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New to Home Video: November 8th 2016

Updated on November 8, 2016

General Synopsis

All that food wants is to be chosen by humans. July 4th is approaching and Frank (a hot dog) thinks this is going to be his time. Frank soon realizes the horrors that actually await food once they are home with humans and that everything they have been told has been a lie. Frank then meets an assortment of food products and the group sets out on a journey to discover the truth and warn the others about the nightmare that awaits them in the kitchen.

Official Trailer - (Explicit Trailer)


The Pros

  • Shopping Cart & Kitchen - These scenes were what I wanted to see when I got a ticket to this movie. The kitchen scene was great but most of it is in the trailer so I wasn't as invested in it when watching the movie since it was not fresh to me. The shopping cart scene was absolutely incredible. A couple shots of it were in the trailer but it still worked. It was reminiscent of the beach scene from Saving Private Ryan and was creative in displaying the "horror" for various food products. These two scenes were so much fun and had me laughing HARD. I only wish the movie had more of scenes like this. These scenes were in line with what the entire movie should have been.
  • Religion - The writing for this movie was odd. On the surface it is a dumb, profane poor attempt at a comedy. Upon further inspection, the entire movie is one big metaphor on religion. The food sees going home with humans as entering the afterlife and being chosen by a god. The movie then goes to address why the food believe this, who told them this, and what reasons did they have for making the rest and of the food believe it. The movie seems have a strong Athiest viewpoint, but by looking even closer, the movie tells us to believe what we want, as long as we decide for ourselves. In other words don't let someone else tell you what to believe or don't follow others blindly. This message was written into the movie beautifully and is hidden by profane humor. I thought this was the most amusing part of the movie. That such a great message could be delivered in such a ridicilous way.
  • Food Puns - This movie is riddled with food related puns. Through various conversations they wait just long enough for you to get reinvested in the scene or the dialogu, then they hit you with another one. In a movie with some hard laughs and a lot of profanity, it was a good compliment to have innocent puns to keep you chuckling until the next big moment.


The Cons

  • The Title - This is very, very, extremely minor but a quick note I had was that this movie should have been titled Hot Dog Party or been about general sausages as opposed to this specific kind. Since I know that Hot Dogs are technically sausages, but most people I know would be upset if they ordered a sausage but got a hot dog instead. I just don't think too many people think of hot dogs when they hear the word sausage. Again this is an extremely minor comment and in no way affected my grading.
  • End "Celebration" - Alright. I know some people absolutely loved this scene. There's about a five minute scene that I found absolutely unnecessary and found it a bit embarrassing that I wasted money to see it. Now, I have a pretty dark and dirty sense of humor but this was next level dirtiness. It went on way too long, was way too ridiculous and was way too unnecessary. Again, I know plenty of people who loved this scene so maybe I just wasn't in the mood for it that day, but this scene seriously hurt the movie in my eyes.
  • Profanity - This movie is profane! At first it was funny, and there were times throughout the most vie where it struck me as amusing, but it ends up gettibg pretty stale. It's repetitive and unamusing. I had high hopes for Sausage Party when I heard that it was a ten year passion project for Seth Rogen. I think it was a colossal waste of time. It seems like there were not enough people keeping Seth Rogan's profanity in line. I really hope that they fix this when making the sequel.
  • Doesn't Leave the Store - The plot for this movie had its issues as well. The biggest was that the main storyline does not leave the grocery store. There really weren't enough entertaining things to do by staying in the store the whole time. I don't know why this decision was made since there are seemingly endless possibilities of things to do outside the store from food's perspective. Instead they chose to stay in the store which resulted in a dull story with the audience wondering when the next big comedy scene would be.


Rating: D+

I was really looking forward to Sausage Party and left pretty disappointed. I think its most redeeming quality was its message on religion. This was addressed in a very subtle and complex way. Unfortunately there wasn't too much more to this movie. The funniest scenes were in the trailer, and the amount of profanity was overkill to the point where it became stale, then it kept going. The celebration scene was enough for me to take off a full letter grade. I'm aware that I could be in the minority with my opinion of this movie, so if you liked it then I am very jealous because I was really looking forward to it and it just did not work for me. Though I think it's oddly fitting that, out of so many movies, I had to give this one the D (get it?!!).

If you have not seen this movie yet, I recommend watching the trailer to familiarize yourself with the kind of profanity that will be in the movie. If you are still unsure, I definitely recommend renting this one before buying it. It is important for me to let you know that while I did not like this movie, I know many people who loved it so you might too!

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