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A Modern Bunny Boiler Movie 'You Get Me' (2017) Review

Updated on November 28, 2017
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I will watch the movies that people say aren't that great. How do you feel about them?


What's It About?

Tyler is a guy with a girlfriend who he loves. They do everything together. They order milkshakes with two straws and hold hands all the time.

They attend a party together and some guy tells Tyler that his girlfriend Alison and he were pretty hot and heavy. Tyler and Alison are not hot and heavy - they are PG rated and so, Tyler, of course, chucks a tantrum and they break up.

Earlier in the night, Tyler met a girl while waiting to use the restrooms and as he leaves upset, she is waiting coincidentally outside and she whisks him away (not too far but far enough where Tyler thinks he will never see her again) to a night club and then to her mansion.

Upon his return back to town after a few days, he apologizes to his girlfriend and they get back together promising to never lie to each other again.

All of a sudden the mysterious girl he met turns up at his school. Who is Holly? Will she spill the beans about his weekend with her?

Trailer - 'You Get Me' From Netflix

Quick Film Info

Title: 'You Get Me.'

Release Date: June 2017, currently on Netflix as a Netflix original.

Genre: Weak Thriller.

Notable Cast:

  • Bella Thorne is the antagonist Holly. She has had an impressive career for such a young star (born 1997.) She appears in TV series Scream (2015), and The O.C (2007), as well as movies like Amytville: The Awakening (2017), and plenty of tween movies.
  • Taylor John Smith plays Tyler and he has starred in a few movies I hold in high regards such as Martyrs (2015), Insidious 3 (2015), Cruel Intentions (2016) and Hunger Games (2012.)

Written By: Ben Epstein.

Directed By: Brent Bonaccorso.

Casually sitting outside the party Tyler met her at is Holly played by Bella Thorne. #bunnyboiler #movies #thriller
Casually sitting outside the party Tyler met her at is Holly played by Bella Thorne. #bunnyboiler #movies #thriller | Source

Which bunny boiler movie from the 90's did you like best?

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My Thoughts on You Get Me

No matter which generation you come from, this plot is featured in a movie you have probably seen. For some reason 1992 spawned a spate of these types of movies which is why I may have seen the plot-line many times over.

I do quite fancy the formula though;

  • Girl meets boy or girl meets girl and become really close.
  • Girl and boy have a brief but intense fling.
  • Boy rejects girl or girl rejects boy.
  • The girl immediately immerses herself in every aspect of the others life.
  • The girl has a previous hidden mental illness.
  • Girl kills a few people and/or pets.
  • The girl does not end up with the boy or loses more than just a friendship.

Think 'Fatal Attraction' (1987) modernize it and make it a teen M15+ movie where the main characters are at school. Then turn down the drama a little with no one attempting any 'bunny boiling' and add some plot holes. Unfortunately for me, there are many films made a lot better and with fewer plot holes than this movie.

I was extremely disappointed in the final scenes and the very loose attempt at trying to portray a life lesson about appreciating what you had instead of what you could have had.

I've no idea why the last act required the antagonist to only be wearing panties when her quest for revenge was very much premeditated. This movie is suitable for teenagers and the point of sexualizing young girls is stupid when the scene doesn't call for it. In times where Hervey Weinstein-ism is a thing that doesn't even conflict with spell-check, perhaps she could have worn shorts while preparing to use weapons.

I guessed every single move this flick made and at one point found myself thinking; "this would make an OK daytime, free to air television movie." Given that those movies are generally C grade, you get the picture.

The only positives I have are that the characters are well cast, the acting was not too shabby and the contemporary use of modern technology was a nice touch. All in all—I would have preferred if someone had decided to do something a little different or at least had the characters be a little more clued into Holly's mental state. Holly's step-mother speaks to the school midway to discuss that she has a few issues. Some of the things that Holly gets away with seem a little far-fetched and, if I'm honest, annoying.

Ben Epstein or Brent Bonarcorso should have tried harder with this one. The topic and theme are easy to work with and 'bunny boiling' movies when done right are great fun. This one though, starts out with high hopes that unrealized with too many unasked questions, especially given that it's set in contemporary times. Where it could have been smart, it chose to play dumb and that is a real shame.

I give 'You Get Me' 2 unused nooses out of 5.

Tyler (played by Taylor John Smith) and his girl Alison (played by Halston Sage) love the beach, they visit it randomly a lot. #reviews #films #Yougetme
Tyler (played by Taylor John Smith) and his girl Alison (played by Halston Sage) love the beach, they visit it randomly a lot. #reviews #films #Yougetme | Source

90's Bunny Boiler Movies that are Actually Great

  • The Devils (1971)

A religious horror where a nun takes her obsession against a priest way over the line.

  • Fatal Attraction (1987)

Michael Douglas and Glen Close star in this one and I think this is one of the best of the bunch. Dan and Alex have an affair while Dan's wife is out of town and the usual line of it being a fling and a mistake doesn't quite gel with Alex who immediately cranks up the bunny boiler show and tries to kill herself.

He tries to shake her off the Dan scent in many ways but poor Alex has it bad for him and just keeps on coming Back. This is the actual movie where the bunny is boiled and the one that coined the phrase. It is pretty darn good too.

  • Poison Ivy (1992)

This movie propelled my liking of this type of movie. Drew Barrymore stars as Ivy who longs for her friend Sylvie's comfortable life and so sets about to destroy it from the inside.

  • The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (1992)

One of the best ever nanny come bunny boiler movies, where a woman called Peyton is hired as the Bartels live in nanny. Peyton is one of the more twisted narcissistic examples of obsession derived from a psychotic break.

  • Single White Female (1992)

Bridget Fonda stars as Allie who is engaged to a guy called Sam. After they break up, she advertises for a new roommate and Hedra (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh) moves in. All is well in the beginning and the two become friends. Little by little Hedra begins to do things both covertly and overtly that lead Alison to think something is up. It all comes to a head when Alison and Sam reunite and the bunny boiler in Hedra rises from the ashes.

  • Basic Instinct (1992)

Michael Douglass and Sharon Stone famously made this bunny boiler cult hit about a corrupt police officer investigating a murder who comes across a hot woman who looks to be the prime suspect.

The cop has an affair with his psychologist and then the hot woman called Catherine. A deadly game ensues where you never know who the bad guy is, because are all the women in this movie, seem suspicious and someone keeps killing people with an ice pick. While this movie is not fantastic - it is worth watching if you haven't seen it.

Fatal Attraction - the movie that coined the phrase 'Bunny Boiler.'
Fatal Attraction - the movie that coined the phrase 'Bunny Boiler.' | Source

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