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Nikita -- 3.21

Updated on May 6, 2012

A piece of Percy's past is revealed

I guess my favorite part of the episode was that a piece of Percy's past was revealed. Percy, at times, can seen inhuman, so it was interesting to discover he wasn't hatched a full-grown man and was actually a boy. I'd really love to know the back story of how Percy became Percy.

The team believes Percy is going to build a bomb with the plutonium he now has, but from what Percy said in the closing minutes of the show, they haven't got a clue to what he really plans to do with it. As part of trying to stop Percy, Nikita and Michael go undercover to try and prevent Percy from buying a trigger for this mystical plutonium bomb he's building.

As part of that plan, Michael and Nikita go undercover trying to buy the trigger from General Kuhn. Birkhoff is not happy about the money they're going to pay the General for the triggers. As it turns out, Birkhoff has nothing to worry about. Percy has Division steal the triggers for him. Since Percy doesn't have any money, if he needs something he's going to have to steal it, these days. Sean is unfortunately caught in the crossfire and gets shot.

Nikita plays doctor and takes care of Sean, while Alex plays nurse to him. Because of their failure in stopping Percy from getting the triggers, Ryan says they need an inside man in the government. He thinks a man he knows named Kendericks would be perfect. He's now the head of CIA. Nikita is against it and feels the man can't be trusted. She recalls meeting Kendericks years ago at a party with Percy and she believes him to be dirty.

The thing I like about Michael and Nikita is just because they're in love they're not afraid to stand up to the other when they feel the other is wrong. Michael doesn't agree with Nikita's decision to nix Ryan's plan to try and get Kendericks to be their inside man and sides with Ryan. That's what makes them have an equal relationship with one person not having all the power. It's also a healthy relationship. Not to mention they still can be a ME when they're a WE. By that a lot of couples on TV are written where when they get into a romantic pairing they lose all of their personality and autonomy and agree with everything their partner wants to do even if they don't agree with it. The Vampire Diaries' Stefan and Elena are a prime example of this.

Michael and Ryan go off to make contact with Kendericks. Ryan waits until Kendericks goes to the men's room to approach him. Michael remains in the bar to make sure Kendrericks' guard doesn't interrupt them. Nikita shows up dressed to the nines. Just because she doesn't agree with them doesn't mean she won't help. Nikita keeps the guard distracted and even manages to plant a bug on Kendericks. She still believes Kendericks is dirty and she intends to prove that she's right.

And it appears Nikita does just that when they hear Kendericks call Percy and report about his meeting with Ryan and when he's supposed to meet Nikita and Ryan. Nikita says Kendericks is now a new target. They'll go where the meeting is supposed to take place and take Kendericks out. Percy sends a hit squad to take out Ryan and Nikita. He puts Steve, someone Michael trained, in charge of it.

Steve is played by the actor who played Michael on Roswell and I just loved him on that show. He's aged well. I felt conflicting emotions at the thought of Roswell's Michael going up against Nikita's Michael. Who to root for. Maybe they could bring him over to their side and we could keep both Michaels around.

I thought when Kendericks mentioned "Black Sands" he was trying to send a message to Ryan. It took Ryan awhile to pick up on it. Birkhoff helps Ryan to figure out what's really going on with Kendericks. It seems when he had a pacemaker put in Division manages to put a kill chip in his heart. So he's Percy's victim and not a willingly associate of his. Birkhoff and Ryan contact Michael and Nikita just as she's about to pull the trigger and kill Kendericks. Needless to say, Nikita feels lower than a snake's belly for almost killing someone who needs to be saved from Percy.

They come up with a plan to help Kendericks and deactivate the kill chip, but they need to get him underground so Percy will lose the signal on Kendericks' kill chip. Michael goes in in a hoodie to tell Kendericks what's up. Unfortunately, Steve, Michael's protege aka Roswell's Michael recognizes him and gives chase when Michael absconds underground with Kendericks.

While Nikita is using an ekg machine to help deactivate Kendericks' kill chip, Michael has to keep Roswell's Michael at bay. It isn't pretty. Only one Michael can survive when Roswell's Michael won't listen to Michael telling him Division is bad. They go all martial arts on each other and Michael breaks the neck of Roswell's Michael.

Birkhoff tells Nikita that the kill chip is hooked up with Kendericks' pacemaker which means they're going to have to take the pacemaker offline for 60 seconds and Kendericks' own heart is going to have to beat on its own for that very long minute while they deactivate the kill chip. Kendericks' on board with the plan.

It's at this point we get a little view into what young Percy was like. It turns out Percy and Kendericks went to school together and Percy wasn't accepted as one of the boys. Kendericks' says Percy's Achilles Heel is feeling he's an outsider. That's his weakness. He also tells Nikita that if he doesn't make it to get Percy for him.

An unfortunate and unforeseen side effects to Birkhoff taking Kendericks' kill chip offline is it's allowing Percy to trace his location. Sonia tries to hide it from Percy, but she knows if he catches her betraying him she's going to be dead meat. She's definitely not on Team Percy's plan to kill Team Nikita. Percy sends a Division team to raid the safe house.

Luckily Birkhoff, Ryan, Sean and Alex have enough of an early warning to get out of dodge. Unfortunately, another of Birkhoff's homes is blown sky high. The team takes refuge at Ryan's safe house which becomes the groups temporary base of operations.

There's a nice moment at the end when Nikita stands back with Michael looking at all the people surrounding them. They reminisce when it was just them and Nikita remembers when it was just her. You can just see what she's thinking as she looks around at all the people surrounding her. These people are her family.

Back at Division in a not-so-wonderful moment, Percy reveals that Nikita hasn't gotten a clue what he's really up to. Percy is pleased Nikita thinks he's building a bomb with the plutonium and has no clue what his real plan is.

I really hope the show gets renewed just so I can find out more about Percy. If I had to choose which character on TV is best villain I would have to pick Percy. He's even better than Once Upon A Time's Rumpelstiltskin. And I really want to know how Percy became the person he is today.


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