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Nexus² VSTi Quick Tips: Quick Tip 1

Updated on October 12, 2012

How to Extend The Key Range of A Sequence (SQ) Preset

Have you ever discovered that specific and awesome sound for which you've painstakingly been searching on your Nexus² VSTi? In so doing, have you also ever discovered to your dismay, that your awesome sound is part of a preset with an SQ prefix and you cannot access some notes for your tune because they are being cut off by the split point of the SQ? Or maybe you've found that perfect high hat sound in a non-melodic drum patch bank but you wish you could have the sound just one or two semi-tones up or down. If you've encountered any of these two situations, then this quick tip is for you.:

Step-by-Step How To:

1. Load up an instance of Nexus² in your DAW and select the preset in which your sound is located.

2. Establish how many extra octaves you will need in order to reach the note that you desire. Please note: Try to keep the number of extra octaves as low as possible. I'll explain later why.

3. Click on the “Mod” button.

4. Adjust the “pb-range+” and “pb-range-” parameters by factors of 12 to add the additional octaves to the instrument. In my example image, I've set these parameters to “24”. This means that I have effectively enabled Nexus² to play 2 more octaves on the lower end and 2 more octaves on the higher end of the key range.

5. Insert a pitch automation curve in your DAW into the track you will be using for your instrument.

6. Here's where the magic happens: If you need the extra octaves on the lower end of the key range, simply slide the automation curve down to its minimum value. If you need the notes on the higher end, slide the curve to its maximum value. With my example of a 24 semi-tone pitch bend range, in both the up and down directions, it is possible to extend the play range to either the low or the high end or you can leave the automation curve centered to use the preset at it's factory note range.

Additional things to consider:

1. By setting both the “pb-range+” and “pb-range-” to 12 and by adjusting your pitch automation curve in 12th's, from the middle down and from the middle up, you can turn any single key patch bank (like all the presets in the Vintage Drums Expansion), into a 2 octave melodic bank.

2. Nexus² is not a true synthesizer but a ROMpler. Hence, if you adjust the pitch too heavily, the sound may become somewhat distorted. Be conservative in the number of extra octaves you choose to use. In my experience, you have to go totally bonkers before some minor distortion becomes audible but situations differ so use this sparingly.


I am neither affiliated with nor endorsed by reFX, the developers and producers of Nexus².


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