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Nia Long is Hot

Updated on December 10, 2012

Nia Long is Hot

Actress Nia Long is hot! That’s right, she is beautiful, sexy, and talented to boot. “Who is Nia Long?” you might ask. Nitara Talita "Nia" Long is a A-class Hollywood actress with a over 20 year rich bio that includes numerous roles in movies, television shows, and stage performances. Her prolific presence is testament to her talent and appeal.

Nia Long was born on October 30, 1970 in Brooklyn New York to parents of Trinidadian lineage. Soon after her birth Nia’s parents separated and her mother packed up and moved along with her on a westward journey to pursue another love interest. After an unsuccessfully love affair and several moves they eventually settled in Los Angeles California where Nia began dancing and acting in school. Soon she met the mother of 80s TV star Todd Bridges of Different Strokes fame who became her acting coach. She hasn’t looked back since.

Though she began her high profile acting career years before, I first noticed Nia in the movie Boyz n the Hood in 1991. It was a movie set in the troubled predominantly Black Los Angeles neighborhood of Compton. The film chronicled the violent gangland culture that took over the lives of the youth living with what seemed like a self destructive cycle of murder and mayhem. Nia’s character was the vision of love, hope, and the promise of better state of existence. It was a vision of Black youth rarely seen in the entertainment industry before and I personally fell in love with her after witnessing her performance.

After 1991 Nia’s career took off as she landed regular recurring roles in TV soap, Guiding Light then later The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alongside Will Smith. Her movie career includes such hits as; Boyz n the Hood, Friday, Made in America , Soul Food, Love Jones, Boiler Room, Big Momma's House, Are We There Yet?, and The Best Man. Other prominent TV roles include; Third Watch, Everwood, Boston Legal , and Big Shots.

I recently launched a photo blog site in order to pay tribute to many of the Hot Black Celebrities that seem to fly below the radar of the mainstream spotlight but whom I consider deserve more recognition. The site features Black celebrities, mostly women, from Music, Movies, and Modeling genres. Nia Long was one of my first posts and although the website is only a few months old she remains the most popular. After analyzing the stats I couldn’t believe the amount of raw traffic coming from people all over the world who are searching for pictures and information about Nia Long.

Currently, Nia is back at work on several projects for TV and the big screen after taking a bit of a break to nurture her newborn. Besides being very driven this three-time NAACP winner is a devoted philanthropist who has no intentions of slowing down. Her success has afforded her the opportunity to give back to the communities that have long appreciated her work. At the age of 42 she is just in her prime and I especially look forward to seeing more of her on the Hollywood big screen. Stay beautiful Nia. Love you.


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    • mintinfo profile image

      mintinfo 5 years ago

      Thanks for your feedback epus

    • epus profile image

      Epus Gren 5 years ago from Philippines

      She is a very good actress. She smiles with a sweet gesture. Thanks for sharing.

    • mintinfo profile image

      mintinfo 5 years ago

      She is defiantly a "hottie", a term usually used by and to describe someone much younger but she transcends demographics.

    • cuttler profile image

      Cuttler 5 years ago from HubPages

      one look at the pic and i totally agree...great