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Nikita -- Crosses and Double Crosses

Updated on May 13, 2011

The Games The People Play

You needed a score card to keep straight who was on whose side and out to get whom in the season finale.

Alex appeared to kill Nikita, but she really just managed to fake her death. Nikita was revived when the Cleaner injected something into Nikita and she killed him. At Division, Amanda seems prepared to cancel Alex. It even looks like she did it, then she injects something into Alex, reviving her, telling her that her kill chip had been deactivated and let Alex go, warning her to stay away from Nikita. And Seymour released Michael and helped him to decode a black box, warning Michael what was inside was like opening Pandora's box.

Nikita headed over to the CIA to try and thwart Percy's terrorist plot against them, but no one would listen to her, so she had to take down a few men and evacuate the room before everyone died from Percy's nasty little trojan device.The CIA thanked Nikita by arresting her, and Ryan helped her escape the CIA.

Nikita heads back to her loft to destroy it before meeting up with Michael, Alex shows up there. Nikita finally tells her the truth about what happened when Nikita killed her father. Division moves in on Nikita's loft and they manage to escape, but instead of going with Nikita, Alex decides to go it alone. She doesn't get very far as she's surrounded by men and taken to a room that may be Division or may be another secret government agency. Amanda seems to be very high up in the organization, as she says she warned her to stay away from Nikita. The people in the room want Alex to take down Nikita, but Alex refuses.

Meanwhile, Nikita and Michael are driving off in the sunset together planning to start undoing all the bad things that are contained in the black box.

There's still no word if Nikita will be renewed or not. It's a great show that deserves another season, much like The Event, but told NBC cancelled The Event. Hopefully The CW won't do the same to Nikita.


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