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New to Home Video: November 29th 2016

Updated on November 29, 2016

General Synopsis - Don't Breathe

Don't Breathe is about three young adults who have made somewhat of a living by breaking into houses. Alex (one of the young adults) is the son of a man who makes and installs home security systems. So Alex (Dylan Minnette) has access to house keys and security system passwords. Rocky (Jane Levy) wants to move away to California to a better life for her and her daughter, but the need a lot of cash to do so. The three young adults learn of a blind ex-veteran (Stephen Lang) who just came into a ton of money. The thieves think he's an easy target, but once they get inside the house, chaos unfolds.

Official Trailer

Recommendation - Don't Breathe

Don't Breathe is easily one of the best horror films of the year. Easily one of the best and I would agree with anyone who said it is THE best. The plot had me fearful, before seeing the movie, that I would root for the villain and not care about main characters. Then I saw the movie and I thought it was brilliant how they danced the line in making you root for the blind man, then finding new and horrific ways to vilify him. Stephen Lang plays a very compelling badass. You'll root for him in moments, hate him in moments and be freaked out by him in other moments. I thought the main characters were pretty generic and uninteresting but it was interesting to see such a compelling villain interacting with them. This movie is incredibly intense, the movie is violent and has some horrific moments. Again this is by far one of the best, if not the best, horror movies of the year. That statement means something when we have had a year of movies like Lights Out, and The Conjuring 2. This has been a great year for horror movies and Don't Breathe tops that list in my opinion. Absolutely see this movie if you have not because it is absolutely worth adding to your home video collection.


General Synopsis - Pete's Dragon

When a young boy named Pete is found alone in the forest, a park ranger named Grace (Bryce Dallas Howard) decides to take him in and care for him. When the boy says he's been in the forest for six years, Grace wonders how the boy was able to survive by himself. When she asks Pete how he survived, he tells Grace he had help from Elliot who just so happens to be a dragon. When Grace and the boy find the dragon another man sees Elliot and begin to hunt and capture Elliot. Grace and Pete must then try to protect Elliot from the man and civilization.

Official Trailer

Recommendation - Pete's Dragon

Pete's Dragon is a move then went under most everyone's radar and I think it's biggest issue was the marketing. I think most anyone I talked to fell in one of two categories. They had either never heard of the movie, or had seen a trailer but had no idea what it was about and thought it looked "dumb". I think the marketing team for this movie failed hard. They didn't properly convey the story of this movie and they didn't push the trailer to enough audiences. Marketing aside, I thought Pete's Dragon was a fine movie. It wasn't great but it was decent. I think it's next biggest problem (after marketing) was that the movie didn't offer anything different enough, which is crazy to say considering it's a movie about a big furry and friendly dragon. In a world where we get movies like Disney's Jungle Book new family friendly movies, such as Pete's Dragon, need to go above and beyond with the story they are telling, this movie didn't. The acting was fine, even though I didn't like the chemistry between the characters. The story was fine, everything about the movie was fine, but nothing was great. So for these reasons I will say that, while Pete's Dragon is not a bad movie, it is not worth adding to your home video collection.


General Synopsis - The BFG

Sophie (a girl who is only ten years old) is scared and startled when she meets the Big Friendly Giant. She soon discovers that the giant means her no harm and the two form a unique friendship. Eventually the other giants (who do not like the BFG because he does not eat children) learn about and try to capture Sophia. With the presence of such dangerous giants, Sophia and the BFG must travel to London and convince the Queen to help them stop the giants.

Official Trailer

Recommendation - The BFG

The BFG was another movie that went under most everyone's radar. Though I'm most cases, people I talked to knew of this movie but had no interest in seeing it. I think the title was a huge mistake. It is too vague and you don't know what it means until you see the movie or watch the trailer. Which means the poster alone won't be pulling anyone in to see this movie. Much like Pete's Dragon, this movie was fine. I'd say I liked it more than Pete's Dragon, but it also did not offer anything special. The BFG is visually stunning in certain shots which you'd expect from a movie from Steven Spielberg, but aside from that, this is a pretty generic family adventure movie. Mark Rylance was great to watch as he did the motion capture for the Big Friendly Giant and I thought this movie had some touching, heart felt moments but it was nothing that will blow you away. The BFG is a generic, cookie cutter family adventure movie that you will most likely forget about in a few days. I'm not sure why this movie was made or why Steven Spielberg chose to direct it, because it is a decent movie at best. So for these reasons I cannot recommend adding The BFG to your home video collection.

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