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Nikita -- Can You Hear Me Now?

Updated on April 22, 2011

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Michael and Nikita may be together, but all is not sunshine and roses between them, especially when it comes to the subject of Alex and Division.

The episode begins with Alex telling all to Nathan. Unfortunately, she discovers she's been sleeping with the enemy, as he opens the door to Jayden saying that's what they've been waiting to her. Thankfully, this is just a dream.

Nikita and Michael are putting together a plan to get Alex out of Division by faking her death, unfortunately, trouble arises when Michael calls Alex in for a mission. Nikita doesn't understand how Michael could ruin their plans, but he says this is a very important mission and they need Alex.

President Ugara's son has developed a nerve toxin and it needs to be destroyed. Jayden and Alex have been sent to infiltrate the compound as models. They're job is to destroy the lab. Alex suggest they kill two birds with one stone and fake her death on the mission.

Nikita is cool to Michael as she packs for the mission. She doesn't warm up when he tries to tell her Division has done good. She just sees them as evil. He tells her he needs to make a difference in the world and he knows she feels the same.

In Lake Geneva, at the Ungara Compound, Jayden is keeping the president's son busy, while Alex plants explosives. Alex is supposed to make it look like she died in the explosion. Before Alex can finish the job, Ungara's son comes to the lab and she has to hide. She sees him selling some of the toxin to Anya, who plans to use it to kill everyone at the summit, including President Ungara. The toxin is disguised to look like earrings. Then Ungara Jr. puts his body guard in a glass cage and uses the toxin on it.

Afterwards, Alex wants to call off the plan, to save everyones lives at the summit. Nikita tells Alex to continue with the plan and she'll stop Anya. However, when Alex hears Ungara Jr. interrogating Jayden in the lab, she gives up her chance at freedom to save her hated enemy. Working together, they escape the lab and Alex blows it up.

Nikita arrives where the summit is being held and tells Michael she found a van with a bomb in it. He recalls how a van blowing up was used as a ruse to get all the targets in one spot. Nikita stops the bomb, but Anya arrives and knocks Nikita out and restarts the bomb.  

The van explodes, seemingly killing Nikita with it, as she was left lying next to it. As planned, the President suggests everyone move to safety. Anya drops the toxic earring into a glass and leaves the room, waiting to detonate the toxin. However, she's stopped in her tracks by a very-much alive Nikita who knocks Anya out and destroyed the device that will detonate the toxin.

Afterwards she goes into the summit where everyone is gathered and finds the earring and destroys it and sadly tells the President his son was a terrorist.

In the aftermath, Alex seems to have come around to Michael's way of thinking and wants to stay in Division so she can make a difference, so she won't be faking her death.

Michael and Nikita weather the first test of their relationship.

Both Michael and Alex feel they made a difference and saved the world from this toxin. Unfortunately, what they don't know, is Jayden stole the toxin for Percy and hands it over to him. He's the last person you want to have their hands on something like that. The irony is, however, if Alex had let Jayden die, the world would be safe from this toxin. 


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