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Nicolas Cage and Arnie Funny Japanese and Korean Adverts

Updated on January 5, 2011
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Nicolas Cage are two huge stars who are Big in Japan!
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Nicolas Cage are two huge stars who are Big in Japan!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Nic Cage Japanese Adverts

It is my duty as a human being to show you these. Anyone who is an admirer of the acting "talent" that is Nicolas Cage will love to see some of his finest work. Everyone knows Californian "hero" Arnold Schwarzenegger from his huge films in the West, and for "brining California back!" But little is known of these two great actors foreign commercials. Both actors have made adverts in Japan and Korea for items ranging from beer to vitamin drinks. All seem to feature Nic or Arnie going slightly mad. Sometimes even more.

These types of adverts can be seen to influence the parody commercial Bill Murray does in Lost in Translation. Big in Japan is the way to be it seems! As long as Nicolas Cage decides not to do The Wicker Man 2, then we can all be happy!

Nicolas Cage Japanese Adverts

Nicolas Cage did a series of TV adverts for a company called Sankyo for a product called Pachinko. Pachinko is a gaming device for arcade machines. these adverts do absolutely nothing in telling you this. All I gather from these and Nicolas Cage are that Nicolas Cage is entirely suited to making amazing commercials. The singing one is a personal highlight but the "TRIPPPPPPPLETS!" commercial is a Royal Straight Flush to your singing Full House. Whoever at Sankyo requested Nicolas Cage deserves a medal of the highest honour. Superb adverts, superb acting. Thank you Nic Cage!

"Oh! Hi, I'm Nicolas Cage and this is a song for you."


Nic Cage singing in a Japanese advert for Sankyo

Nicolas Cage Triplets Commercial

Every Nicolas Cage Japanese Advert for Sankyo

Arnold Schwarzenegger Japanese and Korean Adverts

Arnie is hardly struggling for money, so what do you do when you have money and fame but want more? You become Big in Japan! Arnie did some amazing adverts for vitamin drinks, normally titled as Beer, in which he becomes slightly mad. One commercial he drinks and appears to become a mental gameshow host. Another he does Tai Chi whilst eating noodles. If you have an English translation for these films please point me in the direction!

Any advert which basically involves Arnie laughing uncontrollably while looking slightly mad would convert into a sale for me! Great marketing on the commercial side for me!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Crazy Japanese Laughing Commercial

Superb Arnie Japanese Vitamin Drink Commercial

Arnold in Crazy Japanese ad with Korean Subtitles

BONUS VIDEO: Hulk Hogan Singing in Japanese Advert


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    • SuperGal profile image

      SuperGal 6 years ago

      Omg, my day just got better! Love the Nic Cage singing bad...yet so good.

    • libby101a profile image

      libby101a 6 years ago from KY

      Very funny! I enjoyed these!