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Nikita -- Doublecross

Updated on March 17, 2012

Now that Percy knows Amanda is in bed with Golgo and Ari, he's out to make her house of cards come tumbling down. He's killing Division agents. Agents at Division are losing confidence in Amanda's leadership because she's doing nothing to protect them. One agent, Dina, thinks Amanda is too buy with protecting Alex. She also believes Nikita is behind the attacks on the agents..

Meanwhile, Alex is still in Moscow, planning to rescue her mother and get out of Dodge. Sean shows up to help her, as well as to erase anything about this mother on the black box Ari has. Both fail in their mission. Sean manages to copy Ari's hard drive but doesn't locate the black box and Alex discovers that Semak moved her mother.

Nikita is having problems with her own mother figure, Carla. They don't see eye-to-eye on anything and are definitely not on the same page. Carla's just pretending to go along with Nikita's way of doing things, but she's secretly still in contact with Percy.

Michael knows who Percy's next target will be. Michael and Nikita try to grab Dina before Percy can get his hands on her, but Dina thinks they're trying to kill her and tries to escape them, landing right in Percy's hands. During a fight with Percy's Guardian's Nikita gets stabbed, but she's fine.

Percy has Dina interrogated so she'll think Golgo has her. Then they let her escape. Dina returns to tell them that it's Golgo behind this. Of course, Amanda can't make a move against Golgo because she's working with them, further undermining Divisions' agents trust in her. To save her bacon she contacts Nikita and reveals Ryan is alive and being held in Division. She'll make a trade. Ryan for Percy.

Carla is not happy when Nikita agrees to Amanda's deal. When Michael and Nikita go to make the exchange, Carla texts Roan to tell him where the trade is going down so they can rescue Percy. As it turns out, Nikita, Michael and Birkhoff were on to Carla's treachery. Birkhoff tells her they were able to track Percy's whereabouts by tracing her tipping him off. Birkhoff pulls a gun on Carla and tells Carla that even after everything she's done, Nikita will forgive her.

What happened next is kind of up to the viewer to make there own assumption, but I thought Carla purposely got Birkhoff to shoot her fatally to set Nikita free of her.

Amanda, treacherous snake that she is, plans to kill Michael and Nikita when they make the exchange for Percy. Thanks to The Guardian's, Amanda's plot is foiled. Nikita and Michael escape with Ryan and Nikita kills Patrick, The Guardian who stabbed her, leaving Percy with just Roan now. But Roan proves to be enough as Percy escapes, once again.

Carla is still alive and Nikita gets to say goodbye to her. Carla tells her Division can be good, after all, it made her, before she dies. Nikita ends up comforting Birkhoff for killing Carla, and she tells him Carla knew exactly what she was doing.

While going through Ari's hard drive files they realize the person that Ari's planning to use to assassinate Semak is Cassandra. Seems Michael's baby momma isn't all she claims to be. Come on, just kill her off, already.

And CW, please don't cancel Nikita. It's too good a show to cancel.


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