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Nikita -- A Hero Is Born And A Hero Falls

Updated on December 22, 2013

As Helmanda's latest plot is revealed

Nikita wakes up in what seems like an idyllic neighborhood. It's actually a military base in Virginia. Michael is with her. So is Birkhoff and Ryan. While Nikita is still coming to grips that the nightmare is finally over, Ryan is convinced it isn't and trying to prove he's right. Meanwhile Amanda meets another high ranking member of The Shop named Mr. Archer.

Mr. Archer isn't pleased with Amanda and feels her obsession with Nikita is what cost them a great deal of money. It looks like he's getting ready to have his man blow her brains out. [We should be so lucky.] Then she convinces him that all the remaining clones need to be brainwashed to be loyal only to The Shop and she impresses him. But he warns her she needs to suck it up and let Nikita be the hero the world thinks she is.

Helmanda brainwashes the clones all right, but she brainwashes them to be loyal only to her. See, she intends to take over The Shop. Helmanda is as crazy as ever. Yeah, she may control the clones, but does that get her automatic access to the big bosses assets to run The Shop? And does she think there aren't people who are loyal to these Shop leaders? Their organization is obviously not just founded on clones. Per usual the psychotic hag with the bad hairdo is once again overestimating her ability and forgetting the fact she's a major screw-up. She was leader of Division and she screwed that up with her disloyalty. Percy easily took back control from her.

Ryan goes to visit Jones to confront him about his suspicions that the whole thing was a set-up to give Nikita what she wanted. He ends up getting a needle in his neck and getting strapped into Helmanda's brainwashing chair. She brags to Ryan she's going to brainwash Ryan to forget all his little conspiracy theories but before she can he manages to pull his hand free from one of her manacles and manages to smash her face into her nasty little brainwashing chair. It leaves Helmanda with scars all over one side of her face so she now resembles the Phantom of the Opera. All that's missing is the Phantom's mask.

When it becomes clear to Ryan that he's not going to escape Helmanda and the Shop goons, Ryan throws himself out a window to prevent Helmanda from brainwashing him. As he lays dying in the hospital he tells Nikita everything he's learned, bursting her dreams of happily ever after.

Earlier, Nikita made a deal with the Senator interrogating her, Michael, Birkhoff, Ryan and Sonya to give them all full pardons in returns for her agreeing to be the hero they wanted to portray her as and telling her story to the world. When she tells the Senator that this isn't over and Amanda's alive and there are more clones out there he won't let her tell the world the truth. He tells her if the world knew it could mean the end for the United States and that enemy countries would take advantage to move in for the kill. Michael concurs, vowing they'll get Helmanda, but for now she has to accept her medal for heroism and lie to the world.

While Nikita does that, she also calls Alex to secretly meet her. She says they started this fight together and that's how they need to end it. Alex meets Nikita after she escapes the military base. Sam I Am shows up to tell Michael what's going on.

Earlier, Alex learned Sam I Am wasn't going to double cross her and had to rush to Paris to rescue him when he got kidnapped by the men he owes money to. Then on the plane back to the states the two had sex. I was kind of making faces when this happened. One of the things that made this show so good was the show refused to cave the the whims and demands of shippers that tried to attach themselves to this show like leeches with their shipper agendas.

The show pretty much thumbed their noses at the Sean and Alex shippers by killing off Sean. So the show seemingly caving to these Owen and Alex shippers and giving them their couple almost made it seem like it was good the show was ending if it was going to start kowtowing to a bunch of shippers. Personally speaking, Owen and Alex or Sam I Am as he is now, just don't make a believable couple.

On other couple fronts, I was surprised that they really didn't show how Michael and Nikita go back together. They just showed them in bed together having sex and making plans for their future. It's kind of sad that the couple of the show haven't gotten as much face time as the shipper appeasing relationship of Sam I Am and Alex. I guess we're supposed to assume that after the guilt trip Ramon gave Michael about how Nikita had to pay for Michael's hand and did Michael even say thank you and Nikita almost dying lead to their reunion. But I would have rather seen it than had to see all this Sam I Am and Alex junk.

Although Michael and Nikita back together and happy and planning for their future was a nice moment before their bubble got burst. Michael said he wanted to be a teacher and get away from all this cloak-and-dagger stuff. And Nikita finally seemed ready to walk away from the fight and just lead a normal life. Of course with crazy Helmanda out there it's never going to happen. Once she gains control of The Shop, if she's successful, she'll come after Nikita again and she'll keep coming after her until Nikita puts her down like you would a rabid dog. Unfortunately, every time Nikita has a chance of doing just that she doesn't.

So next week is the final episode of the show. How will it all end? Will Nikita finally put Helmanda in the pine box she deserves to be in? And will the show redeem themselves after their seeming caving to the Sam I Am and Alex shippers? I guess we'll find out next week.


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