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Nicki Minaj Acts Like a Fool on American Idol Results Show

Updated on March 17, 2013
Waaaaaa | Source

Tonight Curtis Finch, Jr. and Devin Velez were the bottom two on American Idol. Nicki Minaj said "I definitely think Curtis should not be in the bottom two. Come on America, are you kidding me? Curtis, if you go home, I'm going home."

After Finch was revealed as last place, Nicki got up from her chair like she was leaving. She must have realized that Finch had a chance to sing for a save, so she returned to her chair. During his whole performance, she sat there slouched to the side with her hand on her chin. This was the man she was so upset about being in last place, and here she sits disrespectfully during his performance.

Now Nicki, I'm not sure you know how American Idol works, but the viewers don't get to rank the contestants. They voted for who they wanted. Less just voted for Curtis. Just because somebody voted for Angie Miller, doesn't mean they thought Curtis was the worst. It's a numbers game. He had a poor performance last night, and he went first. Both always work against you.

Nicki also disrespected Devin Velez by this. I mean here is a guy who sings his butt off every performance and doesn't want to leave either. What he heard was "Devin, if you're safe, I'm leaving."

After the performance, the judges did not save Curtis. The vote has to be unanimous. While we don't know who didn't want to save him, we know Nicki did. And that's fine. You can root and cheer for your favorites all you want, but on a show called American Idol, you don't get to get angry with America. After all, they are the ones who buy your millions of albums.


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