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Nicki Minaj Statue

Updated on August 22, 2015

Thoughts on the statue

Madame Tussauds Las Vegas

Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' Wax Statue At Madame Tussauds

Not a fan of the new Nicki Minaj wax image at Madame Tussauds –you are not alone. Before we get started with this psychological study in the degradation of the image of a woman of color we must first start with acknowledging that Nicki Minaj relies heavily on sexuality to promote herself. True. So did Madonna with her sex book and group sex videos involving bondage themes. Is Madonna’s wax figure in chains or presented in S & M attire?-No.

  1. Here we go again with the wild, jungle image of a woman of color. Yes, the wax figure was based on the image of Nicki Minaj in the Anaconda video. Question: Is that her only video? What about an image from her video “Moment For Life” or any of her other videos? To put a woman in a wax museum after achieving fame in a backdrop that mimics a Jamaican or African hut with leaves underneath her wax figure on some make shift table is something else to say the least. Can the racism be any more apparent? How many other wax figures are on all fours?
  2. Hottentot Venus -Saartjie "Sarah" Baartman. Sexual exploitation while appearing to “honor” you is still disrespect.
  3. Here we go again with the image of the jungle/whore image –African primate in the wild-Black woman presentation.
  4. Then you have the “fans” that seem as mentally disturbed. Claiming to be fans of her work and music –it shows the lack of respect for her artistry when posing sexually, taking inappropriate pictures of the wax figure. In the end the fans taking inappropriate pictures have revealed they could care less about respecting her image and her work as an artist. It shows disrespect some women have for themselves and definitely the lack of respect for women that some men have.
  5. Madame Tussauds you can save me with the extra security to prevent the inappropriate photos because if you wanted her image presented tastefully-you would not have put such an image out there in the first place.
  6. Message – women/girls sexuality is most important over any accomplishments or talents.

Wikipedia - Sarah Baartman

Saartjie "Sarah" Baartman (before 1790 – 29 December 1815)[1] (also spelled Bartman, Bartmann, Baartmen) was the most famous of at least two[2]Khoikhoi women who, due to their large buttocks (steatopygia), were exhibited as human zoo attractions in 19th-century Europe under the name Hottentot Venus—"Hottentot" was the then current name for the Khoi people, now considered an offensive term,[3] and "Venus" in reference to the Roman goddess of love.

Elder's Reaction to Anaconda

Do you think the wax figure of Nicki Minaj is disrespectful?

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Anaconda Video


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    • TonyDan profile image

      Tony Daniels 

      3 years ago from Toledo, Ohio

      Thank you RealTalk247 Nice hub.

    • ThoughtsWriter profile image


      3 years ago from America

      There is very little good that can come from this.

    • realtalk247 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Wow. TonyDan, well said.

    • TonyDan profile image

      Tony Daniels 

      3 years ago from Toledo, Ohio

      As I understand it Ms. Minaj approved the statue before it was put on display. If that is true then she bears some blame in what people may be doing with or to it. Also she is well aware of the persona and image that she has projected through her music and videos so if patrons are abusing her wax figure she is very culpable in that abuse. Do I think they should abuse it? No. Is it likely they will? Yes. Nicki can't have it both ways in my opinion. I agree with your thesis concerning women of color being objectified but if they participate in the objectification how can we blame others for participating? My thoughts.


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