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New to Home Video: October 11th 2016

Updated on April 27, 2017


A fitting release for the month of October, Ghostbusters! This movie was not the colossal failure that most of social media would lead you to believe. That being said I also do not think it was as good as it could have been. I personally thought Chris Hemsworth's character was one of the funniest parts of the movie. This is sad considering the heavy comedic background between the main four female cast members. Kate McKinnon was WAY too over the top. Melissa McCarthy was far too dialed down, as I feel she would have benefited from the movie being rated R. Kristen Wiig simply did not have decent comedy to work with. Leslie Jones was given such a stereotypical role, that it took me out of the movie.

Getting past all that, I thought the movie flowed fine, and I really liked the cameos from the original cast. The end of the movie is an incredibly special effects driven action sequence, I thought it looked cool but I wasn't very invested in it. The main villain (as the trailers show) is not a ghost, but it is a person that is summoning ghosts. While I appreciate that they tried to do something different, I would have preferred the first movie in this rebooted world to be the ghostbusters, hunting a big bad ghost. I think this movie would have benefited from a simple plot, but I will again reiterate that this movie was not the colossal failure that it has been made out to be.

I think Ghostbusters is a fun action sci-if that the whole family can enjoy. The comedy works for all ages and while the cameos are so much more satisfying to those who are familiar to the original movies, the younger generation will not feel lost or confused. With some fun comedy, fun action and cool effects I think this movie is worth adding to your home video collection IF you have kids and want a movie that you can watch together.

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The Legend of Tarzan

This movie was packed with visally stunning shots and special effects but unfortunately, where this movie came out so close to Disney's Jungle Book, those special effects were compared to Jungle Books and they just aren't as good. The action sequences in this movie were awesome and I loved watching Tarzan kicking some ass. Samuel L. Jackson was probably my favorite part of this movie. His character is the most normal so is the most relatable to the audience and there are a few scenes where his tone and comedy steals the show. Unfortunately, this is where the positivity for this movie ends.

The movie starts with Tarzan in London...a civilized Tarzan in civilized London. Which, hey, I'm ok with not starting with Tarzan's origin again, but the movie goes back to Tarzan's origin, repeatedly through flashbacks. It is severely unnecessary, since there is no mystery being revealed in these flashbacks. We already know the origin, so start with that, or don't use the origin at all. The plot was pretty uninteresting but the action sequences and effects were cool enough to keep me watching.

In my opinion, The Legend of Tarzan is a very average movie with an equal amount of good qualities as bad. I think it is a fine movie to watch once, if you're at home and looking for a movie for the evening but I wouldn't suggest adding it to your collection unless you are a die hard Tarzan fanatic.

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Ice Age: Collision Course

This is the 5th installment in the Ice Age franchise. I saw the original as a kid and I know I saw the second, but the next two are a blur and I honestly couldn't tell you if I saw them both. I was pretty surprised when I found out they were STILL making Ice Age movies, but this movie was not terrible. I was not a huge fan but I realize I am not its demographic so I think kids will like this movie.

As a fan of the original, I liked the nostalgia of seeing Sid, Manny and Diego on screen together but that was the only thing keeping me going through this movie. All of the additional characters were SO geared towards kids, so adults will find them almost unwatchable. Another downside to this movie is that every character has a love interest, and it hits the point where the cast is so full of random characters, there is simply not enough time to care about any of them. If this franchise continues, it would be an enormous benefit for them to wipe out all characters but the main three. This is an animated kids movie, the characters don't need to grow up, have love interests or start families together. All of these "clutter" characters mixed with an oddly absurd plot (even for a kids animated movie) show signs of writers having no idea what to do with this franchise. That or they don't care and know kids will drag their parents to these movies.

At the end of the day, this is a kids movie and I fall very far outside this demographic. Any and all criticism I've made for this movie is irrelevant to those who this movie is intended for. I think kids will have fun with this movie, with animals and silliness I can't see how they wouldn't. So if you have kids who have enjoyed the Ice Age movies, this movie could be a big win in your house.

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The Infiltrator

I had very high expectations for this movie and found myself disappointed. The Infiltrator tells the story of Robert Mazur (Bryan Cranston), a U.S. Customs official who goes undercover to....infiltrate Pablo Escobar's drug operMarion. This was a fascinating story...going into the movie. Once I was watching it, I realized it was relatively slow and uneventful fir the majority of the movie. Bryan Cranston's performance was as great as expected and, me being a huge fan of his, this was able to keep my attention through the slow parts of the movie. And there was a LOT of slow parts of this movie.

The Infiltrator was missing the intensity that I was.expecting from it. It was missing side characters that I cared about. Oh and it was missing Pablo Escobar, who you only see for a collective couple of minutes. I really think if Bryan Cranston was not in this movie, it would be a much worse and much less entertaining movie.

This movie was a very slow burn, but the story was an interesting one. It was cool to see the depths a man had to go to, to bring down one of Pablo Escobar's operations. The slow burn was boring in parts, but I thought the climax delivered. It was insane to watch how everything worked out in an almost perfect way. Knowing that it actually happened made it even better for me.

I think if you are really interested in this movie, go ahead and rent it. Just don't have your expectations too high. I would not recommend adding this movie to your home video collection, but it could be a good one-time viewing if you keep your expectations in check.

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