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Nikita -- Aftermath

Updated on February 5, 2013

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I’ve never been enthralled by Owen. I could take him or leave him. Same goes for Ryan. I’m kind of a one-guy girl and that guy is Michael. Well, make it a two-guy girl. Add Birkhoff. I’d be happy watching a show just featuring Michael, Nikita and Birkhoff. I kind of feel like Owen is just a spider waiting for his chance to make his move on Nikita.

Anyway, things are not going well between Michael and Nikita. Three weeks have passed since Nikita had to cut Michael’s hand off to save him. Worst it was the hand he used to shoot a gun and probably do everything else with.

True story: I was naturally left-handed as a child, but my mother was left-handed and she said they made everyone for right-handed people, so she trained me to be right-handed. I’ve tried to write with my left hand and I have trouble even trying to hold a pencil in it. So that’s basically what Michael is going through. He’s going to have to try and learn to do everything with his other hand and it’s going to be hard.

Michael has been staying at medical in Division and hasn’t come home. The episode opens as he’s being fit with a new mechanical hand, but he can’t even close it in a fist. Michael also refuses to talk to Nikita about how he feels about what happened. She’s worried that he’s bottling it all up inside just like he did when his wife and child were killed.

The Dirty Thirty of the week that Division is trying to catch is a former cleaner named Liam. He’s working for a man named Garza. Michael wants to go out on the mission with Nikita and Owen, unfortunately when the man escapes, Michael isn’t able to shoot him with his other good hand and the man gets away. Making matters worse, Michael lies about what happened and tries to put the blame on Owen and Nikita. A very un-Michael thing to do.

Meanwhile, Birkhoff is trying to help Alex. She needs to get her blood pressure down before Ryan will approve her for duty. Birkhoff says she needs to discover why she started using again, because if she doesn’t she could go back to the drugs, again.

Michael goes to Birkhoff saying there has to be a better hand out there then the one he’s got. Birkhoff mentions Percy had his sources, but Percy’s gone and didn’t leave his rolodex hanging around, so Michael is stuck with what he has.

Ryan is concerned that Michael is adversely affecting the team and goes to Alex for advice. She advises him to tell Michael he’s benched if that’s what he wants to do. That to be straight with Michael and he’ll handle it.

Nikita confronts Michael at the shooting range as he’s trying to learn how to shoot with his other hand and he’s a horrible shot. Michael won’t admit that he shot at Liam and missed. Owen is hiding in the corner spying on them. Later, he gets in Michael’s face because he doesn’t like the way he’s treating Nikita. Michael tells him to back-off and to stay away from Nikita. Of course, Owen has no intention of doing that. You know, I’d love to see how well Owen would be taking it if he was the one that got his hand cut off?

In the end when Owen and Nikita go to catch Liam when he tries to break into the Houston Federal Building to retrieve Garza’s laptop that got taken, it’s actually Michael that saves the day. Liam manages to scramble Division’s signal so they lose control of the cameras and Ryan is lost on how to talk Nikita and Owen through the mission. Michael steps in not needing the aid of cameras to talk them through the mission and to get the drop on Liam.

Afterwards, Michael tells Nikita he’s decided to stay in medical longer and not come home with her. She pushes him and he makes a remark on how she’s helped him enough. Nikita rushes out upset while Michael is finally able get his mechanical hand to make a fist and he begins pummeling the wall with it.

Michael may have found himself a new career in Division controlling the mission from headquarters since Ryan was a big flop at it. Sean seems to be gone, perhaps to make way for a quadrangle featuring: Michael, Nikita, Alex and Owen. Owen will be having Nikita all to himself out in the field, while Michael and Alex will be stuck back at Division trying to overcome their medical issues. I’m calling it now.


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