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Nicolas Sparks The Longest Ride

Updated on April 27, 2015

The Longest Ride is a movie based on best selling author Nicholas Sparks. Sparks wrote romance novels such as; The Notebook, Dear John and many more.

The Longest Ride stars; Britt Robinson and Scott Eastwood. Sophia (Robinson) is a student in North Carolina ready to move to New York City in the fall. While out with her friends one night she attends a bullride show and after the show a good looking guy who was riding the bull starts talking to her. His name is Luke (Eastwood).

Luke has always lived on the ranch and the two of them start dating. One night coming home they see a man in a car accident. Luke pulls him out and he tells Sophia to get a box in the car. She gets the box real quick before the car goes on fire and brings him to the hosptial.

While she is waiting in the hospital she sees that in the box there are a bunch of love letters. They are from Ira the old man to his old love Ruth. The letters that Ira wrote to Ruth are a revelation to what the young couple are going through.

This story is about true love. Love is not easy and in love you have to make sacrficies. Sometimes you even love people from different worlds. Could the relationship between Luke and Sophia work? Find out before The Longest Ride leaves theaters.

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