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Nikita -- Child's Play

Updated on October 27, 2012

I think this is the first Nikita episode that ever made me cry. This week’s member of the Dirty Thirty that the team was after was a man named Wade. He used to train recruits at Division and beat one of the recruits to death when the recruit failed a kill mission.

Wade breaks into the Army Research Lab at FortGranville and steal a bomb. Which is what puts him on Divisions radar. They need to find out just what he plans to do with that bomb.

Meanwhile Nikita and Alex go to a jeweler where Nikita is going to have her engagement ring resized. Nikita gets uncomfortable when the woman saying she’ll need to have to resized when she gets pregnant. Nikita tells Alex she’s not picturing ever having a child. While at Divison, Birkhoff is pissed off that Michael didn’t tell him about the engagement.

Michael and Nikita posing as a couple planning their honeymoon, as they hope to get access to Wade’s computer so they can try and figure out where he may be. Unfortunately, Wade wiped his computer. Birkhoff says they could still get the info from the copier. So Nikita steals the copier hard drive.

They track Wade to a Lexington, Mass address. Michael and Nikita raid Wade’s house. They trigger an alarm in Wade’s basement. A girl is hiding there and she fires at them. Two years ago Wade kidnapped Young Liza Abbott and has since trained her to be a killer.

They bring the Liza to Division. Nikita tries to get through to Liza. Back at the basement, which was apparently where Liza lived, Michael finds plans for some building. As well as a child’s necklace, that’s hidden in the hollowed-out leg of the bed.

While Michael is still in the basement, Wade calls wanting to know where Sarah is. Demands they return her to him. When Michael refuses, he fires on the house.

Back at Division, Sonya insults Birkhoff’s intelligence, hinting at something having gone down with them. Last was saw them in the finale, Birkhoff was kissing her. So it must have gone downhill from there.

Nikita releases Liza’s wrists, hoping to gain her trust. She even takes Liza to see her old room at Division and shows where she used to hide things. She also tells Liza how she killed Percy, to show Liza the Percy and Wades of the world aren’t invincible and can be killed.

Alex wonders if Wade threatened to kill her parents and that’s why she won’t talk. She goes to talk to Liza’s parents, Elaine and Paul. The Abbotts say they don’t recognize Wade, when Alex shows them a picture of him. Liza’s mother has a necklace similar to the one Michael found. She bought her and Liza a mother-daughter set of the necklace.

When Mrs. Abbott recognizes Alex as Alexandra Udinov, you can really see how Alex can’t do undercover anymore. She tried to do something as simple as question Liza’s parents and she got recognized.

When Nikita gives Liza her necklace back, it appears Nikita has gotten through to her. She even tells Nikita the building she’s supposed to do her kill mission at. But as it turns out she’s lying to Nikita. When Wade attacks Division, Liza overpowers the guard Nikita left with her, takes his gun and escapes Division.

Liza is in the park watching other kids play when Wade meets up with her. She keeps te necklace her mother gave her hidden from him. He tells her she’s Jessica now. Said she did well today, and she’ll do better tomorrow.

Liza said something to Nikita that she recalls. Ryan realizes what Liza said is the Pakistani National Anthem. So, it seems Liza was sending Nikita a message, maybe in hopes of stopping her from what she’s about to do. Pakistani Ambassador to the US must be the target. Michael realizes he’s the target that Wade’s recruit failed to kill, preventing him from having a perfect kill record. He’s going to make Liza complete the mission, so in his mind he’ll have a perfect kill record.

Ambassador speaking at Youth Submit. A bunch of children come in singing the sone Michael found in the basement. Obviously, Liza had it to practice it. She sneaks right in amongst them. She sneaks away from them and sets an explosive right under where the Ambassador is standing giving his speech.

Alex gives Nikita Elaine’s necklace. Nikita makes it inside by stealing someone’s press pass. In short order, Nikita tracks Liza and realizes she’s in the vents. Michael tracks down Wade as he orders Liza to detonate the bomb. Nikita finds Liza and tries to talk her down from detonating the bomb. She shows Liza her mother’s necklace. Meanwhile,

Birkhoff turns the automatic gun firing on Michael on Wade so Michael can get the drop on him. As Michael takes Wade down, Liza disobeys Wade’s orders to blow-up the Ambassador.

Later, Michael reveals to Nikita he knew where Nikita had her key card hidden, but didn’t rat her out. He says even back then he had her back

Nikita and Alex take Liza home to her parents. They managed to save her before she’d been turned into a killer like they were.

Once again, Nikita didn’t agree with one of Ryan’s judgment calls when he put a target on Liza’s back. It makes you wonder how long Nikita will continue to follow Ryan’s orders.


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