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New to Home Video: November 1st 2016

Updated on November 1, 2016

Star Trek Beyond

After the last installment in this new Star Trek franchise, I was pretty neutral towards this movie. Then as the trailers start coming out using songs like "Sabotage" and a Rihanna song I couldn't name, I was kind of not looking forward to this movie. I can confidently say that Star Trek Beyond was a pleasant surprise and is in my opinion the best movie of this new Star Trek reboot/franchise.

When the Enterprise crashes on a mysterious planet, the surviving crew members must survive and figure out how to get back home. All the while they meet a variety of alien species that have suffered a similar fate.

What I liked most about this movie is that it felt much more like original Star Trek films and series while also staying consistent with the pace and action of the two previous movies. We get to see the crew stranded and struggling as they try to find solutions to their situation. All while forming new alien alliances and defeating a new foe. There's also a plot twist that I didn't see coming, I pieced it together way before the characters in the movie but it was still satisfying.

The actors in Star Trek Beyond were great and were a lot of fun to watch with standouts such as Chris Pine, Idris Elba and Anton Yelchin (RIP). The rest of the cast were great as well but these three specifically were worth mentioning. Additionally the special effects, scenery and action sequences were breathtaking and fun.

To summarize, this was a surprisingly good movie and was, in my opinion, the best of the new three movies. The plot, action and visuals all delivered a fun cinematic experience with a classic Star Trek feel. I definitely recommend adding this movie to your home video collection and I don't think seeing the last two movies are fully necessary. You will not feel lost. I'm hoping the fourth movie continues in this positive trajectory.

Official Trailer


Bad Moms

Bad Moms was such a pleasant surprise. Even more so than Star Trek Beyond. This movie, due to the trailers, came across as an ok comedy at best. Instead, it was really fun and full of laugh out loud moments.

Mila Kunis plays a mother of two. Everyday is the same routine. Making three meals a day for ungrateful kids, helping them or doing their homework, driving them to school, and going to PTA meetings. All the while she also has a full-time job and a lazy/unhelpful husband. One day, she decides enough is enough and decides to be a bad mom. Kids can make food themselves, no patience for PTA meetings, etc. She meets two other "bad moms" in Kathryn Hahn and Kristen Bell and finds herself going head to head with a snobby mom (head of the PTA) Christina Applegate.

This movie does not require you to be a mom, or even a parent. It does a good job of setting up that Mila Kunis' life sucks. This movie may be even better if you are a mom or parent, but I am neither and really loved this movie.

All four of the main moms in this movie (Kunis, Hahn, Bell and Applegate) were great and provided a lot of funny moments throughout. The absolute standout was Kathryn Hahn. She was by far the funniest element of this movie. If you've seen her in other movies you will have an idea of what to expect from her in this film. She's over-the-top, she's profane, and I got a sense that a lot of her comedic moments were improvised (but I don't know if they were). All I know is her as a main character was responsible for a lot of Bad Mom's success.

This movie, again, was surprisingly funny and surprisingly good. It has a talented cast, has heart, and has a ton of laugh out loud moments. I believe the plan is for STYX Entertainment (the studio behind this film) to come out with Bad Dads then release a crossover movie, Bad Parents. Who knows if those movies were any good but Bad Moms was great and is worth adding to your home video collection.

Official Trailer


Nine Lives

This was a decent movie at best but it was a lot better than a lot of the reviews would suggest. It is also important to note that this movie is not geared towards anyone over the age of 10 so I will judge it as such. I was expecting this movie to be atrocious and it just wasn't.

Kevin Spacey plays a husband and father who works way too much and doesn't have time for his family. One day he goes into a pet store (owned by Christopher Walken) to buy a cat for his family when all of a sudden a bolt of lightning turns Kevin Spacey into the cat. The rest of the movie shows the journey of Kevin Soacey trying to connect with his family and also somehow get back to normal.

Again this movie looked awful before going in the theater, I always like ripping into and making fun of a terrible movie but I can't honestly do that with Nine Lives. The plot was terrible as it was a mix of ridiculousness and predictability. The acting from Spacey, Walken and Jennifer Garner (Spacey's wife) was decent enough for a kids movie. There an expected amount of cat puns, with one being the name of Christopher Walken's character. The entire movie was light, and fun for kids. For that I cannot be too hard on this movie, you have to know your audience and this movie knew theirs.

This was a fine movie for kids. I really want to drive that point home. If you are a kid under 10 years or have kids under 10 years old. They will most likely enjoy this movie. Adults will find this to be a light but slightly boring film. So know who this movie is for. I recommend renting this movie for a one-time view for your kids and if they like it, this could be a good gift for them for the holiday season.

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