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News- WETM 18 Online

Updated on January 20, 2011

WETM-TV is a news channel in Elmira, NY. This is a great source for news in the area for school closings, breaking news, sports and accurate weather reports. I depended on this news station for years while I lived in the area and loved it. The news crew is great they are really nice to you when you meet them in public or even for interviews.

The Wetmtv homepage is easy to navigate and is very user friendly even for me who doesn't understand some of those maps for the weather, also instead of having to surf through other websites for celebrity news wetm has that on their website as well and is up to date on all the news. Their are many stories that they cover in the sports sections they cover sports in Elmira, Horseheads, bath, Addison, Binghamton, and many of the other school sports for both high school and college. The Elmira College hockey teams are both on the news alot for their games. I love that you can check the site with all their upto date sports reports so that I can keep up with my sport teams.

Wetmtv Weather

The wetm weather team is very accurate like I said, unlike some other news stations out their that seem like they just pick out a number from their hat when trying to decide how much a snow storm will dump on your town. They have a easy to use website map for weather that shows the Twin Tiers, or NY/PA map or even take a look at the national map to see weather all over the US. The sidebar also displays the current temp, wind speed, humidity, UV index and barometric pressure. This is great to take a glance at right before you go out the door.

Wetmtv Sports

Looking for all the scores for Jackals Hockey Games, Pioneer baseball games, Nascar races. Elmira College sport teams. Wetm 18 news sports team is a great crew that gives great details on the sports news but doesn't drag it out in a annoying rant. They even show highlights from the games for both high school and college games which is great so that you don't miss the big plays in case you fall asleep the night before with a game that runs past 11 o clock.

WETM News History

WETM debuted on September 10, 1956 as WSYE-TV. Owned by Newhouse Communications as a semi-satellite of WSYR-TV in Syracuse. It is Elmira's oldest surviving station since WTVE which was launched was launched earlier by a few years but that went off air after Hurricane Hazel took out its tower in 1954.

Just want to thank for their great service to the community with keeping us updated on the current news, weather, sports, and the great health tips that you have given everyone. Also wetm does lots of charity work that needs to be recognized so great job guys.  WETM 18 News keep up the great work.


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