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New to Home Video: June 6, 2017

Updated on June 7, 2017

Beauty and the Beast (6/6/2017)


Synopsis - Beauty and the Beast

Belle (Emma Watson) is the most beautiful girl in her village but is also a local outcast due to her love for reading. Nonetheless, she is constantly chased by the most desired and most conceited man in town, Gaston (Luke Evans), but she wants nothing to do with him. Instead she dreams of having a much greater and much for fulfilling life than the one that is in store for her in this village, but she cannot leave her father so she finds her escape in books. One day, she discovers her father is missing and, when she goes looking for him, she finds a mysterious mansion that is inhabited by objects that have come to life and is also inhabited by her fathers captor, the Beast (Dan Stevens).

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Official Trailer- Beauty and the Beast

Beauty And The Beast
Beauty And The Beast

Available Formats: Blu-ray, DVD, Amazon Video


Recommendation - Beauty and the Beast

This live-action telling of Beauty and the Beastwas good. It had great visual effects, color schemes, wardrobe, music and performances. These all made for a fun movie but what the movie was lacking was originality. It was just too similar to the classic Disney animation for my taste. By being so similar, it failed to correct certain plot issues that were forgivable in the cartoon, but unfortunately, were hard to get through in this version of the tale. Then there was the "look" of the Beast and a few of the objects. These were a bit odd at first as they looked weird in a bad way, luckily you get used to the weird look so as the movie moves on, the "look" becomes less and less of an issue.

Beauty and the Beast was a fun entertaining movie to experience. It could have been better but Emma Watson made up for some of its issues. It is a movie that people of all ages can enjoy together but I do not think it will blow a lot of people away. I definitely recommend seeing this movie but only recommend adding it to your home video collection if you have kids in your household to rewatch it.

A Cure for Wellness (6/6/2017)


Synopsis - A Cure for Wellness

Lockhart (Dane DeHaan) is a young business executive of a company that needs him to retrieve a former executive in order to close a deal. This former executive is in Sweden at a strange institution that claims he is "not well". Thus Lockhart journeys to Sweden to find this man and when he arrives at the institution, things start to get weird. The patients and doctors are obsessed with drinking water constantly, and all patients claim that they are "not well". When Lockhart fails at getting the executive to come back on the first attempt, Lockhart leaves the institution to go into town. On the ride back to town, a deer hits the car which results in a brutal car crash and results in Lockhart having a broken leg and waking up back in the strange institution. Lockhart must now learn what is going on in this institution and get him and the executive out before they go mad.

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Official Trailer - A Cure for Wellness

A Cure For Wellness [Blu-ray]
A Cure For Wellness [Blu-ray]

Available Formats: Blu-ray, DVD


Recommendation - A Cure for Wellness

Based on the high potential of this movie, it ended up being a disappointment. It was supposed to be an intense, and suspenseful, psychological thriller and it just did not live up to that potential. Some elements of the movie worked, such as the supporting characters (patients) and the overall creepiness of the film, but due to obvious clues that should have been subtle and due to a dumb main character that missed the obvious clues, I simply was not interested in the storyline of this movie. This was not a good film. It has some decent moments but I thought it was showered with issues from beginning to end.

I do not recommend adding this to your home video collection and I do not recommend renting it either. I can only say watch it if you are extremely bored and do not have to spend money on it.

Aftermath (6/6/2017)


Synopsis - Aftermath

Roman (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is excited for his wife and daughter to return home. Overjoyed with the news that his daughter is pregnant, Roman cannot wait meet his wife and daughter at the airport when their flight lands. Jake (Scoot McNairy) works in the air traffic control room where he experiences technical difficulties while being the only on working at the time. As a result, two planes approach landing altitude at the same time which causes a devastating, two plane crash in the sky. Roman is at the airport when he learns of the incident and that his wife and daughter were killed on one of the two planes. Roman now has to learn to live in the aftermath of this tragedy while Jake must find a way to cope with the lives lost during his shift while being labeled as a murderer by society. How will the two men get through their emotional torment? How will Roman react when he comes face to face with Jake, the man on whose watch the tragedy took place? How will Jake react when he comes face to face with a family member who lost everything as a result of Jake's honest and tragic mistake?

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Official Trailer- Aftermath

Aftermath [Blu-ray]
Aftermath [Blu-ray]

Available Formats: Blu-ray, DVD, Amazon Video


Recommendation - Aftermath

This is a HEAVY movie with a fascinating and intense premise. It follows two characters on opposite sides of the same tragedy and tells their respective stories. The movie does a good job of showing that, what happened to Jake, could have happened to anyone. It also shows that (despite there being little Jane could have done to prevent the incident) if someone is labeled a murderer and is presented on the news as the man responsible, the public will accept that as fact even if it is untrue. I thought the most interesting part of this story was watching Jake deal with that concept. I also really enjoyed watching the tremendous weight in Roman's storyline. Unfortunately this movie is not the movie that the trailer suggests. It is not non-stop drama or intensity. Instead, it is a heavy and dramatic slow burn. It is a compellin, well written and well acted movie but it is DEFINITELY a slow burn. You really get to watch these characters sit and live in their misery. This is fine if you know what you are getting yourself into.

I do not recommend adding this movie to your home video collection and only recommend renting it if you like slow burn movies that deal heavily with things like loss, guilt, tragedy and misery. It is a very slow movie and definitely is not for everyone.

Fist Fight (5/30/2017)


Synopsis - Fist Fight

It is the last day of the school year. Andy Campbell (Charlie Day) is doing his best to keep it together and survive the days pranks, chaos and mischief when he finds himself responsible for the most feared teacher in the school, Ron Strickland (Ice Cube), getting fired. As retaliation, Ron Strickland challenges Andy Campbell to a fight after school. The news of the fight quickly spreads throughout the school as Andy Campbell tries to find a way out of the fight by any means necessary.

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Official Trailer - Fist Fight

Fist Fight (2017) BD [Blu-ray]
Fist Fight (2017) BD [Blu-ray]

Available Formats: Blu-ray, DVD, Amazon Video


Recommendation- Fist Fight

I will be brief with my recommendation for this movie because I do not think it deserves much better. This movie was bad. It has a funny gimmick (teacher vs. teacher) but that gimmick is incapable of holding up the movie by itself. It is full of lazy comedy that you have seen before. It does not bring anything original to the table and most of the movie comes across as desperate. I cannot lie, there are a few funny moments in this movie, but they are few and very far between. I definitely do not think this movie is worth your money. I like Charlie Day quite a bit but he is not nearly enough to save this movie.

I cannot recommend adding this movie to your home video collection. I cannot recommend renting it. This movie is not worth your money. If you saw his movie and had a completely different opinion then, please, let me know in the comments! I personally went into this movie not expecting much and I was STILL disappointed.

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