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Nicole Arbour's Dear Fat People

Updated on October 10, 2015

Nicole Arbour's Dear Fat People YouTube video has gone viral last month. In a month it has reached 7 million views. Even though it has received a lot hate, she does have a point. I am not defending her, although she has a point, the way she phrased it was insulting and offensive.

Firstly, her video is directed to obese people. She even said in the beginning of the video that she did not mean the people with 'a little of cushion for the pushin', that she was talking about 35% of North Americans that are obese. It is when the percentage of fat in your body is too high that it even affects your health and reduce your life expectancy. Most argument against her video is that it is insulting everyone. However that is not true she specifically said she was referring to obese people. Yes, the way she put it was insulting but she did not mean that everyone should look like Jennifer Lopez, Chris Hemsworth, Miranda Kerr or Hugh Jackman, just at least become healthy. She has a point that obese people should be told that they are obese and should not call it fat shaming because they are harming their own body.

Secondly, I agree that the excuses obese people give are quite unreasonable. Because not only is obesity measured by fat percentage, thus being big boned is not a reasonable excuse, it is not a disease. Obesity is caused by your choice of diet and lifestyle, it is not a disease, although obesity can lead to various diseases like heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. It is true that obesity is hereditary, however if you know you have the gene you should start planning a proper diet and start exercising. Very few cases of obesity are caused by genetic. Obesity can easily be avoided.

Thirdly, obese people should not be given extra privilege. Obese people are considered disabled and often get the disabled parking or being able to cut the line to the front. This is unfair as obesity is not a disability! It is caused by, again, by their excessive intake of fatty food and lack of physical activity. Yes, obesity can cause diseases but it is still not a disability. If obesity is a disability, then every person that is unfit is considered a disabled person. Based on the American Disability Acts (ADA) a person is considered disabled when they have a condition that limits physical function of limbs, weak bones, any motor ability, loss of one of the senses, lack of intelligence, mental and emotional disorder. The effects of obesity do not fall into these categories, therefor obesity is not a disability and obese people should not be given extra privileges.

Lastly, obese people should not be proud of their body. Now this may sound mean, however obesity is defined as an excessive percentage of fat in their body with may lead to health issues and reduced life expectancy. So they should not be proud of it. Your body is killing itself, is that something you should be proud of? If you truly love your body you would not be killing it. Fat shaming is a thing in which Nicole Arbour said was untrue, there are people who are actually trying to be healthy and are insulted because they are fat. If they are trying to get healthy they should not be teased, ridiculed and insulted. There are people that are only slightly on the chubby side or overweight that are teased and that is fat shaming. Telling someone that they should work out is not fat shaming, it is educating them, tell them to be healthy. In our current sensitive society anything can be considered offensive or discriminating, but have you ever heard the saying tough love? Obese people need to stop being so sensitive and saying that they are being discriminated against, they need a wake up call/ a slap to the face that they are killing themselves and it is not healthy being that obese. They are slowly killing themselves in multiple ways and it will not be painless, they will get heart problems which lead to migraines and lower back pains, diabetes and high blood pressure. Not only are they killing themselves they will also affect to children. Obesity can also cause complications during pregnancy, the baby to be born with birth defects or be stillborn. Obesity can also cause ovarian cyst and infertility. Is it worth making everything in their life easier at the risk of slowly killing them, making their children be born with defects or be stillborn.

Is her video really pointless and is it just Nicole Arbour being mean?


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