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The View: Nick Jonas For President? Jonas is into Politics, but is he Democrat or Republican?

Updated on January 4, 2012

Jonas Brothers Star Reveals Presidential Plans For 2040

Nick Jonas for President might not be such a crazy idea. Welcome to the hub dedicated to the world of "Nick Jonas Politics". Appearing on The View June 10, 2011, Nick Jonas revealed a more politically savvy side to his persona, expressing not only an interest in politics but stating 2040 as his target for beginning his political career. It turns out this isn't the first time he's publicly stated his intention to run for president and 2040 as the year he is planning for.

This discussion began when Jonas, 18, struck the talk show hosts of the View with his poise and communication skills. Whoopi Goldberg, who recently made waves for her unusual attire at the Tony Awards, asked Jonas point blank, "Are you going into politics?", to which the young star replied without hesitation, "I'd like to", and later stated, "2040. That's the year."

When pressed for more information on what platform he would run on, Jonas declined to give any specifics while noting that he still had a lot of time to work out the details.

Jonas Claims 2040 Is "The Year" For His Political Debut

Nick Jonas looking stylish and potentially presidential on the View.
Nick Jonas looking stylish and potentially presidential on the View. | Source

Famous Celebrities In Politics

If Nick Jonas really does "go into politics", he'd certainly be in good company. Other musicians, actors and actresses who have transitioned from the stage or "the big screen" into public service are not difficult to locate.

Sonny Bono, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura, and, of course, Ronald Reagan demonstrated that celebrity backgrounds can work to one's advantage in politics, a career where name recognition is perhaps even more important.

So don't be surprised if this is not the last time we here of potential political ambitions for this young musician. Although, for the near future, expect Nick to focus on developing and expanding his acting career, as he seeks to branch out from the Jonas Brothers association and develop a more independent identity.

Nick Jonas On The View (Video)

Here's What Others Are Saying:

LittleMsJonas14:‎ "We Had our class election this morning..and I accidentally wrote "NICK JONAS for PRESIDENT." LOL! (seriously)"

Jasmine_x3:‎ "The only real thing on my facebook profile is my political view: @nickjonas for president! Yes, I really did it, cause I BELIEVE IN NICK J!"

OnlyADreamer‎: "Nick is being so conservative, political and boring...@nickjonas PLEASE COME BACK AS AN 18 YEAR OLD BOY. not a thirty year old married man."

Ohhhyayme: "I'll only care about politics when Nick Jonas runs for president in 2039."

Not the First Time He's Said He Wants to Be President

Back in 2009, when Jonas was speaking at the National Press Club, he made his intentions crystal clear, saying he has a dream to be president. Apparently the bumper stickers are already being made!

Nick Jonas for President in 2040?

Presidential Couple?

Nick Jonas and Delta Goodrem holding hands outside of a Studio City, California Starbucks.
Nick Jonas and Delta Goodrem holding hands outside of a Studio City, California Starbucks. | Source

Could Delta Goodrem Be Nick's Choice For "First Lady"?

Also making news among Jonas Brothers fans, Nick Jonas and Delta Goodrem were spotted holdings hands yet again outside of a Studio City Starbucks on June 12, 2011.

When asked about his relationship status on the View just 2 days previous, Jonas was not providing any details, saying only, "I'm in a really good place as far as my personal life goes." It looks as though a big part of that "good place" does indeed have to do with 26 year old singer Delta Goodrem.

Will she make it to First Lady, though? Well, 2040 is still a long time away...

Should Nick Jonas Go Into Politics?

Nick Jonas And Politics: Love It Or Hate It?

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Would You Vote For Nick?

So what do you guys think? Would you vote for Nick Jonas if he ran for president?

Would Jonas run as a a Democrat or a Republican?

Why do you think Nick Jonas is interested in politics?


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    • cynamans profile image

      cynamans 5 years ago from Washington DC

      very interesting hub Bud,

      Nick is still very young. He may change his mind about running for president so let's not take him too seriously yet. 2040 is too many years to count from now (lol). But anyway thanks again for sharing. Voted up and interesting.

      Best C