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Nikita -- Birkhoff and Alex Go Rogue

Updated on April 1, 2013

Original Airing: March 29, 2013

Alex was still in I Am Alex Hear Me Roar Mode, but I actually found myself on her side instead of Nikita’s this week. So, as it turns out, is Birkhoff, as they team up and go rogue.

Ryan announced their first kill mission for Danforth will be the president of Chad, Pierre Batouala. He kills his CIA handler, John Little, after he delivers a list of every covert operative in the oil industry. He plans to sell it to the Russians. Nikita justifies taking out Baouala will be saving all those agents lives he’s jeopardizing by trying to sell that list. Alex, however, disagrees and refuses to participate in the mission.

When Birkhoff overhears Alex and Nikita fighting, he decides to take Alex into his confidence by revealing he’s doesn’t trust Danforth and has been trying to dig up some dirt on him. He knows that Danforth is full of it when he says they only have to do four kill missions. He figures they always be just one more kill mission they’ll have to do. Little do they know that Danforth is playing a far darker game than that.

Somehow Amanda has tapped into Division’s phone line as she listening to a conversation between Danforth and Ryan where Ryan reveals that Alex won’t be involved in the Batouala mission. Or maybe it was Danforth’s phone. She wonders why Alex isn’t going on the mission, as this should be tailor-made for her with her being Russian. Little does Amanda realize but the bug she put in Alex’s ear about having her own voice and not going along with what Nikita wants has bore fruit, despite Alex denying that Amanda has anything to do with her suddenly going against Nikita, opposed to her usually going along with what Nikita wants.

Amanda sends a member of the Dirty Thirty, Zoe, to “help” Nikita complete her mission of taking out Batouala. Of course, it’s just another of Amanda’s attention-getting ploys. Nikita, look at me. I’m still out here. I’m still messing with you. She’s like the unpopular kid trying to get noticed by the cool kids.

Owen doesn’t seem to be too thrilled about doing this mission, either. But out of loyalty to Nikita he goes along with it. Sean goes along on the mission, as well. Owen places poison in Batouala’s drink as Nikita chats him up waiting for him to have a heart attack. Unfortunately, before that happens, Zoe shows up as the Russian buyer for the list. After he hands her the list, Zoe takes out a gun and shoots him and takes off with the list. Nikita chases after her and they have a girl-on-girl fight over the list. Before a victor can be decided, the police show up and prepare to arrest both Nikita and Zoe. However, Zoe takes them out and neatly escapes with the list before Nikita can stop her.

Meanwhile, Birkhoff and Alex are doing a B&E at Danforth’s residence. Alex suggested going alone, but it’s a very good thing Birkhoff went along as without him she would have never gotten through Danforth’s complex security system. Meanwhile, Danforth is talking with the president convincing her that Division has gone rogue and it’s time to order a kill order on the whole facility. Seems the president had absolutely nothing to do with the four kill missions that Danforth gave Division. He was just using them to set Division up so he could convince the president to clean Division.

Luckily, for everyone at Division, Birkhoff and Alex tail Danforth to a kill house he’s erected in the middle of nowhere. They find a replica of Division there as a kill team practices for their assault on Division.

Alex returns to Division and take on not just Nikita, but Ryan, as well. Nikita wants them to find Zoe to get the list back from her, believing that will make everything okay. Alex, however, wants them to go and take out Danforth, then for everyone to run for their lives. She calls Ryan out for lying to everyone in Division that the president had a contingency plan to kill everyone at Division and for being tricked by Danforth into doing a kill mission.

Ryan calls up Danforth and says he’d like to talk to the president about what they plan to do to recover the list, but Danforth won’t allow Ryan to speak to the president about this. That’s when Ryan realizes that Alex is right and Danforth played him.

Meanwhile Alex goes out on the floor of Division and reveals to everyone there that they’ve been lied to. The president has had a kill plan to kill them all and she’s about to give the order. She suggests they take out Danforth to buy themselves some time and then they all get out of dodge.

Nikita is livid when this happens and vows to stop Alex. Michael tries to talk some sense into Nikita and make her see that Amanda’s plan is working. They’re starting to turn on each other. Afterwards Nikita addresses the troops, but convinces them to go along with her plan instead. First they find Zoe and get the list back from her, then they’ll take care of Danforth as only Division can.

When Zoe arrives with the list for Amanda looking to be paid for her troubles, Amanda refuses to pay her. She, instead, suggests Zoe complete the deal with the Russian buyer that Batouala was planning to do. Amanda is apparently well aware that with the least little problem with Division the president will give the order to clean Division. If American operatives get killed because that list gets in the hands of the Russians, she figures that will be the push the president needs to give the order.

Alex goes along with Nikita’s plan to get the list back, as they find the meeting place where Zoe is preparing to hand the list over to the Russian buyer and they kill both Zoe and the Russian buyer, as well as getting the list back. In short, another member of the Dirty Thirty bites the dust at the hands of Division. Maybe they should just save themselves some time and just hunt these people down and kill them, as that’s pretty much what ends up happening any way.

Next up is putting a leash on Danforth and getting him under control. Nikita visits him with a gun and plays the conversation Ryan taped between them. She also reveals they have a decoded black box in their possession and reveals the information the black box has on him. Having no choice but to play ball, Danforth goes to the president and undos what he did in convincing her to put a kill order out on Division. He convinces her that without Division all those agents would have died without them getting back that list. Being the brainless bimbo that she is, the president agrees with Danforth and calls the kill order off. I know that’s a foul thing to say, but all it takes is a few whispers in this dingbat’s ear and she’s prepared to give the order to kill 300 people? She doesn’t even try and talk to Ryan and hear his side of things, first. What kind of ditz who has no business being president does stuff like that?

So, to sum it up. Danforth is now Division’s puppet dancing to their tune, and giving them no more kill orders, while the president has always been Danforth’s puppet. So the plan is back on to find the rest of the Dirty Thirty and say sayonara to Division.

While Alex went along with Nikita’s plan to get the list back, things are far from back to normal between them. Alex claims her problem with Nikita has nothing to do with Nikita letting that woman die she wanted to save. She says it’s because Division is changing Nikita. Yeah, but she didn’t think that way until Amanda whispered into her ear. She’s as bad as that dingy president.


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