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Night of secrets

Updated on August 6, 2016

Scenes plotted in the deepest part of brain.

This was never meant to be. The way things were unravelling themselves was purely mystical for this young fella who just took a dive into the ocean of magic. After convincing two of his friends that he got the answer to all their questions and leaving them mesmerised by this fact he left the region for a stroll. This walk was the part where it all began. The fear of not being able to reach the destination started creeping in. Even though the situation was known to the contolling authority it started making distorted reality claiming it is indeed possible if taken as a mission. The wind was soothing, voices were louder and grass a lot green. The trees in the darkness took him to a place similar to the one presented in THE RING. He was alone walking that road for as long as mind remembers when suddenly he realized that it's just two blocks from starting position. The fear came rushing in that he was being played by himself. Focus could be the key if he wanted to reach his target and with that the journey started again.

This time he started looking at the sky and when conscious came back a group of guys walking at some distance were talking about him. His hearing ability was enhanced in ways unfathomable. The conversation goes like this "dude i have never seen something like this before. He is acting all weird and strange. Let's FOLLOW him." He heard it loud and clear. This was the time to make a move as he was the context of their conversation. He focused on the goal and started hushing towards it. This was evident to the group following the stranger. The next discussion went on "he realized what he was doing and now he will rush straight to his apartment". Leading these zombies straight to his location will reveal his true identity unless he does not and remain anonymous throughout. He stopped then and there to make them realize he will not be manipulated. The group started coming close with the increasing consensus on "let's catch him and have some FUN". Now this crossed all bounds as he knew involvement in this would be his biggest regret. He started to panic and started running changing streets and everything meeting someone familiar in between but no discussion except rush with a "hey". He could hear his voice in background asking "what happened" but never cared any less.

Now he was sure he left them behind and he should be heading to his apartment. As evident it may seem it was not that he heard voices "he got so scared, we don't wan't this on our hands let's go." On the way back in a very casual walk two guys walked past discussing "is he okay? will he be fine?". He was thinking maybe the familiar face had to do something with them or they just got scared. He knocked and someone opened. The first question was "do you have any idea what just happened". Sensing a casual reply he was sure that he did it right and scared as shit, went to sleep.

what do you feel about this ?

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