly what you can expect. Wherever you fall, I cannot recommend adding this to your home video collection.

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Synopsis - Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) learns that a friend, Major Turner (Colbie Smoulders) is being framed for espionage and the murders of two soldiers in Afghanistan. While trying to discover the truth and clear her name, Jack Reacher finds himself framed for a murder and is imprisoned in the same facility where Major Turner is being held. Jack Reacher manages to break Major Turner and himself out of the prison and the two begin their adventure on the run and trying to clear their names. They do so while accompanied by a young girl that is rumored to be Jack Reacher's daughter which creates another mystery that Jack Reacher needs to solve.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back - Official Trailer

Recommendation - Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

My expectations were pretty low for Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, but I ended up enjoying the movie. It had a weak story and had plot twists that I saw coming from a mile away or they turned out to be flat out lies in the sense that the movie hits you over the head and makes something painfully obvious only to reveal it as being not true in the end. Aside from that, the movie is decent. The movie is filled with great, brutal action and I thought the chemistry between Tom Cruise and Colbie Smoulders worked. I could have done without the whole "daughter" storyline as it made the movie have two endings that didn't really fit together smoothly. I do think this movie makes up for its issues by delivering decent action and the corny dialogue that you want from this type of movie.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is worth checking out if you are a bug action fan. Otherwise, you should probably skip it as I cannot recommend adding this movie to your home video collection.

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Synopsis - Masterminds

David Ghantt (Zach Galifianakis) lives an ordinary life working as a driver of an armored vehicle that transports money. On a daily basis, David transports millions of money that he could never have for himself. David also has a crush on the woman that accompanies him in the vehicle, Kelly Campbell (Kristen Wiig), who persuades David into working with her and a group of criminals to steal the money from the vehicle. The group pulls of an incredible heist but David makes the mistake of delivering the money to the criminals who aim to set him up for the crime and make off with the money themselves. While on the run from the law, David must find proof that the group of criminals were the ones who stole the money and hopefully make off with the money himself.

Masterminds - Official Trailer

Recommendation - Masterminds

This movie has an amusing premise but it fell short when it came to the execution of that premise. I had some laughs here and there throughout the movie, but for the most part, it seemed like the movie was trying to hard to explain funny. With an amusing premise and an incredibly funny cast, Masterminds really should have been a lot funnier than it was. With Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikas not one of them seemed to find their comedic groove in this movie which is really unfortunate. I did not think this movie was bad, but it certainly was not good. I'm not quite sure what it was that caused this movie to fall short the way it did but I do wish it were better.

I cannot recommend adding Masterminds to your home video collection and I only recommend renting it if you are bored and can find nothing else to watch. Even then, manage your expectations.

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Synopsis - Queen of Katwe

Phiona (Madina Nalwanga) lives a difficult life in the slum of Katwe in Kampala, Uganda. When a missionary introduces her to the world of chess, her whole life changes as she becomes infatuated with the game. Her fascination leads to practice which leads to great skill causing her to be a great chess player. This new found talent opens the door for Phiona to get out of her difficult life by competing in tournaments and get her and her family out poverty.

Queen of Katwe - Official Trailer

Recommendation - Queen of Katwe

I expected a good movie when I was about to watch Queen of Katwe, yet I was still pleasantly surprised. We have all seen the movie where the poor/struggling protagonist discovers a new passion and talent then goes on and turns their whole life around. This movie was that and so much more. The characters in this movie were extremely compelling and the actors who portrayed them made it even more entertaining to watch. There are real and difficult life issues/situations presented in this movie that made a this movie something special when, on the surface, it seemed like a generic, feel-good Disney movie. The element of chess played an important role in the movie but it complimented the dramatic storyline well. Oh and you don't need to know anything about chess to enjoy this movie.

Finally, I can recommend a movie! I think Queen of Katwe is a movie worth watching. I think most people will the film but I do not think it is a movie that people will watch more than once. So for that reason alone, I cannot recommend adding this movie to your home video collection, but I do recommend seeing it!

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