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Nikita -- Broken

Updated on May 13, 2013

Original Airing: May 10, 2013

Ryan is on his way to arrange for pardons for the remaining members of Division and Michael and Nikita’s relationship is starting to reach critical mass. Michael thinks Nikita will never quit so they can have a normal life. That she’s always find one more mission to do.

Presently, Nikita is determined to find out who the man in the car with Amanda was. Birkhoff discovers the man is a hitman named Smith. Birkhoff manages to hack into The Shop’s communication satellite and discover Smith is going to be trying to assassinate a woman named Maryam Hasan. She’s fighting to stop human trafficking and The Shop wants to stop her because that’s how they’re acquiring the test subjects to use as human guinea pigs for their medical experiments.

Meeting Maryam may be a life changing experience for Alex. Maryam suggests she become a United Nations Envoy fighting against human trafficking and being a symbol that when you got caught in it, you can turn your life around once you’re free of it.

While Alex is talking to Maryam Smith makes his move by doesn’t kill Maryam. Nikita chases after him and ends up killing him. She finds his cell phone and texts Amanda as Smith telling her how the operation went. Birkhoff traces the signal and Nikita and Michael go to nab her.

They don’t find Amanda but a lab where a doctor is using a man as his latest guinea pig. He injects him with something that causes the man’s death. Michael and Nikita take the doctor back to Division and learn the doctor has been working on a new kill chip. This one, however, is injected directly into the blood stream. Nikita injects the man with his own invention to get him to tell her everything he knows but before she can inject him with the antidote the trigger is pulled on the doctor’s kill chip and he dies before Michael and Nikita’s eyes.

An X-Ray shows that Amanda had injected the doctor with a new and improved cochlear implant so she could eavesdrop on everything that was going on, so she knew that Nikita injected the doctor with the kill chip and pulled the trigger via satellite.

Michael and Nikita realize that when Smith lunged at Maryam he also injected her with the kill chip. Luckily, they have the antidote. Birkhoff traces Amanda to Philadelphia. Nikita heads off to confront Amanda, while Michael heads off to pass the antidote to Alex so she can give it to Maryam before it’s too late.

When Nikita comes face-to-face with Amanda, Amanda once again has the upper hand. She reveals that the kill chip was implanted in Michael’s new hand and that at any moment she can activate it and kill Michael. Amanda says she won’t if Nikita assassinates the President. Nikita says if she does this, it’ll be the end for her and Michael. Amanda injects Nikita with a cochlear implant so she can listen and make sure Nikita doesn’t tell anyone what she’s being forced to do.

This was Amanda’s condition to joining The Shop was being able to force Nikita to kill the President or being the cause of Michael’s death.

When Nikita walks away from Amanda she’s like a broken doll. When she returns to Division she puts on an act for Michael and tells him she wants them to get married right away. After Michael is out of the room, she looks at a sample of his blood under the microscope and sees his blood is infected with the kill chip.

Does Nikita really intend to go through with marrying Michael? Does she plan to kill herself after she kills the President?

Meanwhile Birkhoff discovers that The Shop isn’t an American organization but an International organization. They seem to have their own communication satellites everywhere. On a personal note, Birkhoff asks if Sonya will be with him when they’re finally free of Division and she assures him she will.

Finally, will Alex take Maryam’s advice and become a United Nations Envoy in the fight for human rights? It would feel her need to save others from going through what she went through and it would be a positive thing to do with her life.

I really felt bad for Nikita. She seemed so broken after Amanda sprung her trap on her. Even if Nikita had listened to Michael and just walked away it was already too late. Michael’s had the new improved kill chip planted inside of him for weeks. Amanda would have probably just pulled the trigger probably as Michael and Nikita got married and then called up bragging Nikita about killing Michael to come after her.

I am puzzled, though, on why The Shop wants Amanda to join them. Look at what Amanda did to her last partner Ari. She betrayed him and tried to kill him all over her obsession with Nikita. That makes her a good candidate to join The Shop how? Here’s hoping Amanda gets served a nasty curve of her own. She needs to be taken down and since Nikita can’t do it at the moment, let someone else do it.


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