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Nikita -- Operation: Game Change

Updated on September 25, 2011

Birkhoff wants you to know he's not with us.

Since we last checked in with Nikita, all the characters are in a different place. Percy is being held prisoner in a glass cage, but I wouldn't count him out, yet. Amanda is now head of Division and Alex is her chief operative. Birkhoff is gone from Division. And Michael and Nikita are starting the task of writing the wrongs from the decoded black box. On a completely superficial note, I don't know what Shane West has done to himself, but he's looking much hotter this season than he did last season.

At the first of the show, the show pulls a good fake out on the audience who likes Michael and Nikita together. They show a flashback that seems to hint Michael and Nikita have gone their separate ways because they don't agree on what to do with the black box. I was like, "Oh, crap, their not together." As you can see I'm very gullible.

Nikita enters Harbor Meats where an illegal casino is located and gives the pass word to get admittance. Percy used to launder money through the casino. Nikita plays with a pair of loaded dice. The man who runs the casino figures out what she's doing and takes her to the back room where he begins to rough her up. Too late the man realized Nikita is the wrong girl to mess with. She gives him as good as he gave and steals his money. Michael arrives, blows a hole in the wall and he and Nikita escape on motorcycle. Alex arrives at the casino a short time later, and takes her turn at roughing up the casino manager. She find Nikita's cell phone and returns to Division.

Nikita is having doubts about what she and Michael are doing. The doubts spring from Alex. She thought she was helping Alex, but feels she just ended up hurting her. She worries they may end up doing the same thing by trying to write the wrongs of the black box. She's also worried about losing Michael. She'd be just as happy to send the black box in pieces back to Division, and for them to take the money and buy a nice house in some country without extradition. Michael insists they're doing good and writing the wrongs Division did. He also assures her she isn't going to lose him and he thinks she's perfect. It was a sweet and romantic moment between Michael and Nikita. What girl doesn't want to hear she's perfect from the man she loves.

Alex returns to Division and runs afoul of Sean Pierce whose been sent from Overlook to keep an eye on things. A very dressed-down Amanda is now in charge of Division. She tells Alex she's trying to return Division back to its basics. They're no longer recruiting new members or taking jobs for hire. After Alex and Sean have a stand-off on whose is bigger, Amanda gets rid of him. She promises to help Alex get the man who killed her father if she brings her the black box Michael and Nikita have. But Amanda says Alex only has one chance to do it.

Afterwards, Amanda goes and pays a visit to Percy, who is being held in a glass cage in the bowels of Division's headquarters. If I were Amanda, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing he's still breathing. She tries to get Percy to tell her what he thinks Michael and Nikita's next move will be, but he says he'll only tell Alex. Amanda refuses to cooperate. Amanda acknowledges she knows Percy is plotting his revenge against her. If she thinks that glass cage can hold Percy, she's crazy.

Can I just say how glad I am that Percy is still around. That man is just plain scary, which is what a good villain should be. Even though Percy should seem powerless, he doesn't. You just know it's only a matter of time before Percy gets the upper hand once again. The show wouldn't be the same without Percy.

Operation Game Change [which is the perfect title of this episode] is the next black box ops that Michael and Nikita are focusing on. Division stole billions of dollars and made it look like it was done by terrorists. Captain Tony Merrick didn't believe the story and found proof it was an inside job. He was then framed for beating a man to death and sentenced to prison. It's believed Tony has evidence that could reveal the truth stashed away somewhere.

Nikita and Michael don uniforms and infiltrate the military prison Tony is being held in. Michael goes in to break him out, on for Tony to declare he's guilty and refuse to go. So Michael knocks him out and escapes with him. When they get Tony back to their hideout, he tells them Percy threatened to kill his son, Justin, if he ever revealed the truth. It seems Nikita's fears may have come true when Tony says they've only made matters worse.

Overlook is in a tizzy about Tony's escape. Amanda tells Alex they used Nikita's phone to pinpoint her whereabouts. Amanda says this is her only chance to get Nikita. Alex calls Nikita pretending she's back on drugs, hoping to lure Nikita away from the hotel. Once Nikita leaves, Alex intends to take out Michael and Tony and steal the black box.

Alex's plan works like a charm until Sean has reinforcements swarm around the safehouse. Nikita sees Alex and realizes she was setting her up. All seems hopeless for Michael and Nikita when a couple of killer drones come buzzing the area, spraying bullets and dropping a gas canister that knocks everyone out.

Michael, Nikita and Tony wake-up in a strange house. It turns out that Birkhoff is the one who saved them. He says he left Division and their ruining things for him. Before being recruited for Division Birkhoff amassed an illegal fortune for himself. He wants Michael and Nikita to tell Division he's not with them. They realize he put a bug in the black box and that's how he tracked them. Nikita thinks Birkhoff missed them and was lonely.

Since Sean messed up everything, Amanda has no choice but to give into Percy's demand to speak to Alex. He asks Alex about her mother Katya and why she keeps seeking out mother figures like Nikita and Amanda. He agrees to tell Alex who Nikita and Michael will go after next if she gets him a TV with a live feed. As innocuous as a request as that is, it scares the heck out of me just what he's planning next.

Birkhoff helps locate Justin at a bar, but before Nikita can get to him, Alex moves in on him. Luckily, Sean is lured away when Amanda locates Michael's location, and Alex is left alone with Justin. Nikita easily beats the crap out of her. She brakes Alex's arm saying she did that because she cares and shoots her in the leg, telling her to get out of Division before she gets killed.

If Birkhoff truly didn't want Division to think he was working with Michael and Nikita, he really messed that up. While Michael is having a video conference with Amanda, Birkhoff gets ticked off that they locate his location and comes on camera to basically declare war on Division. In the funniest moment of the night, after Birkhoff struts off camera, Michael says, "Birkhoff wants you to know, he's not with us."

The head female of Oversight kills one of the members to take the fall for the stealing of all the money. Tony is released from prison and he and his son are happily reunited. Nikita can't believe Alex is working for Division, but Michael gets where Alex is coming from. He did the same thing when his wife was murdered. In his glass cage, watching his TV, Percy smiles when he sees the story about a member of Oversight committing suicide and being responsible for the theft of billions. As crazy as it sounds, Percy may be on Team Michael and Nikita. If he's ever to get back into power, he needs someone to take down Oversight, and that's what their ultimately doing.

Of all the returning shows, I loved the first episode of the new season of Nikita best. I love where it's going. It's going to be fun watching Michael, Nikita and Birkhoff being a team. The three have great chemistry. I'm also enjoying Percy's machinations as he plots to find a way to get out of his cage and wreak his revenge.


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