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Updated on January 13, 2014

Just what is Nightcore?

Nightcore was a subgenre of trance and is still considered so by many people. Fans of Trance usually call it 'happy hardcore'.However, nightcore fans prefer not be associated with trance and don't like the idea of calling "nightcore" as anything else. Nightcore is characterized by a speed-up of the melody, a fast beat, and a higher pitch.

Pictures like this are used in Nightcore remixes on Youtube.
Pictures like this are used in Nightcore remixes on Youtube.

The Different Types of Nightcore

Pure Nightcore: This type of nightcore has very fast beats and a very high pitch. Due to the amount of speed up in the song, it ends up being shorter than the original mix. This type of nightcore has been described as "cute" or “intense".

Trance Nightcore: This, just like the pure nightcore, has the features of a fast beat and a high pitch but, with this style, there's little to no singing. With this style there is usually a repetition of a verse or part of the song that is included on top of the original to make the song catchier.

Bass Nightcore: This type is the same as the other styles of nightcore in terms of fast beats and higher pitch. The only major difference is a very low bass added on top of this, creating this unique style of nightcore.

A stunning pic used in a few Nightcore remixes.
A stunning pic used in a few Nightcore remixes.

The Different Versions Of Trance

Now, instead of giving you a heap of boring information about some of the types of trance, I'm just gonna put some videos below this and you can decide for yourself the difference. There are Techno Trance and Fantasy Trance, just to name a couple.

Techno Trance - Crying Soul

Fantasy Trance - Moonlight Shadow

Nightcore In All It's Glory

Typing 'Nightcore' into Youtube is a big mistake as it comes up with about 3.2 million results and so narrowing down your results is a good idea, nless you have A lot of spare time on your hands, then go for it. Even though nightcore has so many hits on youtube, There arent really a whole lot of songs which sound good when nightcored, I mean, try to turn 'By Myself' by Linkin Park into a nightcore remix and you'll understand what i mean. This doesn't mean that only a few select songs are able to be nightcored and that's it, but it means there is definitely a bit of trial and error to pick out that perfect song, like 'Numb', and try to turn it into something better.

Nightcore - Angel With A Shotgun

Top 10 (In my Opinion)

1) Angel With A Shotgun

2) Moonlight Shadow

3) Numb

4) Angel Of Darkness

5) In The End

6) The Monster

7) Lost In The Echo

8) Remember The Name

9) Poison

10) New Divide

One of the many pics used for Nightcored remixes.
One of the many pics used for Nightcored remixes.

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