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Nikita -- A Race Against Time

Updated on May 6, 2013

Original Airing: May 5, 2013

Michael begins to come around to Ryan’s way of thinking about destroying Division and taking it on the run. Division is a lame duck with no resources. They have no way to track Amanda or figure out where the black box is. It’s time to call it a day. Nikita, however, refuses to throw in the towel. Luckily for her Cyrus shows up and informs the gang Sam is planning to sell the black box in Toronto at the G2 Summit that world leaders are attending.

Another lost cause Nikita refuses to give up on is Owen, She still believes everyone can be saved. It seems her experience as Teen Amanda hasn’t changed that. However, Nikita’s belief that they still have time to retrieve the black box is wrong. After she, Michael and Alex head to Toronto, the president sends in the SEALS to clean Division.

Meanwhile, Sam is approaching foreign leaders and trying to interest them in buying the black box. He shows a man named Santos a video on the black box of Michael debriefing Nikita on killing Santos’ brother. He also approaches a man named Karl Jaeger, who turns out to be not what he appears.

Alex feels guilty over her part in the destruction of Division and offers to use her own money to help buy the black box. Alex approaches one of the bidders, Guler, and offers to bankroll him so he can win the bidding of the black box.

In the middle of all that, Birkhoff opens the com and Nikita hears La Presidente has sent the SEALS in. She contacts the President and tells her they’re trying to get the black box and if she doesn’t want it opened and revealed to the public she’ll back off on the execution order. She does, but if anything goes wrong Birkhoff, Ryan, Sonya and Cyrus are going to be toast. Meanwhile Cyrus suggests to Birkhoff they have a contingency plan in case something goes wrong.

Of course, something goes wrong. While Nikita is prancing around the room so Sam will see her, Santos also sees her. Just as she and Michael are about to capture Sam and retrieve the black box, Santos comes in with guns blazing trying to whack Nikita for killing his brother. In the melee Sam escapes back to the summit.

Alex tries to get through to Sam, asking how long it took Owen to get over the woman he loved, and he realizes Sean is dead. She seems to affect him, but he still goes through with the sale of the black box and Karl Jaeger wins the box. When that happens La Presidente gives the order to kill everyone in Division. But thanks to Cyrus putting a bug in Birkhoff’s ear, he releases steam in the room as, Cyrus, Birkhoff, Ryan and Sonya take cover to buy themselves and Michael and Nikita some time.

As it turns out, Amanda has been playing Sam. She’s working with Jaeger, who kills his own men. Turns out Jaeger is an American, not a German. His real people come and release Amanda. Sam had her chained to a bed in his room. They take the box and head to the rendezvous point.

Michael and Nikita arrive to see Amanda and three men taking off. Since security is coming after them, they rush into Amanda and Sam’s room and provide the only comic relief of the night. They strip down and hop in the shower when security busts into the room. When they see the chains attached to the bed, they think they’ve stumbled on a real life Christian and Anastasia and leave.

When Sam learns he’s been tricked and tricked good, he pursue Amanda and Jaeger, as do Michael and Nikita. Amanda tells Jaeger that they have to make sure Michael and Nikita go unharmed if their plan is to work. So they try to escape, but Sam arrives. He manages to take out Jaeger and put a bullet in the black box, while Amanda escapes. Seeing that Sam destroyed the black box, Michael wonders if Nikita is right and there’s still hope for Sam.

When the SEALS bust into where Ryan and company have taken refuge, Ryan has a standoff with the SEALS leader threatening to blow up Division if the SEALS don’t back off. Just then the President receives proof the black box has been destroyed and tells the SEALS to call off their mission.

Nikita and company have a brief celebration back at Division as they realize Amanda has hooked up with a group Percy put together called The Shop. Yep, Percy, again. I really think he’s coming back. I also think The Shop are the people that gave Michael his new hand.

Most of this season Amanda has been boring me, but in the last few episodes she’s finally gotten interesting again. Let’s hope they don’t kill her off just as she’s getting interesting.


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