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Nikita -- A House Divided

Updated on March 18, 2013

Original Airing: March 15, 2013

Division is an appropriate for Team Nikita to be working at since for various reasons they’re becoming divided and the original togetherness they had when they were away from Division is rapidly disappearing.

While this week’s episode was about getting Alex back from Amanda, it was more about the crumbling relationships since the gang went back to Division.

Sean seems to be the weakest link in the chain. He already has issues about Alex’s loyalty to Nikita, to the point he almost seems jealous. And on the road to rescuing Alex, he accused Owen of being after Alex, because Alex told Owen what her butterfly tattoo meant and wouldn’t tell him. By the end of the episode Alex was at odds with Nikita and Sean basically had her all to himself, so he should be happy for the moment. Sean’s jealous possessiveness may only get worse since what family he has thinks he’s dead and Alex is all he has now.

Ryan is another problem, because this week he took another step down the road to being Percy. Amanda demanded Ari be exchanged for Alex. She needed him to open the black box, and before he complied he had a kill chip put in Ari’s head and gave Owen [who hates Ari’s guts] the kill trigger to activate it at the right moment. People seem to think Percy came out of the box a Machiavellian monster, yet Nikita’s mentor Carla seemed to know a different Percy when they started Division together. He could have started out like Ryan and having to run Division and keep everyone alive, became what he did. If you look at the person Ryan was when he first met Nikita and the person he’s becoming, he’s not the same person.

When Birkhoff figured out what Ryan had done, he wanted to tell Nikita, but Michael went along with what Ryan had done. Nikita had promised Ari she would come back and rescue him after they handed him over to Amanda. It could be a dangerous mission and she could get killed. No one agreed with what she wanted to do. So Michael got Birkhoff not to tell Nikita, thinking it would keep her out of a dangerous situation. Only Nikita saw a bandage on the back of Ari’s neck and she figured it out, herself. She also realized Owen was given the trigger.

It isn’t just that Ryan put the kill chip in Ari’s head, it’s who he gave the trigger to that makes what he did such a Percy thing. He could have easily given it to Sean, but instead he gave it to someone who despises Ari and already tried to kill him. And that’s exactly what Percy would have done.

Things, however, get complicated, when they’re stopped in South Ossetia. Amanda picked it as an exchange point because the Ossetian’s hate Ari’s guts and blame him for a couple of massacres that happened there. Ari identifies himself and ends up saving everyone’s life, even Owen’s. This makes Owen hand over the kill trigger to Nikita.

Meanwhile, Amanda is holding Alex in a South Ossetia hospital, and she’s planting seeds of dissension in her. She tells Alex that Alex likes to call the shots instead of being a follower and one day she and Nikita are going to want two different things, and it’ll be interesting to see how Alex reacts to that. That day happens sooner than Alex or Amanda would have thought.

A woman helps Alex try to escape and she gets shot. Alex promises she’ll come back and save her. After the trade is made, Alex wants them to go and rescue her friend, while Nikita wants to rescue Ari, first. Neither Nikita nor Alex will back down, so they split up. Sean goes with Alex to rescue the woman, while Owen and Nikita go to rescue Ari. Unfortunately, both missions end in tragedy.

As Sean and Alex try to get to the room the woman is being held in, a soldier throws a hand grenade into the room. Alex blames Nikita for the woman’s death. Meanwhile, Ari is stalling from putting in his code to decode the black box when Nikita arrives to rescue him. He takes it and runs to Nikita, but Amanda shoots him. He dies in Nikita’s arms. And Nikita blames Alex for not being there to help her. She’s also not too thrilled with Michael for going along with what Ryan did and not telling her.

If Amanda was this manipulative mastermind she thinks she is the woman that befriended Alex would have been a plant working for her. Instead of taking credit for happenstance she had nothing to do with. Much like her accusing Ari of betraying her, when she tried to have him killed, first.


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