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News Roundup For The Week Of July 27th

Updated on July 31, 2015

Empire Magazine Covers Everything Dawn Of Justice

This month's issue of Empire magazine gave every fanboy the goods on one of the most if not THE most anticipated movie of next year with Batman Vs Superman:Dawn Of Justice. The cover showed the heroes in full costume and while some mocked Batman's neck with the cowl and how it all looks now most were still freaking out at how amazing it will be to see them go at it on screen. But on the flip side it showed Affleck and Cavill as their alter ego's for everyone to get a taste of as well so they can see both sides of the coin first. Another thing that was big news was the slew of pictures that were released in the magazine showing shots of Superman looking angry,some set shots with director Zack Snyder and one that surprised some of Affleck in full costume with Snyder but Affleck had a machine gun in his hands like he was being taught how to handle and use it from the director?? I thought Batman didn't aim to kill just hurt? Are we going to see a different side of the hero/vigilante next March when the film comes out. Zack Snyder sort of delved into Affleck's character playing Bruce Wayne and Batman at the same time and what the state is of Gotham and Metropolis moving forward.

The person conducting the interview was quick to mention the scene in the trailer involving Robin's costume and even the Joker mention spray painted across his body. Snyder just mentioned that this version we are going to see of Batman is more "Seasoned" and if you had to give him an age he would be around 43-46 years old and well known around for what he has done in the city of Gotham. So was Robin around at some point? Possibly, But then again Snyder didn't want to give too much away. He had almost brought up that over the history since Batman had started he had put away every character we see in the "Suicide Squad" trailer thats been burning up the internet. So seeing him pop up in the trailer might say that the Suicide Squad movie takes place before the events of Dawn Of Justice possibly? I mean all won't be certain until both are out at the end of 2016 but given what is being reported the signs are becoming more and more clearer as the days go by.

Deadpool Trailer To Arrive Next Week

When Ryan Reynolds invaded Hall H of Comic Con to present the world with the treat he was working on that is the Deadpool movie many were wondering and thinking how it would look or even what the comedy in it would be since Deadpool HAS to have some sort of comedy. Boy once the red band trailer was done playing was everyone pleased. People were saying that it was tied if not the best trailer they saw at San Diego Comic Con and thats saying something since Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad had such strong ovations when played. But part of the reason it was such a strong reaction is because Reynolds is doing the character right. Now on August 4th after much debate when we would see the first glimpse of the trailer on the big screen it will finally be known. Conan O Brian posted a tweet saying that he will play the red band trailer when Reynolds is in house and he's bringing plenty of chimichangas with as well!

News broke that a trailer will be attached to Fantastic 4 it seems and the trailer was clocked in at 2 and a half mins with a PG rating which means about 80% of the stuff you want to see and will enjoy seeing Deadpool do was cut out because of violence and language. But for everyone tuning into Conan that night you get to see it in all of its glory and can laugh or cry tears of joy at seeing how well this movie looks like its going to be and for me personally turned out being one of the ones to watch to a home run just off of the trailer alone and thats saying something.

Spider Man Concept Suit Art Leaked? Tom Holland Already Filmed His Civil War Cameo?

Now all of this might need to be taken with a grain or two of salt..But when Tom Holland was being considered for the new Spider Man for the MCU he had to obviously audition for the role and read lines. But the catch was that he would be reading his first lines as Peter Parker across from none other then Tony Stark himself Robert Downey Jr since the first time you will see the web slinger will be in a cameo after credits scene for Captain America:Civil War. So hearing this news that Holland already filmed his scene with Downey may be shocking to some but to this writer not so much. Because for Marvel Studios as a team that produces nothing but hits this is one of their "Special Ones" in Civil War and as soon as Marvel's arguable BIGGEST hero in Spider Man shows up on the screen opposite Iron Man it could be something as big as the Avengers on screen at the same time in the first film if not bigger because of how long it took to land the character. I honestly can't wait for Civil War but once it ends and we move on to more movies I'm gonna be itching for the credits to end to see Holland come on the screen and to hear that fan reaction and maybe even applause as Spider Man enters the MCU.

Now onto the topic of the concept art...There was two things released a few days back that were and are being listed as rumor at the moment. One being a cast list for the first Spider Man Marvel Studios movie which has some interesting names attached to it. But the more interesting thing is that someone was able to find concept art of what Tom Holland will look like in his cameo scene before he gets the full fledged Spider Man suit. Honestly it looks "different" and it is getting Jared Leto Joker and Apocalypse treatment at the moment because nobody likes that it looks like a home made suit that anyone could make and theres nothing about it that makes it special. To me honestly it looks like something I might see in Bioshock Infinite if it is real because with the goggles and everything involved it has a mild steampunk feel and it is new and different so if this is what we are going to see in less then a year then so be it but if this is the full on Spider Man suit that Marvel is planning on using I honestly don't know how I feel about it.

Relativity Files For Chapter 11, But The Crow Remake Is Moving Forward

Relativity and CEO Ryan Kavanaugh have totally just went kaput and filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy this past week. The studio that has made such films as Limitless,Act Of Valor,Shark Night,21 & Over,Don Jon and many others has finally shut its doors and called it quits after what seemed to be a looming thing coming from the news of Kavanaugh having to do the things he did in order to file like getting rid of your home and cars and etc. The studio was looking to branch into many other things like it has already and continue its trend but on the movie front one of the properties that they had obtained that has been constantly sitting on the bench was The Crow remake and even with the whole company flipping its switch the movie will go on. How I don't know since the film just lost its lead actor a few weeks back and keeps playing musical chairs with directors as well since this film always seems to hold an issue with others schedules as soon as they sign on. Relativity has two films still being released wide then after that it is unknown what the workers left jobless will do and CEO Kavanaugh can do after taking such a hit.

Jena Malone Is Playing Who Now In Dawn Of Justice??

This report came from Heroic Hollywood and Umberto Gonzalez and was listed as a "HOT RUMOR" so instead of taking it with a grain of salt I would just sit on for a month before it becomes true like the Robin suit thing did. But in the report it states that Jena Malone was possibly going to play the role of younger and new Robin much like in the Dark Knight Returns novel where the much older Batman doesn't want to take on the apprentice because of what happened to Robin and also doesn't want to teach another student again but ends up being forced into it. So when that was reported around the time of the first teaser for Dawn Of Justice coming out I want to say people just went with it and accepted thats who she was going to play. But now she could play someone more vital and make the story THAT much better if true and confirmed. The possibility is that Malone is going to be Barbra Gordon and down the line could become Batgirl and get the sickening feeling of Alicia"Clueless"Silverstone from doing it. But on the other hand director Zack Snyder has two ways he can go about this..The way of Batgirl was when Batman was younger and could fight with him and when he's older he needs a tech helper named "Oracle". So if anyone knows where I am going with this then you know that we just might see where Jared Leto's Joker comes into play in a flashback scene in Dawn of Justice in the film possibly showing the crucial scene from "The Killing Joke" where The Joker shoots Barbara in the spine and paralyzes her for good. But this scene has never been played out on screen before in animation or live action, Just in video game form in the Arkham series. So seeing this happen would be an epic moment for Batman fans everywhere and being able to have Malone play a role which seems minimal but its not because Oracle almost helps Batman do everything when it comes to tech so it will be interesting to see how it plays out. I would honestly want the Killing Joke scene so we just don't have an after credits type thing showing The Joker where it could get predictable and this way the film could show something else thats a memorable scene and also historic in the comic book world.

Shooting Dates For Wonder Woman And Justice League Are In Place

Its good to think and know that if anyone has any doubts in director Zack Snyder for sort of helming the DCU they shouldn't worry because he is moving the whole universe at a furious pace to keep things going. The reports are saying that since Dawn of Justice is done filming and either in post production or completely done and in the can then Wonder Woman is the next DCU film to start production and the studio and director is aiming at a fall 2015 start which would mean in a few months here starting off in London we are going to see the filming start for Wonder Woman. Most comic book fans thought we would never ever see a live action comic book Wonder Woman movie come to life and it seems like Warners is moving it out at the fastest pace possible. The other one and possibly the biggest surprise to me was that when everyone is spending their cash to see Dawn Of Justice and its racking in tons of money at the box office then Zack Snyder and co will start production on Justice League Part 1 in spring of 2016 which would mean a March or April start. All of this news is exciting and amazing to hear because mostly studios want to see if the film makes money but not this time they are confident and upbeat and ready to play.

Tom Cruise Wants More Mission Impossible And Another Edge Of Tomorrow

With Mission Impossible Rogue Nation getting anywhere from a 93-97% on Rotten Tomatoes at the moment which is amazing for an opening weekend means that the film is great and is going to be a monster hit. But that is stopping Mr.Cruise who wants to keep the stories of the IMF and Ethan Hunt going and wants to make Mission Impossible 6 as soon as he can and has time to. Since Cruise does all of his own stunts and the past two films stunts have literally been crazy and stuff that you wouldn't believe its crazy that he would want to do another one but if you love something and the crowd does then why stop?? The other tidbit Cruise dropped was that he had the desire to make another Edge Of Tomorrow as well since the first film garnered major praise and success. I don't where they would take a sequel for that film since the first one was made off of a book but at the end of the day anything is possible so we will have to see how it all plays out.

Jake Gyllenhaal Closing In On Boston Marathon Bombing Film

After losing what seems to be all of his body fat to play a crazed camera guy in Nightcrawler and now playing a jacked up boxer in Southpaw it seems like Jake Gyllenhaal can do just about anything and transform himself into anyone if he truly wanted to as well. So its no coincidence that he was tapped to star in the story about the survivor of the Boston Marathon Bombings who ended up losing both of his legs and still managed to carry on with life and become something Stronger from it. Which oddly enough is the title "Stronger". I have a feeling this film is going to be rough for some given the content and story but sooner or later since we got a world trade center movie and United 93 movie its only a matter of time before everything that happens in the news is covered in the media as well. I just hope that he does the role justice if he takes it and knowing him I bet he will.

Chris Pine Is DC's Universe's Steve Trevor

This one was a rumor then back and forth to Pine becoming Green Lantern and almost having that happened but now we can all rest easy and know that this is signed sealed and delivered that he is going to be known as Steve Trevor/Wonder Woman's man in the DCU films. However many he will be featured in is not determined yet but you would have to assume he will be in Wonder Woman but seeing him in later films like the Justice League films or something else in a smaller role could even happen as well but it is good to know that Captain Kirk finally decided to choose between the two characters and stopping all the speculation.

Trouble On The Gambit Front?

Talk about the most unexpected news of the week BY FAR! If this news ends up being confirmed since as of right now it is something that is in holding so far but out of nowhere on Tuesday night reports started to fly all over that Channing Tatum was dropping out of the Gambit film as the star character without any reason stated or anything else reported to add. When Tatum showed up at Comic Con in Hall H rocking a Gambit shirt and hyping up the crowd getting them ready for the X-Men portion of the panel and how he was happy to play the character this is very uncharacteristic to see out of him and anything could really be the case on this one since it is still developing as we speak.

Five Nights At Freddy's Film Finds Director

With the 4th installment of this game making waves on many youtube video channels and possibly on your computer as well and being labeled as the "scariest Freddy's yet" this news is just perfect timing for all the fans of the series and the ones who are looking for closure to what really happened in the beginning to get you to this point of the 4th title?? But when it comes to the news of the film look no further in the name of Gil Kenan who directed this past years Poltergeist remake which wasn't a "Great' movie to some since Poltergeist is known as such a great horror film and a classic to others. But having a locked director is good news for the ones who want to see this movie made and being able to see the premise brought to the big screen because with its wild and frantic fanbase whenever they get a new game out I can see how it would transfer over to the film as well and get people rushing to the theatres to see what will take place and possibly if we will get to witness the "Bite of '87" on the big screen?! Only time will tell!!

Which Character Would You Want Jena Malone To Play In DOJ?

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Dawn Of Justice Trailer 2

Southpaw Trailer

Five Nights At Freddy's 4 Trailer


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