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News Roundup For The Week Of July 20-24th

Updated on July 24, 2015

Reddit Fan Theory Sparks Crazy Rumors About Jared Leto's Joker

At first I wondered now that we have seen about 5-8 seconds of where actor Jared Leto is planning on taking this incarnation of The Joker to the screen in Suicide Squad and wherever else it may be seen in the DCU. But boy do the fanboys have crazy imaginations when it comes to guessing the story before the film is even released. I personally caught wind of this from a Stan Lee fan page and it was passed around so much that it was getting shared everywhere now and the title read "Interesting theory on Jared Leto's Joker character". So I read on coming home to humor myself and then started to keep reading to see what was what and asked people in the car that understood it and got it if this could even happen or make sense and some just shut me down immediately and some thought that the said Reddit user had some evidence to what he was posting. Basically his theory was that Leto wasn't playing the Joker and that director David Ayer and everyone else on set and everyone who took pictures of Jared in costumes was being duped and they were basically playing the "Ultimate" trick on moviegoers since it is very hard to do now with social media covering next to everything. The article continued saying that while he may have the purple glove and green hair that the tattoos did rub a lot more the wrong way then get most on board so his thought was that when you see the cryptic "Joker" messages in the new Dawn of Justice trailer involving the Robin suit with the "HAHAAH Jokes On You" and the newspaper clipping with the writing involving Bruces family it would sound like something another batman villain would do and thats Jason Todd/Red Hood.He also mentions that you don't see the word "JOKER" anywhere visible so far on his body just a J on his face which makes the writer think it could definitely be Joker and this could mean nothing but on the flip side this could be Jason Todd playing the ultimate trick on Batman just like the story that plays out directly from the comics and novels and you can see that Snyder and co are doing their best to take as much as they can from that and to make it as authentic as possible as well.

I honestly think that Leto is still the Joker and all this while a very convincing theory isn't gonna happen and all this flying around and making waves so fast is because even though we've seen footage of him people are still so on the fence with him the playing the iconic character.Whether it is the thug like tattoos and capped teeth that make him look like a teenager who grows up in this day and age on the streets or the fact that some think he sounds "Too much" like Heath Ledger or Mark Hamill and it isn't good for them because that person would rather have Hamill or Ledger do it. Having someone be the Joker in any respect is a hard job to do and its basically and no puns here a suicide mission in itself because you are accepting it for millions and millions to hate you for months and months to possibly a year until you can prove them wrong with a performance that may never be topped since Ledger's won an Oscar and in the movie world thats the equivalent to winning the trophy right there.

Jurassic World Passes Avengers On All Time Box Office And Announces Sequel Date

After the first week sales I had a feeling it was only a mater of time before this or Furious 7 dethroned the mighty film that is known as untouchable and a classic to some in Marvel's The Avengers. But around Tuesday or Wednesday this week word broke that Jurassic World did it and made enough money overseas to topple over the mighty superheroes and after going through a report from Variety it showed how much it made here in the states and overseas as well to make the big haul to become the 3rd largest grossing film of all time for now. It is a great feat for Universal since they have never done such a thing before and Furious 7 and and Jurassic World are both their films and they now sit at 3 and 4 of the all time lists so kudos for them.

June 22nd 2018...This is the date that a lot of old fans and a lot of now new fans will have on their calendars when it rolls around in a few years here. For that will be the release date for the sequel to Jurassic World. Since Jurassic World is known as a mega monster success and anything less would be considered calling it crazy because it is still making money as you are probably reading this overseas. Chris Pratt will reprise his role and continue to win over your girlfriends heart playing Owen and Bryce Dallas Howard will also return as Claire. Since those are the only two confirmed returning cast members right now I can't add anything on actors like Ty Simpkins or the young actor who played his older brother Nick Robinson. One person who was part of the first but will not be apart of the sequel is director Colin Trevarrow. This was a HOT RUMOR from Heroic Hollywood's site a few months back and wasn't something that was serious until later on but when Umberto Gonzalez says it, He wouldn't say it without stating it as fact first. But the Hollywood Reporter added that Trevarrow was going to depart the dinosaur series because he was offered to direct one of the new chapters in the Star Wars films. While Gonzalez wanted to break Twitter with the news around Comic Con it wasn't a "For Sure thing" so the fact that its flying around now and being reported the same might be seeming that way too. It will be a bummer to see him go but at the same time for the group they had on for Jurassic World they still have the same producers and I have faith they will find someone they love to direct the sequel to the next film.

The Russo Brothers Get A Twitter Account And Possibly Tease Something Big

This story broke while I was training at work and people on Twitter shared that they started following The Russo Brothers on Twitter and in my mind I thought "Hey good for them! Cause they are gonna blow up once Phase 3 is done!" Then people shared and shared and shared their first 2 photos. It was shared so much it became a worldwide trend on Twitter for a while and I just had to pull out my phone and look and what do you know...If I am seeing the same thing as everyone else I think I am seeing a tiny section of Tom Holland's new Spider Man suit!!!

The last picture I saw him in was a shot of him draped in bullets and holding a giant gun with Joel Kinnaman taking a few fun shots just as friends doing comic book films and having fun on the side. But if these are the first shots we see I have a feeling once the suit is shown if it can be kept under wraps long enough it will be something special for everyone involved because having Marvel Studios finally get a chance to do this property right since its on its 3rd try now seems like it needs its kickstart right about now because some studios start to wonder and panic about the character much like Sony did. Sony went from a basic "Spider Man universe" and it would involve villain movies too and then after The Amazing Spider Man 2 tanked at the box office and was considered a bad movie then things like a standalone Venom movie and a Sinister Six film were totally just put on hold for good which is a huge bummer for this guy and comic book movie fans everywhere I can believe.

Disney's D23 To Feature Big Boys During Panels

If you went to San Diego Comic Con this year and are into competition and praise yourself for being more of a "Marvel" guy and wondered "why is there so much DC stuff going on?" then you didn't know know Marvel Studios technical plan B for that. Marvel wasn't at Hall H this year and Star Wars made an appearance and while amazing many walked out of Hall H stunned more from Warners and FOX's panels. So Their time to shine as bright as ever is going to be at Disney's D23 which is basically like a fan event for Disney fans if I could put it in lamens terms. So with their big hall there to present stuff they wanna bring the house down and show more from the new Pixar film they just released the trailer for "The Good Dinosaur" along with showing as much as they can to knock fans off their feet for anything Star Wars and then anything that can cover Marvel Studios Phase 3. So in Phase 3 your gonna get Captain America:Civil War and Doctor Strange in 2016 then in 2017 which would be awesome for fans if they had something to show for this but Guardians 2,Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther..Then since I have a feeling in the panel they will go over it again in 2018 things will get interesting because its Captain Marvel,Inhumans and then Avengers:Infinity War Pt.1 which is going to be like the end all be all for comic book fans cause every hero thats been in a Marvel movie and survived should be in the Infinity War films.

No matter what the case is D23 will be an amazing time for all that attend and I hate using the competition word with all this because I am just happy were getting like 6 or however many comic book films next year in 2016 alone and the number just rises as the years go by which is great for the fans that enjoy it.

Benicio Del Toro As A Star Wars Villain??

I will give full credit to Jeff Sneider at The Wrap for this one because it was the first tweet I saw with the giant words EXCLUSIVE on it and the story as well even though some mentioned to beating him to it and Umberto Gonzalez even reported on this as well. But for Star Wars Episode 8 as it seems that if you don't know the lingo or anything for Star Wars that the guy with the cool new red lightsaber is the bad guy in The Force Awakens which is a pretty safe bet. But the exclusive was that Benicio Del Toro was offered the villain role for the next film in the series and really racking up the intensity on how bad the villain could really go and be in the film which would be a great and amazing thing to see so I hope in a few days here I see that he signs on to do the role and we see him down the road in some sort of outfit we wouldn't expect at all.

The X Files Revival Adds More New Cast Members And Some Classic Ones As Well

The X-Files Revival won't come around until after the NFC Championship game of after NEXT SEASON'S NFL season which seems like a long ways away but thankfully i guess for some die hard X-Files fans, The Football season goes by FAST. The report was made real by one of the actors on their twitter as it was made official that the fan favorite Lone Gunman are coming back to the series for possibly 1 episode and maybe more regarding on how it all plays out for them since they "Technically" died in the original series during the last season that aired on FOX before being taken off air. The Gunman did also get a spinoff show because of the cred they raised being on the show but it only lasted 11 episodes before being cancelled and then the idea was squashed and I believe the X-Files movies came next. It will be exciting to see where they all play into this since I was thinking the same thing when they cast Joel Mchale in a role on the show as well so we will have to see once it finally airs.

The two new cast members who were announced were Lauren Ambrose and Stephen Amell. Amell you may recognize because he has made appearances on Arrow and The Flash along with being in the teen high school film "The Duff" last year and having a short role in the dog film "Max". Ambrose would be the most recognizable as the main girl from Cant Hardly Wait if you could rack your brain all the way back to then cause it was so long ago.She was also in Six Feet Under and played Debbie Morgan in the first 8 episodes of the USA series DIG. Adding these young actors/actresses will be a plus for the show since IMDB does add that they will be agents so I am wondering if they will play opposite Mulder and Scully in some capacity on cases to finding the truth they were searching for all of these years..

Suicide Squad Teaser Passes Dawn Of Justice In First Wave Of Views

When the brand new Dawn of Justice trailer was first shown on the giant wrap around screen in Hall H people were so blown away by it that they clammered for more and gave it a standing ovation and even got Hall H to play the thing again. Then shortly after the panel it was released online where I was eating lunch in an Applebees and I shut everything off,put my headphones in and watching the greatness that was that trailer and how amazing it actually was. Once it was done by the time the day was over I showed it to 10 more people and watched it 15 more times which i know isn't a lot in the long run but sharing it and having the word travel helps. The same couldn't be said for Suicide Squad..If you read this page/forum then you know how I feel about Jared as The Joker so seeing for the first time was something I was looking for and was going to a special moment once it happened. Then someone from the Schmoes Know who was in Hall H posted "Jared Leto saying "IM NOT GONNA KILL YA! IM JUST GONNA HURT YOU REALLY REALLY BAD!!" and the hashtag Suicide Squad was behind it my fiance was buying something and i grabbed her arm so fast and tight she thought someone had died so I did what everyone shouldn't have done and watched the "Bootleg" version..ALOT...Now I know I am yammering on but ultimately in a week Warners will look at how many views there two biggest fighters for next year got and some in the offices would assume that it was Batman Vs Superman taking home the title?? Well it didnt, It fell short to the Joker no one apparently likes and the rest of the Suicide Squad as over a week of people streaming the teaser it garnered 50.9 MILLION views, While The Hollywood Reporter didnt give Dawn of Justice's numbers but Suicide Squad's numbers are so impressive it actually beat the first Age Of Ultron trailer that everyone loved that had James Spader claiming "He had no strings on him". The only ones that were higher were Jurassic World and obviously The Force Awakens second trailer with 58.2 Million.

I wanna say if you gave Suicide Squad the extra views from the bootlegs since they were technically views then it would pass Jurassic World but now I am just trying to bend the rules too which isn't the way to go about it either.

Another Theatre Shooting In Lafayette Really Brings More Questions To The Forefront

Almost 3 years to the day of the horrific day in Aurora,Colorado where James Holmes decided to unleash his ultimate plan and go attack a midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" and basically go into the fire entrance during the opening plane scene involving Tom Hardy's Bane and just shoot and unleash hell until he saw fit. When he felt like he was done he had killed 12 and injured 70 or more. Now that its almost 3 years he was recently sentenced to multiple counts of first degree murder and now the courts will simply decide and I am saying this in the most kind way possible...Rot multiple lifetimes in jail or choose one of the ways they have in Colorado for the death penalty and if they don't have it there I believe they could find a way to make it work if he is charged with that at the end of the day.

Now after reading that and with what happened in Chattanooga as well you think people would ease up and if they wanted to shoot something they would go to a range and do it the right way? But now late last night while I was viewing and enjoying Southpaw I received an email saying that someone went into a movie theatre in Lafayette,Louisiana while the moviegoers were seeing Trainwreck and decided to just shoot random women and strangers hurting many and killing 3 including himself. The shooters name was John Houser and while it wasn't released until much later on in the night if not the next day it was a mad scramble for everyone involved in the town because it was reported that Houser bought the gun legally and somehow got it in no issues and then was able to do what he did and I don't know or understand his motivation for it as well as why after all the punishment that is about to come down on James Holmes for doing the same exact thing because if he doesn't get the death penalty he will have over countless years in jail to keep him busy since he won't be getting out again.

Chris Columbus Still Eyeing Gremlins 3 and Goonies 2

Director Chris Columbus who you can see in the news now promoting his new film PIXELS which stars Adam Sandler along with many others about the video games taking over earth. He could also be seen being berated by Harry Potter fans who can't get over the series being over since he was quoted saying he would "Love to make another film" now all of the Potterverse is in an uproar because in fandom speak that means "A movie is in the works people enjoy". Much like the next two I am about to mention..

There is a short list of movies before 2020 I will be just completely floored and stunned if they get greenlit to the point of a trailer making it on a theatre screen because they have been so poisoned with the "developmental hell" gene that theres nowhere to go with them. The first one is the Crow reboot since they have just lost their Eric Draven AGAIN and now are in another holding pattern until they find him it really makes you wonder when and if? The next one is The Strangers 2..The first film scared the living out of me because while some may not get it that situation could happen to ANYONE at ANYTIME and thats why it really struck a chord with me and I also loved that it was made for like 100K and ended up making like 80 Million. This is where I start to get toward my header title but the third is Bill & Ted 3 and at this point its just cause I wanna see it for nostalgia and to see them both say their names and do the Wild Stalyns again cause it would be awesome. Now back to Chris Columbus..

Columbus mentioned that he would loved to sometime put all his focus and time towards making films like Gremlins 3 and Goonies 2 and get those off the ground and also adding another chapter to the now amazing series that already is for both of those films for what they are. The first Gremlins never gets old and Goonies is just quotable from front to back and still is to this day. But my question is if he wants to do another Goonies with people like Sean Astin and Josh Brolin, How much longer does that window stay open before it closes and its too late?? Cause they are both in their mid 40's right now and even Corey Feldman is right up there as well. I know fans of Goonies would be in Nostalgia land seeing this and loving it but it is EXTREMELY hard to see Chunk do the famous "Truffle Shuffle" since he looks like a Tae Bo instructor now and hasn't worked in the business since 1991. I honestly have a gut feeling that if he goes the route of having to choose one or the other he will choose Gremlins because the Gremlins themselves and Gizmo don't age if you do it right and you can put any young star in the role for the 3rd film now so its an easier do then a 3rd Goonies which is basically an ensemble film at this point.

New Poster And Trailer For American Ultra

August 21st we get to see Jesse Eisenberg as basically Jason Bourne on drugs. Thats what the premise of American Ultra seemed to look like from the first trailer and showing that Eisenberg and Stewart were working together again shows that they didnt need to take any time on chemistry or anything because it was already there and in full stride. The tagline even fits with the film very well as it states that "Everyone's Getting Smoked". Then reminds me of the Macgruber poster sort of since Eisenberg and Stewart are walking away from an exploding car and what looks to be matching clothes too on the poster which is funny because I don't believe it was intentional but done to be hilarious since they are suppose to look like all they do is smoke pot and sleep all day. I have to say after the trailers for this I am excited for this one just to see some of the people involved out of their element and doing the action stuff and my brother did mention that they needed Eisenberg to fight some people since he's figuring Lex Luthor is gonna punch some people in the DCU and need to build that "Tough" persona which I can see.

New Trailer For Spectre Released

The Facebook and Twitter handles for Spectre let everyone know..At said time tomorrow...BE IN FRONT OF A DEVICE/COMPUTER! Then put #Trailer telling you something new and amazing was coming. When it was released in the US it just starts right away showing a party on the streets and how Daniel Craig could shoot a window with what looked like a regular gun then blow up the entire wall in the process.You also got to see flashes of the new car which Q mentioned the speed it went from 0-60 and was a very fast pace and then flashed it going up a wall against another car racing with it. One person you do get to see in this trailer more is the quoted "Bond Ladies" like Moneypenny and the love interest who it seems James needs to protect in the film from this organization he's learning about called Spectre. You also see that the thorn in Craig's side looks like its gonna be Dave Bautista or as most of the world knows his as Drax from Guardians. But theres flashes of him shooting Bonds plane them multiple shots chasing him and fighting him as well and sort of being the road block for everytime James wants information. The other thing you do learn as well is that you DO get to see Christoph Waltz in the villain role and he mentions that he is the "Author" to all of Bond's pain he has ever had in his life and that he has been there for everything monumental and important in his life he just didnt see him or notice him because he is basically a ghost. Many are suspecting Waltz will play the character of Ernst Stavro Blofeld based off of his appearance and in these two trailers how he makes himself out to be the one who is pulling all the strings and even dresses like a criminal mastermind at that. If you haven't watched this new trailer yet, DO IT! Because its miles better then the teaser shown where the teaser for this did what Dawn of Justice did and covered with a lot of foreshadowing to what would be seen in the full trailer later on much like this one does.

FOX's Gambit To Start Production This Fall

Yes your reading that header right...Channing Tatum is going from wearing G Strings and collecting dollar bills telling his loose life story with the crazy successful Magic Mike movies and now in the fall he will be diving in head first to the production of the standalone Gambit film. This film was being looked at under sort of a microscope because when funny man Tatum was chose for the role many saw why because he could pull off the look and of course has the body mass to match Gambit but the Gambit comic fans remember know him with a sort of southern drawl about him almost as if he still lived in his Louisiana roots where he was raised. So imagine hearing Magic Mike with a thick accent like that??? Things could get a little weird for some and even to the point where people don't want to see it as well but by the new year we could have footage and that could change everyones minds and knowing how FOX is handling their heroes they could add some teases in there to get all that going as well too.

Southpaw Review

This film was one I was looking forward to when it was being made and produced way back in 2010 under another studio and even had a different starring actor playing the role of Billy Hope in the film. A certain rap artist who some would consider the most successful in the 21st century..Now if you don't know who I am talking about then just refer to the Southpaw soundtrack because due to a tour and the making 2 more albums he wasn't able to take on the role so the creators of the story were kind enough to let him be on the soundtrack for the music and executive produce it as well.

For the first 15 minutes I was thinking almost everytime I saw Gyllenhaal fight that "What if that was Eminem?" and how weird it would have been then when you get smacked upside the head HARD from the scene in the trailer where..SPOILER....Rachel Mcadams character is shot and ends up dying from it because of a scuffle with the rival boxer saying some not so kind words about Billy and his wife. Then for the next 30-35 mins get ready because if you thought you had a bad day just imagine what if all of this happened to you because they show Billy Hope go from King of the hill to being called the "Great White Dope" in the paper in the matter of those minutes and he loses custody of is daughter who it seems like in the film he would kill anyone to protect her for at any time and almost does because of what happened to his wife.

The fight scenes in this film were shot beautifully because at times you can tell that a Gopro or something of that nature was used but it wasn't mentioned as a downer it was an achievement to have it be used and still be so engaged with the film and whats going on in the ring as you watch. The training scenes were special as well since Forest Whitaker's character did remind me of Rocky a lot and the Schmoes Know did mention that this film had a lot of the Rocky films in it for the good reasons and I see it and understand it which is a great way to use it and respect it at the same time without making anyone mad. Last thing that before Billy gets into it and fights again theres one scene between the daughter and Gyllenhaal that director Antione Fuqua had them perform and if you weren't or aren't torn apart by it or blown away by how it was shot and acted out then I don't know what to tell you because when it was done I heard my whole entire back row either gasp or saw them cover their mouths from what they just saw and how shocked they were so look out for it.


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