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Nikita -- Cyrus

Updated on December 9, 2012

The latest member of the Dirty Thirty New Division is trying to bring in is an arms dealer named Cyrus. He’s actually the first decent member of the rogue agents that we’ve yet to meet. Nikita wants to use him to find Amanda.

Meanwhile Amanda is still obsessing over Nikita and tells her cleaner that she intends to show Nikita how much she’s going to have to sacrifice to run Division.

Back at Division, Birkhoff is still trying to find Amanda’s mole. Amanda receives a message from her mole, but Birkhoff not able to trace it.

Cyrus brought into Division headquarters. He says the underground bunker is located in New Jersey, yet last week didn’t Ryan go through a tunnel to the White House? Isn’t that a little impossible to do? Walk from New Jersey to Washington?

Okay, back to the recap. Cyrus says he was going to meet Ari in St. Lucia, and he’ll cooperate, only he wants to be let go. General Tariq is Cyrus’ contact. Ryan reluctantly agrees to let Cyrus go in exchange for a jammer weapon and the possibility to catch Amanda.

Cyrus doubts Nikita can turn Division around, because the place was designed to do bad stuff. He also reveals he always knew where she was, but never told Percy where she was, because he thought she was doing the right thing. Turns out Cyrus’ father was a cop who was accused of something he didn’t do. However, that doesn’t stop him from outing Nikita to Tariq and making a run for it. Unfortunately, when he goes to meet Amanda, he becomes her prisoner, as she plans to use him to teach Nikita her first lesson.

Meanwhile Alex has a flashback about Amanda talking to her about her drug addiction. Alex’s drug addiction is rapidly getting out of control, again. Only Michael seems to suspect that something’s wrong with her. He even has to pull her off someone as she pummels them with her fists.

Nikita realizes Cyrus left a message in gun on where to find Ari. That, plus never outing her to Percy, makes Nikita determined to save him when Amanda reveals she has Cyrus in Spain. When she and Michael arrive to rescue Cyrus they find him strapped to a bomb, and learn Amanda has the remote control to set it off at her will. Amanda seems to have all the cards, until Nikita turns the tables on her, stands by Cyrus and dares Amanda to blow them both up. She knows Amanda won’t do it, since if Nikita is dead, she won’t be able to play her sick games with her anymore.

Birkhoff finally figures out who the mole is and then wishes he didn’t. Turns out it’s Sonya. He wonders if she got involved with him because Amanda told her to. Sonya reveals that Amanda had reactivated her kill chip and if she doesn’t stay in contact with her every two hours, Amanda threatens to set it off. Birkhoff wants to tell Nikita, but Sonya insists Amanda has someone else at Division watching her and he can’t tell anyone or she’ll be dead.

After his rescue, Cyrus is recruited to work for new Division, to finally shut the door on the place and he agrees. Meanwhile, Nikita warns them all that they’re all in danger, because Amanda will try to kill all the people she loves. And Birkhoff lies that he hasn’t been able to track down the mole, yet.

Amanda’s a psycho, but she still lacks the presence, danger and intelligence of Percy. Really wish the show had killed off Amanda instead of Percy. I still miss him.


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